Mumrade, I Salute You!

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Our weekend family excursion was a trip to the Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens. After fortituously finding ample parking at Mrs Macquaries Chair, we happened upon a lone Mum with two very well behaved little boys strapped into a Phil & Teds Mountain Buggy. We exchanged the usual parental pleasantries and expressed mutual outrage at the exorbitant $7 per hour parking fee. We both wrestled with a recalcitrant ticketing machine that obstinantly refused our credit cards. Of course Dadabulous resolved this technical issue and we parted ways. Mumabulous made a bee-line for the cafe. (It was 10.30am and I was suffering caffine withdrawal).

Some 20 minutes later, we were taking a leisurely stroll around the duck pond when we were approached by our new friend. Almost chirpily she asked if she could borrow our phone. Her Mountain Buggy had just rolled into the pond taking her baby bag with it. Her phone had been destroyed and her nappy supply completely drenched. Her clean and tidy appearance was explained by the fact that she had removed her jeans to enter the pond and retrieve the errant pram.

A beautiful day to lose a pram.

If this misadventure had happened to me, I would have been a gibbering wreck. Such an incident would have pushed me to an emotional melt down a la Brittany Spears. The difference between Brittany and I being that my pants would’ve remained securely on. ( A complete horror of exposing cellulite preventing me from disrobing). By contrast this super Mum calmly called her husband, cracked a few jokes about not having to wash the pram and headed with her dignity in tact back to her car. Her little boys uncomplainingly followed her.

What a graceful performance under pressure. Mumrade, I salute you.

Now I am posting a couple of unrelated but cute photos of the girls because that’s what Mummy bloggers do.

Keep a close eye on your prams people.


Taming the lion


P2 is learning the art of the pose


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