The Coogee Bite Cafe

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The Coogee Bite Cafe

126A Beach Street  Coogee

Its an invitingly cosy nook at the northern end of Coogee beach. What it isnt is a spacious haven of family friendliness (I’ve been ruined by my visit to The Grounds of Alexandria). This didnt stop the families pouring in this morning however. The tiny space was packed to the rafters with Mums and Dads and toddlers. Perhaps they were seeking shelter from the Antarctic gales that were blasting the beach. Or maybe they were hopeless caffine addicts like myself desperate for their morning fix.

We lined up on the window side bench appreciating the windswept oceans vistas. We didn’t so much appreciate the icy gusts of air that assaulted us every time someone opened the door. Nor did we enjoy the ear piercingly high pitched squeals of a toddler behind us. I swear if the little boy had gone a few octaves higher he would have been audible only to dogs.

Cosy – maybe too cosy

The food is hearty, unpretentious and reasonably priced. Purusing the menu I didn’t see anything above the $15 mark, which is might unusual in these here parts. We recharged with our usual coffees whilst the kids shared a few gallons of strawberry smoothie, served up in a metallic vat. We treated ourselves to a berry muffin which was like Laura Palmer “wrapped in plastic”.* Despite its industrial appearance it was light, fluffy and fresh. In the absence of colouring in books and toys, P1 skimmed through magazines and played daleks with the salt and pepper shakers. P2 would not be confined to her stool and played hide and seek amongst the table legs. This is a hazardous pursuit and a good argument for making toys and colouring paraphernalia mandatory in all cafes – Are you listening Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott?

The Coogee Bite Cafe is all about the location. There are numerous tables on the expansive pavement oustide. On a warm sunny day, its a magical setting. The kids can amble about, patting every dog that walks past and frolicking with other children whilst you sit back soaking up the sunshine and seabreeze.  I’d recommend a visiting when the weather hots up.

Location, location, location

Mumabulous Verdict: 7/10

The Coogee Bite Cafe boasts an unbeatable location and good value fare. Its a great venue for a mid-week adult catch up. Unfortunately its not the ideal place to take your kids on a rainy day.

* A reference to the cult TV show Twin Peaks 1990-92


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