Brasserie Bread Cafe

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1737 Botany Road  Banksmeadow

Banksmeadow is a suburb that hardly conjures up images of urban sophistication. Nevertheless that’s where we headed this morning to check out the famed Brasserie Bread cafe where, according to the website, they “honour the traditions of artisian baking”. I am all for artisian baking but what really aroused my curiousity was the discovery that the place offers FREE kids baking classes every Saturday.  I was compelled to investigate and so your intrepid blogger, with sick, snotty kids it tow, ventured beyond Eastgardens into the industrial wilderness.

We arrived to find the spacious eatery crammed with people. Perhaps midday on a school holiday was not the ideal time. However the eclectic crowd suggested that its packed all the time. What an odd mix of people! Tattooed bikies (almost literally) rubbed shoulders with grand parents, suits, gay couples, hipsters and frazzled Mums like myself. Everyone lining up at the counter then fighting for space along the communal tables.

The joint is buzzing.

I would best describe the food as rustic chic. I witnessed a passing parade of boiled eggs with toast soldiers (using fancy pants bread of course), hearty pies and generous bruscettas. Steaming soups were dished up in bowls as big as bathroom vanities. There’s tonnes of free samples for you to abuse. I appeased the girls with samples of jam and bread as we waited an eternity for our mushroom and ricotta on bruschetta to arrive. Given the crowd one could forgive the glacial service.

Go ahead – plunder!

There was a viewing window where cafe patrons could check out the artisian bakers in action. This is a novel idea which may have amused the kids for five to ten minutes if we had been able to get close enough.  The highlight of the outing was the patisserie. The girls delighted in chosing their treats from the colourful selection on display.

Simply irresistable.

Mumabulous Verdict: 8/10

This was not the kid friendly nirvana that I’m searching for. A visit to Banksmeadow’s only tourist attraction is not a relaxing experience but it is worthwhile. Those game enough to battle the crowds will be rewarded by the freshest breads and patisseries as well as a unique set up. In my view, the place could benefit from a few more child friendly touches, especially as they encourage families through the door with the kids cooking workshops. A toy box and a few colouring-in books would not have gone astray. If you’re not doing a baking class, Brasserie Bread cafe is better suited to a Mum and Dad’s brunch than a family outing

P1s Verdict

It was good but not that good. I liked the place with the toys and the frappes better. (Bellagio)

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