Maroubra Beach Park

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As a parent you have to resign yourself to spending alot of time in parks. To my way of thinking a park must have the following attributes in order of importance;

1) Proximity to coffee

2) Toilets

3) Fencing

One playground that ticks all of these boxes is Maroubra Beach park. This is a fenced in haven with a range of novel climbing frames, cubby houses and slippery slides. Its a brief stroll to the beach pavillion with its toilets and two cafes. With my husband away playing Dungeons and Dragons (yes – one of the few downsides of being married to a techno wizard), I packed the princesses up and headed there this morning to enjoy the glorious winter sunshine.

We started our outing at Cafe Lito on the very limited beachside shopping strip. It was a laid back affair with a laudable coffee and hot chocolates and smilely face biscuits for the girls. (Junk food before noon – my first fail for the day).

    The little ladies had a jolly time in the park, teaming up with the other kids there. Secure in the knowledge that P2 would not escape, I found  a  sunny spot to defrost. Excitingly I actually got to read a couple of short articles in New Scientist. This is a rare event in arenttown.  After around 90 minutes of  frivolity I extracted my princesses with the promise of lunch. All in all it was a drama free morning. Lets hope this pattern holds for our trip to the Vivid Light Festival tonight.

Climbing fun

Everybody’s goin’ surfin’…

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