Tropicana Cafe – Coogee

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207 Coogee Bay Rd, Coogee

The Tropicana Cafe is something of an institution along the Coogee Bay Rd strip. In a city where cafes pop up and disappear with the frequency of whack’a moles,this is no mean feat. The place is a microcosm of eastern beaches life. The waitresses, all pretty young things, sashay about in tight lycra and hot pants. The clientelle is comprised largely of NRL types, overseas students, dog walkers and bleary eyed Mums. Although the place is large its near possible to negotiate a pram around and there’s no baby change table in its spacious loo. These inconveniences aside, it is quite child friendly. There’s a kids menu with all the classics and they have colouring in paraphenalia behind the counter.

We like to sit on the padded seats just by the large windows so that the kids can peg missiles at the unfortunate patrons dining alfresco on the pavement. The menu is always reliable. I’d describe the food as hearty and generous without being too fancy.  The big breakfast options are failsafe and the corn fritters are damn impressive. The soft shell crab on bruschetta is a memorable dish but as is usually the case with crustaceans, the meat is sparce.

A refridgerated display case houses towering cakes. The lemon meringue pie resembles a sky scraper caressing the cloud line and the banofe pie looks like angels should be sleeping on it.

Enough calories to last a week

Local tarts

Today we shared a bog standard spagetti and meatballs from the kids menu. It ticked all the requisite boxes. The tomato sauce tasted like it came from real tomatos but there was scant visual evidence of any other vegetable. Perhaps if you ran it under an electro microscope you may have found traces of green matter. The meat balls were as light as cotton wool. The girls quickly set about smearing it from one ear to another which is a sign of appreciation.

See any green?

Mumabulous Verdict: 7/10

Tropicana is as dependable as an old friend and we are big fans of the colouring in books.

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