Dadabulous DIY

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My husband is a weekend woody. Not content with running a thriving software business he has turned his hand to carpentry. The drawbacks to his hobby are that the garage is transformed into a workshop and my car is relegated to the street. Also our house is covered with a film of sawdust which seems to permeate everything. However these are only minor inconveniences. The upside is that the Princesses get some very cool original stuff.

Here’s P1’s Butterfly Bed – probably the most talked about bedroom suite in Sydney’s south east.

A true original

There’s nothing quite like it in the world, at least not that we can find on Google.  The body of the buttefly is pillow stuffing covered in maroon cow hide courtesy of EBaby. Dadabulous did the electrical work himself, inserting fibre optic cable through the antennae and pin point holes drilled in the bed head. The paint job was the most time consuming part of the whole project. We wanted a glittery effect that sparkled in the light. Despite trialling various types of paint we just couldn’t get the sheen we were after and settled for a pale pink with a subtle shimmer.

Dabulous was spurred on by his success became even more ambitious.  Mum and Dadrades  I give you – P2’s Castle Bed.

Tah Da!

This colossus is a double storey bunk bed equipped with its own slippery slide.

The build took about 2 months of weekend work. It’s still not completed to Dadabulous’ satisfaction. He has visions of turret towers with flags and gargoyles but for now this fortress will suffice. The brickwork is wall paper but the rest was hand painted.

If you think the exterior is good, take a look at this…

Lux interiors

The bottom bunk is P2’s personal domain. It has a plush ruby, red velvet bed head, again sourced from Ebay. The wooden frame has been wired up and there are two lights on either side of the bedhead. Of course a princess’ palace would not be complete without a stain glass window. Can you guess where Dadabulous picked it up? – that’s right Ebay. It set us back about $90. Historically all medieval castles boast an intricate tapestry. Dadubulous searched high and low and found the genuine Flemmish article on … wait for it……. Ebay UK.

Plush velvet bedhead

A genuine Flemmish tapestry

It took an entire Sunday haul the components upstairs and bolt them together. The result was two very excited little girls. P1 temporarily abandoned her magnificent butterfly bed and took up residence on the top bunk. P2’s whinging has since forced her back to her own room.

The girls love their palace of play but for me there are certain disadvantages. Firstly P1 scurries up the ladder whenever she feels grossly inconvenienced by me trying to dress her for the day, change her nappy or brush her teeth. She likes nothing more than to stand on the top bunk laughing at her hapless mother like Nelson from the Simpsons – Ha ha. It can also be hazardous when the girls project missiles over the castle walls. One would think that giving P2 such an awesome bed would curtail our co-sleeping issue. Unfortunately Mum and Dadabulous are still waking in the wee small hours to find P2 in between us. Its doubly unfortunate for Dadabulous as he usually cops an ice cold foot in the groin region.

For all my whinging I am delighted to have such a multi talented husband who would go to such lengths for his girls. Its highly likely that our castle will see further embelishments. Dabulous is making noises about constucting turrets. I’ve asked for a few weeks hiatus so that I can have the garage back but I’m sure it wont be long until the wood working bug bites him again. Watch this space!

This Charming Mum

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