Man-abulous – The Top 5 Sexiest Professions


As sure as a glimpse of cleavage or a flash of thigh can command a man’s full attention, there are professions that have a certain allure for us ladies. I thought it would be fun to put together a list of the hottest occupations – The Village People for straight women if you like. I’m sure that many a male strip troupe have adopted this theme but I’m not an aficionado of such things.

Here we go.

1) The Pilot

There’s something incredibly priapic* about a man who can get a 408 tonne hunk of metal airborne. They are whippet smart, have razor sharp reflexes and their uniforms adorned with shinny bright buttons are flattering on any figure type.  Furthermore aviators are the only folk who can wear Ray-Ban aviators without looking like an 80s porn star or a superannuated rocker.

Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t need Lynx.

Such is the appeal of the pilots that the novelty T-shirt folk at* have come out with this chick magnet. Oh – yeh! I’d be all over that in a bar (NOT).

Out to pull?

2) The Fireman

This really is the classic sexy stereotype for straight girls and gay men alike. As Samantha Jones from Sex and The City says ” I love a fireman with a big hose. A ring a ding ding”. Not only are they in fine physical shape, there’s something about the adrenaline rush of facing danger for a living that gets our pulses racing. The explosion of Firey Calenders is a case in point.  This dude from an Irish Firefighters Charity Calender is going way beyond the call of duty, providing us with eye candy whilst he saves us from a smoke inhalation. I’m so glad he is wearing his Calvins. I’d bet his Mum advised him to wear branded underwear because you never know when you’ll have to burst into a burning building without your shirt.

Hot – literally and figuratively speaking.

3) The SAS and Bomb Squad

The relationship  between dangerous occupations and sex appeal is directly proportional. One of my Mumrades has a bomb squad member living in her apartment block. Apparently his unit is a revolving door for attractive young ladies. As with their mates the fireys,  its the heady combination of physical fitness and the prospect of facing death on the job that leads to a heady hormonal rush in women.

Jeremy Renner in The Hurt Locker – man that’s intense.

4) The Stockbroker

On the other end of the spectrum some girls like their men urban, slick and cashed up. Having worked in the industry I tended to avoid these types like the plague. Nevertheless power and money are aphrodisiacs and there are many out there who find the whole “masters of the universe” and “big swinging d#@ks” vibe irresistible.

I’ve never actually met a dealer wearing suspenders.

5) The starving artist/writer/musician/independent film maker/unemployed actor

Mumabulous loves to go from the sublime to the ridiculous and back again. Unlike their mates in high finance, these guys don’t get paid but they do get laid. There’s nothing like the romantic mystique surrounding these creative types. They’re doing what they love and sticking their middle finger up at society  (at least until reality bites and they sell out and start working as stockbrokers). Chicks dig this bohemian schtick.  There’s a kind of reflected glamour in being an artist’s muse. I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve been sucked into this scenario more than once in my younger days (daze).

Matt Dillion in Singles – of course he gets the girl.

So there you have it – my Village People inspired boy band line up. Who would you include? What are the most alluring professions?



PS: This post was purely intended in fun. I don’t condone judging a man by his occupation. A woman who chooses who to date based on their job stats is equivalent to those cads who only go out with buxom blondes.

* Isn’t this a great word. I learned it from Annabel Crabb when she used it to describe Kevin Rudd.

* This is absolutely not a sponsored post but I’m open to suggestion 😉


11 thoughts on “Man-abulous – The Top 5 Sexiest Professions

  1. Oh firies for sure, when of my daughter’s friend’s dad is a fire man just between you and me he fits the stereo type just lovely. For me I would also add in a builder and an athlete. I love muscles

  2. I was all about the starving artists when I was younger too. I reckon IT guys and coffee baristas might be on the list too – although they are possibly just the most useful guys in my little world!

    • I married a software guru and am guaranteed a lifetime of IT support. They are at the top of my list! Just quietly, I’ve got a thing for engineers too and I explored this extensively at Sydney Uni (like 20 years ago 😉 )

  3. Loved this post hehe I love men in uniform which was why I had 5 different uniformed strippers lined up for my hens! We didn’t get through all of them but one did end up spending the night with us in our room – I believe he was a fireman – and of course, it was all innocent 🙂

  4. ooooh you forgot tradies! They rank highly for many…and I married one 😉

  5. I love men who can build things. Bridges, cupboards, buildings, cubby houses, anything really. Except maybe Lego 😉

    Thanks for linking up with Things I Know 🙂

    • Yes, just quietly I’ve got a bit of a thing for engineers and of course software developers like Dadabulous. Looking forward to More Things I Know next week!
      Have a great weekend. Love Mumabulous

  6. Gender and orientation preclude me from saying much so I’ll simply say ” go the geeky IT guys”

    • Thanks Morander. Gender and orientation shouldn’t preclude you from saying anything to me ;-). I’m travelling down the geeky IT guy route. I’m married to a red headed software dynamo. The beauty of it is I get a lifetime of IT support 😉
      Cheers Mumabulous

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