Westfield Round Up

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Westfields are the last refuge for the desperate over the school holidays (but the first port of call for the shopaholic). Nevertheless if you can brave the crowds of frazzled families and loitering teenagers, you can often find the holy grail of free kids entertainment.  This July is no exception. Whilst scouring the internet I happened accross these free events coming to a Westfield near you.

  • Sponge Bob Square Pants Show

A free show and meet and greet afterwards at Miranda Fair and Eastgardens.


Miranda: 1-2 July @ 11am & 1pm

Eastgardens: 6-8 July @ 11am & 1pm

I’ll endure alot for my kids. I sat through Chipwrecked – Alvin and the Chipmunks 3 and even a Barney the Dinosaur sing- along. However I absolutely can not abide Sponge Bob.

An hour of your life you wont get back

  • Looney Tunes Show

Hurstville and Penrith Westfields are holding a free show featuring the iconic characters Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Tweety Bird. This sounds marginally more tolerable than spending an hour with Sponge Bob.


Hurstville: 3 – 7 July @ 11am & 1pm

Penrith: 9 to 13 July @ 11 am & 1pm

Could be worse, could be Sponge Bob


Conveniently Westfields always house cinema complexes, giving me a tidy segue to my next topic – the holiday movie releases.

  • Brave

This much hyped holiday release has excellent credentials. It is made by uber studios Pixar and features the heavy weight talents of Emma Thompson, Billy Connelly and Julie Walters. Moreover its a princess movie where the heroine kicks serious butt ensuring its appeal to both boys and girls. Given the marketing push surrounding this film, I am sure you are au fait with its central premise about a Scottish princess who turns to socerery in order to control her own destiny. The critical reception has been warm but not red hot. The consensus is that whilst Brave is a visual feast, it comes up short on plot and characterisation compared to other recent animated films like Toy Story, Up etc.

Mumabulous aims to go along and let you know our verdict. A visual feast is enough to satisfy an almost five year old. My girls aren’t concerned about intricate plots or nuanced characters as their love of Alvin and Chipmunks will attest.

Gotta love a ranga Princess

  • Ice Age 4 – Continental Drift

P1 is madly keen on this one. I think that’s because she can sense that I am not. With the possible exceptions of Harry Potter and Fast and Furious, any series gets tired by the fourth installment. In any case it wont be widely released until June 28, so we will withhold judgement. I will probably cave and end up taking the girls along so watch this space for a review.

By the way, the Ice Age franchise has spawned a spectacular live show due to begin in London in October this year. Its likely reach our shores eventually.

A mammoth hit?

  • The Three Stooges

Good Lord! This is the latest offering from the Farrelly Brothers – the gross out comedy kings who brought you Something About Mary and Dumb and Dumber. One of my pet peeves is Hollywood’s constant re-hashing of old classics so I’ll be boycotting this. I doubt I’d see it even if it starred Michael Fassbender. The reviews on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes are mixed. On one hand we have this from the Los Angeles Times –

There is an appealing nyuk, nyuk nostalgic spirit to The Three Stooges. To fully appreciate this paean to slapstick and silly nonsense simply requires that cynicism be temporarily shelved and the thinking side of the brain shut down. “

By contrast the San Francisco Chronicle says –

“It’s just not enough to say that The Three Stooges is the death of comedy. Rather, it’s the death, burial, putrefaction and decomposition of comedy. It is where comedy, once alive, ends up as dust blowing in the wind, like something out of a really bad Kansas song.”

Hmm – sounds like it is not to everyone’s taste but your 10 year old boy will probably love it.

This may appeal to your 10 yo son (or your husband)

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