Multiple Shoegasms – Fashion Weak Part 2



Here’s a first world problem that most of us can relate to. Mumabulous does not have enough shoes! My husband groans and roles his eyes when I point out this fact which leads me to hypothesize that men are missing the segment of the brain devoted to shoes (among other things). I truly do not have enough shoes. I get around in holey sneakers, a scuffed up pair of ballet flats and my coral uggies from Best & Less. 2012 will be remembered not as the year the Mayan calender ends but as the year of my great shoe drought.

Last Friday I made it my mission to rectify this most pressing issue at Westfield Bondi Junction (WBJ). As part of my homage to fashion week, I’ve documented my search.


Target is all about colour blocking and wedge heals. This stunning color combo is reminiscent of a beach on a summers day. Unfortunately I’ll be spending most of my summer days chasing pre-schoolers on the beach, so these won’t work for me.

Target gives you a wedgie.

Now this is the stuff! There’s more ballet flats here than you can poke a stick at. Cheerful as this selection is, the quality/price relationship is vital when it comes to shoes. Do I really want to fork out $30 for something I know will fall apart within a week? I kept moving.

For the best dressed Mums at Playgroup.


I missed the memo about Crocs becoming a fashion item.  The brand was not content with being the gardeners footwear of choice and has gone all out fashionista with bucket loads of bling. You can even buy the bling separately to mix and match so you can rock a different croc for every day of the week.  Perhaps being a teenager in the 1980s has given me an aversion to plastic shoes. I’m just not ready for the Croc.

Pimp mah croc!

Camper and Ecco

I’ve got a fondness for these two almost interchangeable brands. They say active, adventurous and individualistic. Their respective marketing teams can give themselves a pat on the back. Did this effective brand messaging translate into an actual sale? Hell No. I’m a tight arse. I refuse to fork out close to $300 to demonstrate that I’m active, adventurous and individualistic. Nobody would be fooled.

Camper? At $285 surely you mean Glamper?

I like my shoes as I like my men – sturdy.

At this point things started getting surreal. It may have been the stress.


This chain is my old faithful. I keep coming back again and again. However this time I failed to add points to my loyalty card. Instead I encountered these.

Follow the yellow brick road.

We are big fans of the Wizard of Oz at Chez ‘Abulous and these would be the perfect tribute to Dorothy – on a drag queen. I still kinda dig them but I’m so unused to heels I’d be stumbling down the yellow brick road. Whilst we’re visiting Oz, can you imagine if the tin man was actually a slutty tin chick? She’d be wearing these.

What to wear if you wanna pull a tin man.

It appears that studs are making a come back. I remember them fondly as an 80s post punker. However I’ve never seen them on ladylike peach ballet flats before? Ironic? I’m just confused. I can say one thing, any threats to kick somebodies arse whilst wearing these will be taken seriously.

The love child of Sid Vicious and Laura Ashley.

Still in daze I meandered in Myers to be greeted by these. My feet cramped up simply by looking at them. Not having read the book, I’m wondering if some of the torture scenes in 50 Shades of Grey involved the forced wearing of stilettos.

Pretty sparkly princess.

Wild thing you make my heart sing.

A few minutes later I fell in lurve. It was like finding a basket of puppies. I wanted to take them all home with me. Yet buying these Walnut flats would be like entering a second marriage – the triumph of hope over experience. My past relationship with suede has not been a happy one.

Cute selection from Walnut.

Finally I settled upon these from Diana Ferrari. The are cute, colorful, comfortable and flat – just like me. P1 noticed them but my Dadabulous did not, thus supporting my argument that shoes dont register on the male brain.

Mumabulous’ perfect match.

Happy Shoe Stalking Mumrades


The Surprise Beginning

8 thoughts on “Multiple Shoegasms – Fashion Weak Part 2

  1. I like those Walnut ones too! So cute! But I agree about suede…especially such a light colour suede.

    Daddy R never notices my shoes. Or my hair. Or really anything I wear unless it is especially nice or especially daggy.

  2. Eek, those stud shoes are creepy. I love the Dorothy shoes – and they’re entirely appropriate for the school run/shopping centre/play date non-stop fun-fest that is my life!

  3. Baha!! ‘slutty tin chick’ love it!! Good choice in the Diana Ferraris, you can’t go wrong with those.

  4. The Wittner studded loafers are just a bit much. I like the idea of them, but they’ve taken it too far.

    Love the coral Diana Ferraris. Cute! I refuse to buy suede unless it is ridiculously reduced on sale, and then I’m too scared to wear them. I’m not that keen on patent either actually, after some very expensive patent leather shoes were PEELING after one day.

  5. Wow is all I have to say. I am not a shoe person. In fact just between you and me the only reason I wear them is because people look at you strange if you don’t. I did however like those studded ones but that was purely based on the threat to kick some scare factor

  6. I love the walnut flats! LUUUUUUURVE them! Now I feel the itch to go shoe shopping!

    • I wore my Diana Ferrari’s all day today and my feet have been rubbed raw. Perhaps I should have gone with the walnuts after all. Still I know where they are 😉

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