Curse Of The Pretty Woman?


While I was ignoring my kids and yakking with some Mumrades at the park on Monday afternoon the conversation turned to Samantha Brick’s appearance on 60 Minutes the previous evening. Ms Brick caused a world wide furore when she claimed in her column in the Daily Mail that hers is a path of misery and woe because she’s just too damned beautiful. (Cue Right Said Fred – I’m Too Sexy). The way she describes it, her life is like an extended commercial for Impulse body spray.

When you’re Sam Brick you don’t this stuff! Mumabulous on the other hand….

Yes – complete strangers have suddenly given her flowers, men regularly send drinks to her table and freebies are lavished on her everywhere she goes. It doesn’t sound too bad  but apparently the sisterhood have their sharpened claws out for her. She reasons that this is because “women find nothing more annoying than someone else being the most attractive girl in a room”. Geez if this were the case Mumabulous would live in a perpetual state of annoyance.  I admit to being constantly irritated but its not due ladies of superior looks, its because of the kids!

60 Minutes pitted Ms Brick against Germaine Greer – low hanging fruit as far as ratings  are concerned. Good old Germaine didn’t disappoint. Love her or blame her for the decline of Western Civilization, she’s always entertaining. On Sunday night she came out with this hum dinger  “She’s wrong about people discriminating against her because she’s beautiful. They discriminate against her because she’s a pain in the arse. I mean, it’s perfectly obvious.”

In my opinion, Brick’s a media genius. The whole “dont hate me because I’m beautiful” schitck is a fabrication to generate buzz. I suspect she received more buzz than she bargained for but she’s riding it for all its worth.  I daresay she’ll profit quite handsomely from the exposure. This is a good thing because she didn’t marry handsomely (Did you see her chubby hubby – Eeeeeeeeeew).*

The whole thing got me thinking. It would have more productive to think about the stock market.  Nevertheless I found myself pondering whether attractive women are ostracized by their peers. My conclusion was that yes it can happen but much depends on the behaviour of the sexy chick in question. Here’s two examples from my past.

Many moons ago I worked as lowly serf  for one of Australia’s leading financial institutions. The company was affectionately nicknamed Australia’s Melrose Place and Another Marriage Proposal.  There was one girl in the accounts department, a dark exotic beauty with bum skimming hair who had the young desk jockeys pandering to her every whim. She would turn up to work with plunging necklines, skirts that grazed her nether regions and sky high stilettos. This is unremarkable nowadays but back in the 90s it was scandalous. Her inappropriate outfits were the number one topic of water cooler conversation. One of our colleagues described her mini’s as “Gosford dresses because they were just below the Entrance -hahahaha”.  She was intelligent, competent and by no means a bad person. Whilst I was always polite and friendly, I kept her at arms length. Why? 1) 99% of her conversation focused on her personal appearance, 2) She was heavily into party plans etc and was constantly trying to sell something.

Too sexy for the office? The guys didn’t think so!

After six weeks of dating she became engaged to one of the big wig fund managers upstairs. The relationship didn’t last – I’m guessing she was just too much hard work for him.

At the same company, a babe in knee high boots and short skirt sashayed into the office as a temp. It didn’t take long for the young bucks (some of them must have been virgins) to start huddling around her panting like love sick puppies. The bitching this provoked was phenomenal. Catty remarks were made about her choice of work attire (black lacey bras under white shirts, sunglasses as a head band etc). The irony is that the chief bitches were themselves very attractive and glamorous young ladies. I suspect that they were jealous that their spot light had been deflected.

Of course it all ended in tears. One day when she was fighting with her boyfriend, a pathetic young accounts clerk took her out for lunch to “console her”. The pair did not return to the office that afternoon. I guess he consoled her long and hard.  Hope it was worth it because she was sacked whilst he clung on to his post. I believe in this case the girl copped the rough end of the stick because of her attractiveness. She could have prevented it by toning down her act but this begs the question why should she?  There’s a whole other blog post in that!

This is somewhat distracting to an accounts reconciliation clerk.

Yes – women can attract bile from “the sisterhood”  for their attractiveness but its usually when they are playing their God given cards to the absolute hilt. However in Samantha Brick’s case, I’m with Germaine. She has no female friends because she’s a pain in the proverbial

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this my gorgeous Mumrades.



* Chubby hubbies can be very appealing but Samantha’s husband Pascal Rubenat is cringe worthy.

 NB: Not a sponsored post but dang I’d like to try my hand at one. 

photo credit: Alaskan Dude via photo pin cc

photo credit: djking via photo pin cc

22 thoughts on “Curse Of The Pretty Woman?

  1. Some women attract women friend even in spite of their appearance. This lady regardless of her somewhat ordinary appearance just doesn’t. I don’t think she like other females very much and it shows. Rachel x

  2. mumabulous, I’m pretty sure Sam Bricks is having us on. She and Pascal are a pretty ordinary pair but they’ve hit on a minefield. I think she got so bored making those 5 course lunch’s (and I think she was counting bread AND cheese as 2 courses) that she found a way to make a name for herself. Evidence – the line about giving Pascal a lavender oil head massage after lunch. The gorgeous M said ‘no way, the only thing he wants after lunch is a head job’. As does every man. I divert. Back to your question – I love hanging with gorgeous women, it reminds me that a bit of lippy wouldn’t go astray occasionally. Seriously, I don’t think women discriminate against gorgeous women unless they are shallow, egocentric biatches.

    • Yes I have a number of friends who I consider to be very attractive and intelligent as well. They remind me that a bit of lippy doesn’t go astray but there’s a gaping chasm between being reminded and actually doing it.
      Great to hear your thoughts.

  3. Yes I think you might be right, she was friendless due to her lack of personality than her appearance. Mind you I could only bring myself to watch a little of this compelling interview. As a mother of 3 girls, this was certainly not the type of woman I hope my daughters grow into

  4. It’s not a woman’s attractiveness that turns me off, it’s when they are a man’s girl. And I don’t mean women who enjoy men’s company etc etc. I mean when there is nothing more important to them than a man’s attention.

  5. Have always worked in offices full of women, never got the chance to see the flirty stuff in action.

    • Its not pretty. Some of the offices I worked in were hotbeds of lust – everyone was dipping their nib in the company ink! Eeeeeeew.
      Have a lovely weekend

  6. Samantha Brick is deluded. I am with Germaine Greer on this one!

    • Ah Germaine. I cant agree with her on everything but sometimes she really bangs the nail on the head!
      Have a great weekend with your beautiful girls. Hope your little one is loving her new found freedom.
      Love Mumabulous

  7. I didn’t watch it but having read this I don’t feel the need. And now I understand why I have never been popular…. 😉

  8. I saw bits and pieces of this interview. I don’t think Sam is that much chop, she would blend into a crowd of women, certainly wouldn’t be the stand out. Has tickets on herself I think. Germaine cracked me up.

    • I’m sure if Angelina Jolie came out and said the same thing the reaction would be VERY different. Germaine Greer gives comedy gold on her good days.
      Thanks so much for stopping by.

  9. I didn’t see the interview, but after reading your post think I’ve got the better version of it anyway! I agree with you in principle – I’ve known some gorgeous ladies and it’s the ones who play it up and dumb down their actual intelligence to emphasise the looks that do my head in.

    • Thanks Emily
      I don’t mind women being attractive and glamorous. What I object to is when they are manipulative with it.
      Thanks for visiting my humble blog.
      Love Mumabulous

  10. I didn’t watch the interview either but I’m glad I didn’t. She totally sounds like a pain in the proverbial.
    And those “sexy chicks” that man the front desk at the office? OMG. I didn’t want to stick around too close with them for the fear that their stupid brain cells were going to rub off onto me.
    And those love sick (virgin) men hanging around their desks??! How much more obvious could they be?

  11. I never saw the interview, and to be honest have no idea who she is. I can’t help but feel inferior next to other women who are obviously beautiful, but I am not one of those girls (clearly a good thing) so have gotten over and moved on.

    • My life has been one long insecurity complex about my looks but I know that Dadabulous finds me attractive even if nobody else does. We are all more beautiful than we think 😉
      Love to you.

  12. I can’t possibly comment because I have nothing to add. I whole heartedly agree. Well written, well said, well put. Fist bump

    • Thanks Parental Parody. That’s the second fist bump/pump this blog has received! High praise indeed. I hope you are loving your brand spanking new fridge.
      Love Mumabulous

  13. I actually didn’t even know who Samantha Brick was, so I had to google her. I don’t think she’s attractive at all, and I’m not being bitchy, just honest! I have some stunning girlfriends, but I truly believe that it’s because what they have inside, shines through. I get the feeling that this Samantha person doesn’t have much of that… 🙂

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