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The stock market can be a frustrating place.  You do your best to make judgements based the fundamentals but are continually thwarted by the “psychology” of the market. Just when you think you have a handle on that, the game changes. You are expected to predict the future but there are just too many variables to contend with.  You are only ever as good as your last “call” and there is a constant feeling of not being on top of your game. This is totally unlike motherhood where you KNOW you are never on top of your game or anything else for that matter. The vocational frustrations of stockbroking pale into insignificance when compared with kid wrangling. Whilst an analyst may be losing her high profile clients millions of dollars due to a stock recommendation gone wrong, she can usually eat lunch without someone climbing on her.  Its rare that she would be interupted on the toilet mid stream by bone chilling screams (although this can happen).

It is difficult to make the right decisions in the corporate world. In parentland it is difficult to do just about anything! Case in point – as I attempt to write  P2 has gotten out of her bed and wandered into the room four times. Its 10pm!

Getting out of the house in the mornings used to be a rush. These days it is a Tolkein-esque epic, beginning with the girls refusal to eat breakfast, progressing through a lengthy battle of wills getting them dressed and ending with them not wanting to get into their car seats and hiding in the boot instead. ( Hilarious !) A pleasant time is usually had once you arrive at your destination. However this unfortunately leads to another problem – getting them to return home.

Is this how you feel on daily basis?

My greatest frustration (and profound sense of failure) comes from my constant battle to pry the princesses away from the TV and computer screens and get them engaged in “stimulating” activity. This entails hours of internet research (Thank god for Ellas List) and an outing everyday – rain, hail or shine. It is also involves lots of messy, crafty stuff which often leaves the house coated in a thin film of glitter. Not to mention waaaaay more baking than is good for by bottom line (literally and figuratively).

In all the purpose of this blog is to document this daily struggle whilst sharing some helpful ideas and hopefully receiving some inspiration in return. Ideas for entertaining kids in the old fashion (read cheap) way are enthusiastically invited.



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