Brown Is Comedy Gold


At playgroup today one of my Mumrades commented that the potty talk begins in earnest once children start school. Apparently her very bright kindergarten boy is spouting about poos and wees at any opportunity. Forgive me for my parental boasting, but by these standards P2 is an extremely advanced child. Some might even say shes “gifted”. At just two and a half my precocious little princess could give any big school boy a run for his money in the potty humour stakes. In fact the Farrelly could turn to her for inspiration such is her ability to turn the brown stuff into comedy gold.  Of course Mums see their kids differently to the way the rest of the world does. The unkind might think she was just randomly shouting “poo, poo” instead of wittily reeling off humourous gems.

She’s just a devil toddler, with evil on her mind…

I’ll let you decide.

Exhibit 1:

Inevitably I am roped into playing eyespy on bus trips into the city.

P2: I spy with eye, beginning with P

Mumabulous: Is it a pole? , Is it people?, Is it pants?

P2: Naaaaaaw Poo Poo! hahahahahahahahah

Mumabulous: That’s very clever darling. Poo Poo does begin with P, but I dont see any right now.

Exhibit 2:

Again on a bus into town.

P2: Knock, knock.

Mumabulous: Who’s there?

P2: Poo Poo.

Mumabulous: Right. Poo Poo who?

P2: Yeh. Hahahahahahahaha

Mumabulous: You’re very silly, you’re so silly.

P2: Knock, knock.

Mumabulous: (Sigh) Who’s there?

P2: POO POO!!!!  Hahahahahahahaha

Mumabulous: You really need to get some new material.

Exhibit 3

Driving to Maroubra, both girls strapped in their seats. The radio is on and Usher is crooning “Without you, without you”.

P2: (Melodically) Without poo, without poo. Oh oh oh without poo.

Mumabulous: PML

Exhibit 4

At the dinner table.

P1: Mum what was my first word when I was a baby?

Mumabulous: It was “uh-oh”, then “up”.

P1: And what was my sister’s first word?

P2: (Without missing a beat) POO POO!!!!  Hahahahahahahaha

Mum & Dadabulous: LOL

So what do you think?  Am I raising the next Kristen Wiig or creating a monster?

Happy nappy changing and potty times.


2 thoughts on “Brown Is Comedy Gold

  1. Oh this is cute… so terrible but cute! 🙂

    • Lisa
      I just had a look at your blog site. It looks lovely so far. I see that you are going through a hard time right now despite your immense love for your gorgeous baby boy. I just want you to know, I’ve been there too. I promise you that you WILL come out of it. You’ll look back and see your PND episode for what it really is – an abberation.
      I wish you and your beautiful family all the very best.
      Brenda (Mumabulous)

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