The Almost Dealbreakers


Mumabulous is feeling the uncomfortable tingle of shame regarding last night’s post. I revealed my husband’s charming quirks to an audience of 10s on the internet purely for my own amusement. The thing is that after 8 years together I still rather like Dadabulous. Hence the mild case of the guilts about publicly “dissing” him.  In order to even the score, I have decided to list some of the things I have done to drive poor Dadabulous crazy. Here are the almost dealbreakers that have strained the relationship.

I lost the car keys

This may not sound too serious but Dadabulous had bought me a shiny new Mazda 2 for my 40th birthday. I was truly overwhelmed by such a generous gift. He on the other hand, was just pleased to see the back of my old Mazda 121 box car. It was an embarassment to him. Anyways about a week after taking possession of our new toy I went and lost the car keys. We had them replaced at inconvenience and expense. The experience was akin to taking $600 and flushing it down the toilet. To say Dadabulous was mightily unimpressed by this sorry episode would be an understatement.




I scraped his car

You may by now be getting the impression that Mumabulous is not The Stig. Returing from a Halloween picnic, in the pouring rain and having indulged in a legal quantity of white wine, I scraped his Mazda 3 in a feeble attempt to enter the garage. He was so very disappointed in me, to put it mildly.

I got booked for speeding in the same spot three times

Are you sensing a pattern here? Much of the tension in our marriage is car related. I drive like an 80 year old woman and was gunning the Mazda 121 at 55k per hour. The problem was it was in a school zone at 9am. I attribute this display of idiocy to baby brain as I was heavily pregnant with P2 at the time. Dadabulous’ reaction was “Every one can make a mistake but three times is just carelessness”. I paid the not insubstantial fee with my own money and I’m looking forward to finally getting all my licence points back later this year.

Body image angst

The first 3 decades of my life were fraught with body image issues of epic proportions. This is because my hips are epically out of proportion with the rest of me. A slight weight gain or a little extra wobble could bring on floods of tears. Now I have reached my 40s I’m completely bored with this subject and totally over worrying about such trivia. So is Dadabulous. His manly mind could not fathom any of it.

I burnt his one of a kind Paris metro map teatowel

This was my most heinous act in the history of our relationship. I absent mindly put the precious heirloom too close to the gas burner while cooking and presto – up in smoke! We were able to salvage its tattered remains but it is no longer used for its intended purpose. Dadabulous has scoured the internet for a replacement but to no avail. This incident occured 6 or 7 years ago but scars of trauma remain.

World’s rarest tea towel.


The good news is that dispite me having done all this Dadabulous still appears to quite like me too. Sometimes he even says he is lucky to have me. Go figure? Perhaps its my wonderful cooking and cleaning skills that keep him coming home.

What have been the almost dealbreakers in your relationship?



2 thoughts on “The Almost Dealbreakers

  1. I love this post…and the previous one!
    Daddy R and I very rarely fight…I can count our actual arguments on one hand…but we do have little disputes.
    One of my endless battles is getting Daddy R to replace the bag when he takes the rubbish out and to close the shower curtain when he is done in the bathroom.
    I constantly get mocked for my poor driving skills too…I just can’t drive backwards!
    Despite our shortcoming we really enjoy each others company!

    • I’m sure if Daddy R saw my driving he would give you a break. I’m with you on the garbage bag issue. The bag must be replaced. Hope you guys have a lovely weekend. Cheers Mumabulous

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