Wifely Fashion Must Haves


Last month the colossal intellect of Kate Moss graced us mortals with a pearl of wisdom. Cocaine Kate told Grazia magazine that her husband , rocker Jamie Hince ” would go  mental if I started dressing like a wife! No! He likes me when I’m a rock’n’roll  kind of girl”.  Being the pop culture ignoramus that I am, I’d never heard of Jamie Hince or his band the Kills. Listening to ABC talkback radio is a social liability it seems. In any case, this remark has driven up the couple’s fame ratings and sent shock waves through the blogosphere. A hurricane of debate over Kate’s comments has swirled around the web for some weeks now. Indeed typing “Kate Moss dressing like a wife” into Google yields 17.8m results! Its often lamented that we are a living in a “time poor “society. Now I know why – many of us are busy deconstructing the facile ramblings of a supermodel on the internet.

Trivial as this controversy is, Mumabulous is not above weighing in to it. Here’s my spin.

This is Kate and Jamie’s idea of casual wear. Their effortless chic is very rock’n roll but they’ve probably trawled through their extensive wardrobes for hours to come up with these combos. Perhaps they even called in a stylist.

On the way to the 7-11

She’s rockin’ those daisy dukes and raybans and he’s got the scarf like Jagger. However if this example of  shabby chic is as shabby as they get I’d suggest they are missing out on an entire world of fashion frivolity. In refusing to dress like a wife Kate is denying herself and her hubby the sensual delights of polar fleece, flannelet and terry toweling. When it comes to wifely dressing Mumabulous is quite the authority. Here are some Mumabulous items that I’d like to see on super models and rock stars.

1) Trakkie Dakkies

Contrary to everything you’ve been told about fashion, the little black dress is not the most versatile piece a girl can own. Rather its the humble trakka dakka. They can take you from day to night and back to day again. I sometimes sleep in these and dont have to bother changing to walk down the street for a coffee in the morning.

Trakka daks – go anywhere, anytime

2) Ugg Boot

What’s Mumabulous’ footwear of choice? Manolo Blahnik ? Jimmy Choos ? Ferragamo? Birkenstocks? Nine West? No, on all five counts. Nothing beats the ugg boot for comfort and functionality. Check out this fashion find. They marry together the hot trends of colour blocking and faux fur. $7 at Best and Less Mumrades!.  What’s more, while my appearance barely registers with my husband nowadays, he actually noticed these. “So you brought ugg boots?” he observed. “Yeh – do you have a problem with that?” I retorted. As an added bonus my feet have never been so toasty warm.

On trend colour blocking

3) Your Husband’s Polar Fleece

We’ve all been there. You’re schlepping around the house, freezing but too cheap to turn the heater on. Nothing in your own wardrobe quite cuts it under these conditions so you raid his. Aaaah the bum toasting coziness of the over sized fleece. Its absolutely perfect. As Burt Bacharach implores “wives must always be lovers too”, I often greet my husband after a hard day at the office wearing this cheeky number. I mean – if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, clothes theft must be the ultimate compliment? In any case, I think Dadabulous likes it. He’s always telling me to “zip it up”.

Just perfect

4) Gym Gear As All Day Wear

Have you ever done this? Gone to the gym in the morning and then become so preoccupied with your day’s activities, like shopping and vacuuming, that 4.00pm rolls around and you realise  you haven’t gotten changed? Guilty as charged your honour. Even worse, have you kitted up for the gym, gotten there and made some lame excuse not to go in? After visiting your favourite local patisserie instead you become so absorbed in your stimulating tasks that when 4pm arrives you’re still in spandex? Errrm I’m blushing as I write this.

A great look for your local patisserie

5) Oversized Budget Sunnies

A Mum can’t have too many pairs of sun glasses. Not only do they cover bags under eyes, they give you a cool air of nonchalance as you slob to the grocery store in your trakky dakkies, ugg boots and husband’s polar fleece. Unfortunately sunglasses go missing with alarming regularity, especially the designer brands. I postulate that they get sucked down the same event horizon as socks. There’s a parallel universe out there where the fabric of space time is woven with odd socks and Ray bans. Given this phenomena, in my view, its not worth while paying more than $25 per pair. Happily this doesn’t limit your style options as a visit to any cut price chemist will attest. These little gems cost $20 and I’m proud to call them my Mumabulous style signature – at least until I lose them.

Classic cool

It was a complex tasks to narrow the must have list down to just five items. My one and only faded pair of flanellet pjs really deserves an honorable mention, as does my aging terry toweling robe. Then there’s the scuffed shoes, the ripped jeans and pants which really dont suit my body type.  I’ve got too much wifely style for just one woman. I should share it with my Mumrades by opening a boutique. Then again perhaps not!

The Surprise Beginning

5 thoughts on “Wifely Fashion Must Haves

  1. Perfect, they are definitely my 5 most worn mummy fashion items!

    • Hi Tricia Jayne
      I’ve just a had stickybeak at your blog. You’re so young and gorgeous that you could make my wifely fashion picks look good! By the way you are doing an amazing job. When I was your age I could barely organise a booze up in a pub (though I gave it a red hot go) let alone wrangle two kids.
      All the very best to you and your gorgeous girls.
      Cheers Mumabulous (Brenda)

  2. Aww thank you!

  3. Hahahaha this is fantastic!!!

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