Lustworthy – Another Shallow Post About Shopping


Last week I experienced weak at the knees, skin tingling, heart pounding lust. I wasn’t looking at Michael Fassbender online again ( OK I’m lying, but for once Fassy was not the cause of my excitement). Like a rogue asteroid I was ensnared by the gravitational pull of Westfield Bondi Junction (WBJ). I collided with the designer fashion level before Bruce Willis could stop me with a nuke. The gorgeous spring fashions had me in a panting, salivating frenzy.

First I wandered into Jigsaw in a trance like state. The soft gelato colours, sweet floral prints and Mad Men style primness has a hypnotic effect.

Gelato colours, floral print, Mad Men retro – a winning trifecta.

It was a case of blogger interrupted as an over zealous shop assistant tried to hand me a catalogue. “Why do you need to take pictures when everything is in here?” she quizzed. With a slight blush and a sheepish grin I explained that I was a blogger. I thought they would be used to our growing tribe by now. Apparently foot soldiers for rival designers sneak in  surreptitiously taking photos and stealing designs. “But why would they need to when everything is the catalogue?” I wondered.

Emboldened I strolled next door to Alannah Hill and proceeded to fall truly, madly deeply in love over and over. Good ol’ Alannah she never changes. Everything is as girly, frilly, and over embellished as its always been. “Less is more” has never been Alannah’s motto. “Maximize the bling!” would be better catch cry and I say” Cheers to that!”  In the immortal words of KC and the Sunshine Band “keep it comin’ Love”.

This is the sort of thing I’ll be wearing in heaven. Its actually quite sleek and post modern by Alannah’s standards.

With Alannah Hill money can buy me luuuuurve.

This one combines two of this season’s hot trends – yellow and prints with quaint bird patterns. I want, want, want it! Can’t you just see me running around the park in this?

A little birdie told me that I’d look fab in this.

I know I’ve already done a comprehensive shoe run down but these are irresistible.

Be still my beating heart!

Whilst I already own a ridiculous number of retro cardigans, I can always make room for just one more. Especially when they are this delicate and pretty. Its pure art.

Mumabulous can never have too many cardies.

Sadly I bid my new friends sweet adieu and headed to this place to refuel. Ladies I bring you the Happy Lab. Its like a small square of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory was lifted from the pages of fiction and transplanted in WBJ. These lolly pops are like someone took the rainbow and boiled it up with sugar.

The Candy Man can.

Re invigorated by my sugar hit, I decided to step beyond my comfort zone and exited the Westfield. That’s right –  there is life beyond its hallowed halls. In the centre of Oxford St mall sits one of my all time favorite stores – Dangerfield. Just the thought of it has me humming Dave Graney’s “You’re just too hip baaaaby”.  Why wasn’t this place around during my misspent youth? Now I can relive my 80s and earlier 90s fantasies through its collection of tartan pants, Doc Martens, rockabilly dresses and velvet just about everything. I’ve got a cherry fetish at the moment so this will most likely be my next purchase. So cute! It would look sweet yet edgy on a 20 year old uni student hipster but somewhat ridiculous on an almost 42 year old Mum. Frankly my dears I don’t give a damn.

Cherry Ripe!

Happy Shopping Mumrades



PS: All though this would make a damn fine sponsored post I regret to inform you that it isn’t.

The Surprise Beginning

10 thoughts on “Lustworthy – Another Shallow Post About Shopping

  1. I love that bird dress…gorgeous!
    That cherry one is cute too!

    All these posts are making me want to go shopping!

  2. I love the bird dress…gorgeous!
    That cherry one is cute too!

    All these posts are making me want to go shopping!

  3. Did you know that there is an absolutely enormous Dangerfield clearance shop at Birkenhead Point?!

    I love the bird print dress so hard – it’s even got a convenient little flap to disguise my tummy! x

    • Enormous and Dangerfield – two words that belong together in the same sentence! I’m one of those annoying people who rarely goes west of Anzac Parade but a trip to Birkenhead may be in order.
      I’ll have to fight you for the bird print dress – if I went without coffee for 6 months I may be able to justify the expense.
      Love Mumabulous

  4. That dress with the birds on it is all kinds of wonderful. Soooo cute! Great collection you’ve put together here. Perhaps you’ve missed your calling as a personal shopper. 😉

    • Thanks Melissa. I agree. Being a personal shopper would be the ideal job. I could strut around the designer stores all day and spend other people’s money! Its never to late to follow your dreams.
      Lots of Love

  5. I am a massive Michael Fassbender fan too just quietly! Loving all the colours for Spring, the lace Alannah Hill skirt is a must!

  6. The other day I was out shopping with my sister and I commented on loving a dress and she told me I was too old for it, at 25! Too much skin on top and down the bottom apparently. She was right but I was still sad about it!

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