A Girl’s Right to Paaaaaaaarty.

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P1 is approaching her 5th birthday. It is a milestone that should be celebrated in style.  Naturally we are having a fabulous soiree at home.  No outsourcing for us. Why would you pay a professional to do all the hard yards and/or hire a venue that you dont have to clean up? That’s for wimps! Here at Mumabulous we do it all ourselves. Or should I say  I do it all myself. Dadabulous has as little input as he can get away with.

The 4th birthday party was an underwater extravaganza. To be fair, Dadabulous helped design the invitations and was a wonderful co-host on the day. The house was transformed into an oceanic kingdom, adorned by mermaids, fish, dolphins, shells, bubbles, jelly blubbers and even the super cute Octonauts. We hid small gold boxes of goodies around the back garden and the guests had a treasure hunt.  I made blue jellies resembling sunken treasure. (In fact I was having nightmares about blue jelly for days afterwards – ick). The princesses looked divine in their mermaid costumes and Ariel took pride of place atop a simple sea bed cake.

Mermaid princesses


Ariel cake

This time around P1 wanted a Princess theme but as we were inviting boys we extended it to “royalty”.  I got the girls involved in making the invitations.  The crown shape came from a template found online which we traced onto coloured cardboard and cut out.


The rest was a simple matter of decorating the crowns with whatever bling we had in the craft box. Hole punchers and scraps of glittery paper came in handy. It was easy peasy but the overall effect is quite lavish.

Invite to the party of the year

The next step was making the lolly bags. Buying a packet of party bags from the supermarket is so amateur. We got some simple brown paper lunch bags and decorated them ourselves repeating the crown motif. My girls enjoyed putting the final touches on by hand. Later I’ll fill them with small toys collected from the local 2 dollar shops, balloons and  a small smattering of sweets.

DIY lolly bag

I find this stuff quite therapeutic but I’m sure some of my friends quite rightly see it as a sign that I’m losing my marbles and need to get back to the real world. Perhaps with all this experience I could get a gig as an event manager. All that aside, for now I have to think about organising the food, the cake, the games, the decorations and the gifts but that’s another blog post.

Do you have any party tips? I’d love to hear them.



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