Getting Good Closure – The Olympic Finale


Mumabulous is suffering a serious case of regret today. I was too lazy to haul my butt out of bed to watch the Olympic closing ceremony. Instead I tried in vain to ignore the girls kicking me for that extra half an hour of lie in time. I’m  lamenting the decision because the general consensus is that it was FANTASTIC. An article in the Sydney Morning Herald (by Caroline Wilson) goes so far as to say that it eclipsed the Sydney closing ceremony in 2000. I quote “Sydney’s closing ceremony was emotional and star-studded with Australians but an afterthought in contrast to what took place on Sunday night”.

H0ly rockin’ shindigs Batman! I remember the Sydney closing ceremony very clearly (although by rights I shouldn’t be able to). It was one of the best party nights I have ever experienced. A friend of mine had a rooftop apartment in Kirrabilli with box seat views over the harbor. She very generously hosted a party. I remember dissolving into cheers as the RAAF F-111C  flew over the harbor bridge. I participated in a spontaneous chorus line of high kicks and sang along to all the classic tunes I didn’t know I even knew the words to. Of course other shenanigans were going on that evening leading me to re-word the Vanessa Amorosi tune “Absolutely everybody, absolutely everybody, absolutely every one was stoned”.  There’s more to the ditty but Mumabulous is NOT that kind of a blog. I guess you had to be there but the night can be summed up with one word – euphoric.

So the London closing ceremony was better eh? And I missed it – typical. Its so re assuring to know that I can go to the Twittersphere to get the round up. In fact its almost as good as being there. Despite the truly spectacular show and the amazing line up of talent including The Who, George Michael, Roger Taylor and Brian May from Queen, 1D and the Spice Girls, alot more tweeting went on than just about anything else.  In fact Twitter revealed that during the Spice Girls performance the tweet rate hit 116,000 per minute. Here’s a few little tasting plate from the interwebs.

The Spice Girls

just watched the Spice Girls perform at the Closing Ceremony. My 9 year old self is wetting her pants.

Exciting our inner pre-teen girls.

Camp Batman


Christian Bale has been putting on some weight in the last few months. He showed us he could drop a ton of weight for The Machinist, but this is the other extreme.

Holy calories Batman!

The John Lennon Tribute

Finally some real music: the Beatles. Anything in the past 20 years is noise  Philip Hersh@olyphil

The legend rising like a Phoenix

More Bawdy British High Camp

BuzzFeed Sports@BuzzFeedSports

Roller-skating nuns dancing to Monty Python. We have officially reached British Saturation Point.

  • Always look on the bright side of life


    Boris Johnson Steals the Show Again

Petition for Boris Johnson to become the 6th member of Spice girls Georgie Porgie ‏@M0NTheBiff

Boris Johnson and his hip thrusts deserve the final gold of the games!!

They should release a ‘Dancing Boris Johnson’ toy range that includes sound effects

Would have been great if Arnie and got up and done the robot

Some Surreal Stuff

The Media Blog ‏@TheMediaTweets  Today a nation awoke thinking… “Was I really drunk or did Russell Brand really sing the Beatles during the closing ceremony?”#London2012

@TheMediaTweets man, I was tripping balls. I recall seeing Norman Cook DJing from on top of a seethrough octopus. Then I guess I blacked out.


Remember psychedelia? Not it if was any good.

Some Final Thoughts

“This was an astoundingly seamless production, given the size of this city and the scale of the endeavor.”

I wonder how many hangovers and potential new athletic babies were made in the Olympic village last night #Whataparty


I want to bottle tonight and open it again when clocks go back in October. Never been surrounded by more happy people than I am right now

Jonas Gardell ‏@Jonas_Gardell

O all thou young Athletes of Today, look at Us the Pop stars of Yesterday and behold: You too will get old and fat and die!#closingceremony

Harry Potter™ ‏@ThatBravePotter

I still think Quidditch would have made the #Olympics better…#closingceremony

Narrowing down the best of the best of the tweets is like finding the Higgs boson. It can be done but it takes millions of man hours and some serious equipment. As I sit here typing I note the tweets continuing to flood in at an alarming rate. From this tiny bit that I have been able to scrap from the tip of the proverbial iceberg the ceremony looks like an amazing spectacle of color, toe tapping pop music and most importantly FUN.  It may just have topped Sydney’s performance by the narrowest of margins and I would loved to have been there.

I’d love to hear your opinion.



2 thoughts on “Getting Good Closure – The Olympic Finale

  1. It’s hard to compare such events because each country must showcase its homegrown talent, and the UK just happens to have a pretty special musical history to show off. I’m sure Rio will put on an amazing spectacle in 4 years’ time too but it will include performers we’ll probably never have heard of. Having said that, the London closing did rock. I liked the fact the performers seemed to be enjoying themselves so much! It was a clearly a good day to be Fat Boy Slim or a Spice Girl. Some of those tweets are hilarious!

  2. I agree that Rio should be an absolute hoot! I wonder if they’ll be making samba into an Olympic sport? ;-0

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