Crass Is The New Black



Mumabulous thought that ostentatious displays of wealth died with Lehman Bros during the GFC.  I was wrong. Crass merely slipped upstairs to its palatial master bedroom suite for a few lines of cocaine washed down with some Dom Pérignon.  While its absence was just long enough to make the first Sex and The City movie look tacky and outmoded*, crass is back bigger and brasher than ever.

The whirlwind social media hit that is Rich Kids Of Instagram ( is leading the blinged up cavalry. If its crossed my radar, chances are you’ve heard of it. Rich Kids of Instagram (RKOI) is strangely a Tumblr blog displaying Instagram photos from the offspring of the super rich reveling in their dizzyingly over the top lifestyles. The site is like a montage of every bad rap video you’ve ever seen except the participants are mostly white. We are treated to views of pool parties at mansions, a fleet of Porsches, Bentleys and Ferraris driven by youngsters barely off their L-plates and loads of ” labels sweetie label”s. The scenarios get more outrageous with every gold framed shot. There are vistas of pretty young things diving into the warm Caribbean from their mega yachts, alighting helicopters and slurping vintage champagne in their private jets! Seriously!

Some of the more memorable pictures include an enormous inflatable slide tacked to the side of a yacht the size of  a small block of flats, a dude back flipping from his private helicopter into the ocean and an idyllic lake scene shattered by a kid in a jet rocket pack (Fair dinks!).

The whole site is awash with Dom Pérignon. There are scenes where young guys pour Dom into each others mouths while skinny dipping in a lake. In another a young man sits in a bathtub surrounded by bottles of Dom, a gold credit card between his teeth.

Its only Moet – at Chez ‘Abulous we use the cheap stuff to gargle with.

Just when you thought this site had scaled the Everest of crassness, it takes it just that little bit higher with the introduction of “receipt porn”.  RKOI features Instagram photos of the receipts candidly demonstrating how billionaire progeny can spend more on a single night out than most of us earn in a year. In one particularly steep example the bill at Nikki’s Beach St Tropez totaled over 107,000 Euros  including 40,000 Euros on Dom Pérignon.

Receipt porn at Chez ‘Abulous. It was pizza night!

The blog went live in mid July this year and has exploded across social and traditional media. Predictably there’s been an almighty reaction. The Uproxx websites invites readers to nominate which of the RKOI’s they’d most like to punch in the face. The Atlantic Wire, gives a wag of the finger with this quote – “Preteens posing with helicopters they did nothing to earn and posting the pictures online for others to ogle provides an easy in for commentary on the state of the American dream. (Dead.) Others argue RKOI promotes “class warfare”.

I’m yet to see this on RKOI. Using Aussie dollars is way too OTT.

I confess that I find the whole thing shamefully compelling. I flip from image to image, mouth agape, eyes bulging, muttering OMG! OMG! My reaction is a combination of disbelief and disgust at these kids’ overwhelming sense of entitlement seasoned with just a dash of envy.  You dont have to be Athena Starwoman to predict that RKOI wont be contained by its Tumblr platform. According to a number of reports reality TV casting agents are circling like vultures. Inevitably some of these overindulged brats will become household names Kardashian style. Just what the world needs – NOT!

Armies of wannabes attracted by the hype are flocking to Instagram for a chance at 5 seconds of fame. RKOI is fast becoming diluted by average Joes and Jolines posing with expensive plonk by the pool.  Perhaps this will lead to RKOI’s decline. I’m just waiting for the parodies and I’ll be sure to bring them to you as they arrive.

If you think you’ve seen it all check it out : (



* I was a huge, huge fan of the SATC tv series but the unnecessary movies stretched the friendship.

6 thoughts on “Crass Is The New Black

  1. That site is gold. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Speechless is what I am. I just went and had a look and words fail me right now. So that is how the other half live?

    fairy wishes and butterfly kisses #teamIBOT

  3. Why thanks for that… nothing like a little craziness to mix up the day! 😛

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