Fashion Week (Weak) – Mumabulous Style.


On daycare days Mumabulous needs only the flimsiest of excuses to visit the cultural mecca that is Westfield Bondi Junction (WBJ). Today this blog provided me with all justification I needed for a trip to shopping heaven (or hell depending on your mood). If you hadn’t noticed the ubiquitous billboards, next week Sydney celebrates the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival (21 – 25th August). This promises to be an orgy of glitz, glamour, spike heels and pre-pubescent models without saddle bags.

As you know, Mumabulous is all about style! I hold my self up as a stellar example of What Not To Wear and am the perfect example of the “before” shot.  If any one can take you from runway to real way its yours truly. So to mark Mercedes Benz Fashion week I’m holding my own Mum friendly version – Mumabulous’ Mazda 2 Fashion Weak!  This will be a series of posts documenting my WBJ Fashion Odyssey. Today I’m taking a closer look at that clash of the retail titans – Target vs David Jones.

Its simply marvelous how the high end and  low end of couture  can be housed in one glittering facility. My first stop was Target as its my natural habitat and its closest to the food court.  Fuelled by a most excellent cappuccino from Luxe Bar, I sheepishly wandered in and began furtively snapping away.  I soon released that the widely spread staff were oblivious to my activities and I went for it like a paparazzi at a celebrity court case.

Here are just some of the highlights.


The oncoming season is a delicious explosion of gelato colours and Target is right on trend. You can cheer up your bottom line for $39 with these apricot and lemon pants.

Yummy apricot and lemon colours

Alternatively you can unleash your inner rock goddess with these snake skin print jeans. Phwoar!!! Just stay away from my husband you sexy Mama!

Get your rock on!

The Mad/Men retro look remains a key influence (as it should in my opinion). Target does some pretty sun dresses so you can do your best Betty Draper impersonation on a budget. This was $59.

I’m mad for the Mad Men look.

The floral suit is absolutely everywhere. Whilst I find it a refreshing alternative to stiff corporate grey, I’m not sure about this ensemble.  If I tried to squeeze my flabby thighs into these hot pants I’d be more of a eyesore than the “toaster” building – there would be public protests!

Errrm – not sure about this combo…

Perhaps I’d be better off with these?

Coming to a Bingo hall near you.

Finally it wouldn’t be a trip to Target, if you did not encounter gabardine slacks. There’s nothing that shouts  “Mum” or “Nana” louder than dark gabardine.

Good ol’ gabardine.


Its only one floor down but crossing over into David Jones after a foray in Target is like travelling to an exotic foreign land.  DJs is a place where you have to remember to breathe (much like labor) as the shock of viewing price tags can send you into convulsive spasms.

Here’ s one example of the retro style floral sun dress DJ’s style. I snapped it whilst lurking around the Zimmerman rack. It’s lovely isn’t it? Perfect for an afternoon wedding, a day at the races or even teamed with a blazer for the office. $395 thanks. Gag! (Breathe, remember to breathe).

Betty Draper on a splurge.

Here is the DJ’s version of the floral suit. The fabric is silky and sensual and the pattern less garish than the Target number. Unfortunately Mumabulous is  short arse so I’d look like a walking designer sheet set in this and I’d pay around $500 for the privilege.  (More breathing, more breathing).

On trend elegance for the tall and cashed up.

While we are on a floral theme, Mumabulous is famous for her love of cute, prim cardigans. This offering from Seed had me salivating almost as much as if I were watching Michael Fassbender remove his shirt (Ok Ok – I exaggerate here but I lurve, lurve this cardigan). Its $170 – cue the tug of war in my head. Can I justify this when I know it will be on sale in a couple of weeks and I can purchase a knock off for under $50. Predictably good sense prevailed and my wallet remained tightly wadded.

Seed cardigan – money can buy me luuurve. Shame I’m a tight wad!

Finally this is kinda quirky and cute. I’ve got no idea who the designer is and I didn’t dare look at the price tag.  The former stock valuer in me puts it at around$300.  My beautiful 14 year old niece would rock this as hard as an Acca Dacca concert. (Sorry Pen – it aint your birthday present). Come to think of it her slinky Mamma (Hi Cath)  could get away with it too. As for me, I’d  end up looking like a very oddly shaped, dimply pineapple.

It’ll cost you a few pineapples

So concludes Part 1 of the Mazda 2 Fashion Weak. It was a tough slog wandering around WBJ this morning without kids but folks that’s the kind of intrepid reporter I am.

Indulge you passion for fashion.


I want to make it absolutely clear that this is NOT A SPONSORED POST. However should any brand managers be reading, I am completely corruptible!

The Surprise Beginning

11 thoughts on “Fashion Week (Weak) – Mumabulous Style.

  1. Very nice post. I am a Target girl with DJ’s aspirations myself. Not sure about all that floral though. The floral suit says ’80s to me – and not in a good way – but then I never need to wear a suit at the moment anyway so I guess I can rest easy. Now, did you have a price on those gabardine slacks?

  2. I bought those rockstar pants at Target! I really love them, and feel very ‘rock’ when I wear them.

    • Exactly. I’m wearing my red Target jeans right now. Why would you pay twice or even three times as much for an exclusive brand name. Rock on girl!
      Love Mumabulous

  3. I bought butter yellow jeans at Big W! And I love them! Less then twenty bucks…and I feel so on trend!
    As for David Jones, I do love that Zimmerman dress. However the mother in me is of course thinking about the millions of other things I could do with $400.00…and how it likely needs to be dry cleaned.

  4. Floral bingo pants – noice! Thanks for linking up for Flash Blog Friday 🙂

  5. I have to say, I actually quite like the floral pants. I’d team them with kick arse booties and my cropped black leather jacket to toughen up the pretty a little bit.

    Excellent report from the frontlines of fashion!

    • Kick ares booties! Stop – You’re making me jealous. The only booties I have at present are of the ugg variety. They are very soft on the arse being kicked 😉
      Keep Stylin’

  6. Completely corruptible – love it! I hate shopping at the moment, not enough $$$ for true retail happiness! Thanks for linking up!

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