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4th June 2012

Greetings all. I’m venturing tentatively into the world of the bloggosphere. My story – well its all so darn cliched. I’m a text book case of corporate girl to motherhood. Whilst I was no Gail Kelly,  I had a covetted gig as an Equity Research Analsyt with a stockbroking firm whilst the boom was at its peak.  I had job satisfaction and I had prospects but my husband and I didn’t want to miss out on the whole parenthood experience. In 2007 our first daughter Gracie arrived aka Princess 1 (P1) via IVF. Then in 2009 I got the shock of my life when I naturally fell pregnant with our second daughter Suzannah (P2).

I once inhabited a world of grey suits, Reuters screens and number crunching but my two girls have transported me to a strange dimension of pink glitter, fairies, princesses and fun. I once organised and spoke at investor presentations. Now I organise birthday parties.  Back then I produced indepth reports and complex financial models. These days I grapple with getting the girls away from the TV and Ipad. Yep – life is as challenging and rewarding as it ever was.

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