Ready to Paaaaarty

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Remember the scene in the movie Bridesmaids*, where a doped up Kristen Wiig emerges from an inflight loo declaring that she is “ready to paaaaarty”.That’s Mumabulous tonight folks. I’ve medicated my cold with two glasses of Nine Vines Grenache Shiraz Rose and I’m ready to party. Ready as I’ll ever be. My situation is somewhat more precarious than Ms Wiig’s. P1 is having her 5th birthday party tomorrow and 27 kids plus accompanying parents are set to converge on chez ‘abulous at 10.30am.

Dadabulous was initially stunned when I delivered this news but he manned up to the occasion. He did all the sums then hit Woolies with all the determination of Bear Grylls in the Arctic tundra (except Dadabulous managed to keep his clothes on). Our morning in the supermarket was an epic quest but we harvested a cornucopia generous enough to satisfy an army of orcs. Hopefully this bounty will stretch to nearly 30 pre-schoolers.

The resemblance to Dadabulous is uncanny

My indefatigable husband then washed the sliding glass doors and tidied the back patio with military efficiency. Meanwhile our caged up kids were moaning that they were bored so it was time to break out the decorations! I settled on a “retro chic” theme this year – crepe paper streamers and balloons. (Just an aside – it’s amazing how a two year old can decimate crepe paper. P2 broke it down into sub-atomic particles. I wonder if she was looking for the Higgs boson.) To compliment the retro styling P1 and I produced that all time party classic – chocolate crackles. They’ve set like pebblecrete in the fridge, their coconutty smell bringing on waves of nostalgia whenever I open the door.

Smells like kindy spirit

Tonight I’m satisfied. The food is in, the (sparce ) decorations are up, the lolly bags are full and the house is presentable. I’m chilling in my wine haze right now for tomorrow, greater challenges await. I have promised the birthday girl a castle cake. Oddly P1 is a fan of the Betty Crocker kitchen on YouTube and she has long admired the architectural wonder pictured below. The pressure is on! My last attempt at cake decorating was a spectacular failure. I attempted a dolly varden for P2. As luck would have it, when I inserted the barbie into the dome like doll’s “skirt” the cake cracked open. People were due in half and hour so I had to think quick. The answer was to fill the cracks with jelly beans and drip bright red frosting around the top creating a volcano. This cake was a disaster literally and metaphorically. Hopefully tomorrow’s effort will at least be structurally sound.

An engineering wonder

* Mumabulous confesses to not having seen Bridesmaids yet – but I have seen the trailer. I’d suggested it on a date night last year but Dadabulous rolled his eyes and groaned. Not wanting to torture him I agreed to X-Man First Class, figuring that at worst it was an hour and a half of perving at James McAvoy. I spent the duration of that film with my jaw on the ground gaping at Michael Fassbender.

Cheers Mike…

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