Another day, Another Playcentre

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Mumabulous is completely over La Nino. The unfortunate combination of appalling weather and a cancelled playdate meant that we overdosed on screen time yesterday. Determined to break out of the rut this morning we ventured to Little Dynamos – 40 McAvoy St. Waterloo where we met up with some friends. This enormous playcentre is nestled in the midst of an industrial wasteland. From the outside it looks like another bland warehouse. On the plus side, there are fewer distractions and opportunities to shop than at the Entertainment Quarter.  There is collection of factory outlets  nearby but dragging kids through them is not worth the effort. ( It might be for the hardcore shopaholic but not for me).

After forking out a $30 entry fee for two kids, you enter a dank and cavenous space. My friend and I agreed that its like an aircraft hanger with its soaring ceiling and harsh fluorescent lighting. On one wall stands the most gigantic climbing frame you’ve ever seen. Its four stories high with a veritable maze of slides, stairways, nets and other fun obstacles. Deep within structure’s darkened bowels lies a supersized ball pit and a ball shooting range. Upon arrival P1 and her friend joyously tore off their shoes and were quickly swallowed up by the scaffolding.

There’s a soft area for toddlers with cubby houses, tunnels, ride-ons and soft, squishy climbing equipment. The two jewels in the Dynamos crown are the well proportioned jumping castle where kids literally bounce off the walls and the dizzingly high triple slide. These two features provide hours of adrenelene pumping action for the 2 to 5 brigade.

Unlike Monkey Mania you dont get a drink voucher and have to pay for your own barely adequate coffee. Whilst the food at Monkey Mania is unimpressive, Dynamos makes that place look like Tetsuyas (slight exaggeration). Its “cafe” is crammed with packaged, industrial rubbish like slabs of aging banana bread and foam trays of wilting chips. BYO is best here.  In any case, you dont have to worry about your kids consuming junk here as they are bound to burn it off and then some.  The princesses did not stop running, climbing and jumping for the entire two hours we were there.  Happily P2 was worn out enough to get some quality sleep in the car on the trip home.I got to have quality gossip with a friend and the kids had a ball. Overall it was one of Mumabulous’ more successful days.

Bouncing off the walls

The toddler area

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