Lovely and Amazing

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Mumabulous spends an inordinate amount of time trawling through the blogosphere doing “research”. One thing that stands out is the large portion of cyper space devoted to the dark side of parenting. The relentlessness, the tedium, the exhaustion, the loss of control, the frustration and the greatly diminished career options are all poured over in intricate detail. Let me say that I absolutely applaud this. Sweeping these issues under the carpet does society no favors. A frank and honest discourse is the first step towards finding real solutions. In the meantime, if parents  find support, reassurance and advice through blogging that’s a wonderful thing. Its like the old saying “it takes an entire village to raise a child”, only today the village digitized.

I’m guilty of using this forum to have a good new fashioned whine (albeit I try to moan humorously). Today I have decided to open the proverbial curtains and let in some light. I want to remind myself and others that children are lovely and amazing even if they do drive you to the edge of insanity and back.

I know I’m biased but aren’t they gorgeous.

On a rare occasion, when I was lunching with a girlfriend child free, I told her that everyday had “some really horrible moments but some really fantastic ones too”.  She  nodded in knowing agreement. One minute you’re on the verge of packing it all in and running away to Byron, the next you are either roaring with laughter or your heart is swelling with pride. These are some of the things that make it all worthwhile for me.

  • Watching the girls dance. They really do “dance like there’s no one watching” and they’ve got the “moves like Jagger”. I always laugh when P2 shakes her cute little booty and sings her own rendition of the KC and the Sunshine Band hit. It never gets old – at least for me. P1’s room is quite often converted to a makeshift disco with alot of jumping on the bed and singing along.
  • The moment P1 entered the world Dadabulous,who played the strong silent type throughout the pregnancy, melted on the spot. “Oh she is cute!” he beamed as he snuggled the blanket swathed treasure in his arms. Whilst I was still in fairyland from the pethidine and dehydration, this moment will be etched on my mind forever.

P1’s first bath – a melting moment.

  • Seeing P1’s talents and strengths develop. P1 is five and she’s already starting to display certain aptitudes.  If left to her own devices she’ll draw for most of the day. Sometimes I’ll look at her artwork and be genuinely surprised by how good it is. She seems to have a natural sense of proportion and composition. Perhaps I’m viewing it through my rose colored Mum glasses but at least the grandparents aren’t bored by it yet.

P1’s depiction of our family as aliens

  • Watching P2 help Daddy. Many people remark that P2 is a mini Dadabulous. True I could never be accused of getting busy with the postman. She is a bit more interested in the “boy” things than her sister. Watching her pick up the screwdriver and help Daddy with his woodwork is adorable.  She’s also the one most likely to follow her father into IT. She completely across the Ipad and instructs me to “reboot” the media centre when its not working. She’s also been known to say “stooopid puta” just like a true IT pro.

P2 following her father in IT

  • When they give you a complement. The girls are my personal style consultants.  On the odd occasion when I get it right in something pink, shiny or floral they’ll utter admiringly “Oooooooh Mummy look beautiful”.  At daycare P1’s teachers acknowledges Mothers Day by asking each child why they love their Mums and writing down hallmark style on a card. Last year P1 said “because she is beautiful”. Right answer, extra brownie points for you. Unfortunately this year P1 said “because  she buys me things”. Whilst this is slightly disappointing it demonstrates considerable intelligence. You’ll go far in life with that attitude my girl.
  • Finally one of my all time favorite moments so far – P2 putting her arms around my neck and telling me ” Mummy you’re my best friend”. Nothing is more worthwhile than that.

A mate of Dadabulous’ , himself a father of three, says “Its funny how no one thinks of their kids as being average even if they clearly are”. Certainly I believe my girls are kicking sand into the face of average. Dadabulous and I love them right down to their little lace trimmed socks. Even though sometimes I need a break, sometimes I’m bored with the kids world and I’m itching to do my own thing I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

Ok now I’ve been one of those pathetic types who bores everyone senseless by yakking interminably about her kids, I’ll turn it over to you. Please feel free to regale me with tales about how lovely and amazing your kids are.

Hope you all have a lovely and amazing week.


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