Its A Guy Thing..

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This domestic anecdote from Chez ‘Abulous highlights the differences between male and female thinking. (As if that broad chasm needed any further pointing out).

Around month ago Dadabulous had spent a Saturday playing Dungeons and Dragons with his mates. To head off your questions in advance:

1. Its just a board game,

2. No – he doesn’t dress up – that is called cosplay,

3. Yes – he loves Lord Of the Rings,

4) Yes – he owns figurines. He hand painted them under a magnifying glass.

But I digress. The following day I quizzed him about what was new with his group of friends. If it were me who had the hall pass, I would have been regaling him with a detailed update on each of my friends lives including what their husbands and children were up to. (He enjoys this so much his eyes glaze over). Anyway this was more or less his response to the question “So what are the guys up to?” – “Nothing much, Damon copped a heap of shit for joining the Freemasons but I’ll tell you what was really funny”.

Apparently whilst Dadubulous was driving back from the South Coast he spied a Lamborghini cruising through Brighton le Sands. Being Saturday night, a bunch of P- platers crammed into a Barina attempted to drag the Lambo at the lights. According to Dadabulous, the guy showed admirable restraint by ignoring the young challengers. (Yeh it must have been a Herculean exercise in self discipline). I noted that the Lambo dude didn’t want to dignify the Barina with a reaction. Everyone cruised within the legal speed limit up to the airport tunnel where the Lambo guy put his foot to the floor. Dadabulous intuited that Lambo man wanted to hear the sweet reverberation of the engine noise in the tunnel. Rrrrrrrrrrrmmmmm, Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrm, Rrrrrrrrrrrm. You guessed it – there was a cop car waiting on the other side. Oh the irony! It made Dadubulous’ evening. He sailed past smiling as Mr Lambo got handed a ticket.

Rrrrrm, rrrrmmm, rrmmm

“It just served him right for having a car that I cant afford” said Dadabulous in justification of his schadenfreude. “But”, I began, “you are always telling me how stupid those cars are and how they are useless because they can’t get over speed humps. They are so low to the ground, we couldn’t even get one in our garage”.  “If we could afford a Lamborghini we could afford to lower the driveway” he reasoned.

Christian Bale – hot guy with hot car. Something never seen in real life.

I dont see how Lamborghini ownership could enhance my life in any way.  In recent years my interest in cars has gone from absolute zero to infinitesimal based on some very funny episodes of Top Gear and an embarassing crush on James May. I’m perfectly happy with my banged up Mazda 2, my beloved Space Bug. As for a Lambo driver getting booked for speeding being weekend’s high point – I guess its a guy thing.

Not a Mazda but more my style

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