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Parenthood – its a journey marked by heartwarming milestones, like a baby’s first steps, first words and first day in daycare (that one’s so very, very sweet). Today I experienced another first but I’m not sure it was quite a hallmark moment. This afternoon P1 pranked her mother for the very first time. I was elegantly poised under the dining room table, ashpan and brush in hand sweeping up the lunchtime crumbs. I could feel the mild winter air just south of my lower back in the plumbers crack region. Then I  felt a tiny hand pulling at my already low slung pants. I heard the familar click of a camera followed by peals of hysterical laughter. P1 had photographed my exposed butt checks. You’ve heard of upskirting. This was more like down trousersing. I’ll spare you all the photographic evidence.  Mumabulous is not that kind of a blog. However I’ll be hanging on to her artistry as motivation to get back to the gym.

Little did I know P1 was lurking behind me

Today marked yet another parenting first. It was the first time I uttered the completely mumsy rhetorical question “Who died and made me your slave?”. This was in response to P1 demanding that I make her a peanut butter sandwich, plate it up and bring in upstairs to the home office so she could continue watching the trailer for Madagascar 3. Its such a profoundly daggy thing to say but at least its within realms of polictical correctness. Under similar circumstances my parents would sigh “Who was your last little black boy?” Those were wild, crazy times back in the 1970s.

Mumrades beware of pre-schoolers weilding cameras.



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