Cafe Kulture Kids


285 Bronte Rd, Waverly

From the word go the daily coffee stop has been part of the Mumabulous routine. I can remember dragging P2 downstairs to the PoW hospital cafe just hours after her birth because I desparately needed a large cappucino. As  a result my princesses are well trained. Now they tell me that they want to go to the cafe. I’m on a quest to find the perfect child friendly cafe – an oasis of tranquility where I can read the paper whilst my girls are entertained and more importantly fenced in!

Bellagio at Waverly ticks many of the Mumabulous boxes. It has a sunny court yard out the back filled with plastic ride on toys and a cubby house. Hallelujah! It also has a roomy toilet with a baby change table. Yay! On those increasingly rare non-rainy days, its a great place to spend a diverting half an hour enoying a lovely creamy cappucino.

An oasis of tranquility in Waverly

Naturally this court yard attracts Mums like Shane Warne to botox, so the place is often buzzing with kids. This can work in your favour – a critical mass of children means they will start playing together, giving you more time to read the paper. You may even be lucky enough to get through more than one article.

The food is decent and generous, if fairly standard but its not really the food that draws you in. Being in a desireable urban location, Bellagio is an entertaining place for people watching. You can enjoy a parade of immaculately groomed MILFs in gym pants out walking their ornamental doggies, media types with on-trend eye wear discussing their lastest campaign, writers intensely tapping away on laptops and waiters who are really thespians. On our last visit I quite blatantly eavesdropped on a conversation between the owner and an interior designer type in a kaftan and leather pants. (Man – she worked that interesting combination). I smiled inwardly as she exclaimed to the bemused owner that the courtyard’s feng shui was all wrong. She correctly pointed out that the eye was lead straight to the garbage bins in the far corner and that the wood fencing needed replacing. True, whilst the Bellagio’s inside section has just the right amount of swankiness, the courtyard could use a spruce up. On the plus side Mumrades, it has toys and the kids cant get out. There’s nothing wrong with that Feng Shui if you ask me.

P1 the urban sophisticate

Bad feng shui?

2 thoughts on “Cafe Kulture Kids

  1. Dear Mumabs, if you do indeed take a holiday to the Gold Coast, you must have a side trip to the sunshine coast. I have a cool cafe in mind with good coffee, great food and, wait for it – a jumping castle. We could discuss crumpet whilst the girls could play

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