Post Script to Appetite For Destruction


The lovely Kylene from Smashcake very kindly gave us one of her awesome creations as a thank you for the Appetite For Destruction – Smashcake post. This was in no way expected and I’m touched that Kylene went to all this effort for us.

It was a bit much for us four, so we took it to a BBQ at a friend’s place yesterday. Here’s how it went.

P2 attacks the Smashcake with the novelty hammer.

P1 gets in on the action.

Pay dirt!

Mind you, the cake was not the only thing getting smashed that afternoon. The champagne went down a treat.




6 thoughts on “Post Script to Appetite For Destruction

  1. How totally cool is that smash cake. i want one for my next birthday lol xx

  2. How awesome!!! I want a smash cake ! X

  3. Oh, how delectable! And a glass a champers with that would’ve gone down very nicely! 🙂

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