Crappola Craft


What should you do with your kids on a lovely spring morning when your personal bank account has hit a five year low? The correct answer would be arrange to meet up with a Mumrade at the park and scrounge some coinage from underneath the sofa  to fund your coffee habit. What did Mumabulous do yesterday? Took the girls to the nearest Westfield and purchased a car boot load of craft materials. I accelerated my cash burn rate (oops slipping into stock analyst talk) by letting P1 run wild grabbing at everything her heart desired.  Proof my friends that after five years as a mum the remaining strands of my sanity have disintegrated like a wet tissue.

We got flower shaped boxes, wooden star wands, pink glittery paper, stickers, hole-punchers, ribbon and a big bag of sequins. You might think that this would be enough to build our very own mardi gras float but we didn’t stop there. I also indulged the princesses in a Riot Arts and Craft Show Bag.  At $20 it makes a an excellent child’s birthday gift, particularly if you dont like the parents. The show bag contains enough crafty crappola to ensure your house will never be clean again!

Inside the show bag – It will make you want to Riot!

I confess that I have a secret identity as a card making nerd and so already have crates full of this junk. I fear I’m teetering on the precipice of scrap booking – a cold, dark void from which no hip or coolness can escape.

Upon our return home we begun opening our parcels and setting up for an afternoon of crafty fun. The mess spread as quickly and as widely as Prince Harry’s nudie photos.

If you haven’t trashed your house you aint crafting right!

As boxes were painted and blinged up mess began to seep into every corner of the known universe. Sequins may look innocuous but I believe they are alive and that they breed as soon as they hit the floor. Likewise this stuff – foil confetti! Whoever came up with the idea of handing bagfuls of it to kids needs to be sent to the naughty step – permanently.

A bag of evil.

P1 and P2 completed their respective masterpieces.

P1s latest jewellery box.

P2 insisted her work be photographed also.

The budding artistes wasted no time in embellishing their star shaped fairy wands.

Two stars for two stars.

By now P2s attention span was stretched to capacity. She retired to watch Gnomeo & Juliet on DVD and peed on the couch. Potty training is not going well.

P1 pushed on pretty much all afternoon while I got my blogs on.

No matter how busy you are there’s always time to strike a pose.

I was very impressed with her “cup person”. She came up with the concept and executed the idea all on her own.

Presenting the “cup person”.

The arduous clean up operation fell squarely on my shoulders. Twenty four hours later I’m still vacuuming up sparkly stuff. Nevertheless I get some satisfaction in that P1 spent the afternoon doing something “real”, away from the TV and computer screens.

To all the crafty Mums out there, you are troupers worth your weight in glitter! To all the non-crafty Mums feeling a tinge of guilt about failing to nourish your child’s creativity, Please dont!!!

Keep sparkling!



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9 thoughts on “Crappola Craft

  1. We’ve made those wands from Riot too! A couple of wands, glitter glue and stickers cost me about $10 for an afternoon of happiness. Love that shop!

  2. I’ll bet she had a ball! Sparkley kudos to you 🙂 Thanks for linking up for Flash Blog Friday!

  3. I love this. I usually make my kids do it outside, however during winter things have slightly changed. I’m so sick of finding eyes and pipe cleaners glued to the table. You are so right in saying crafty mamma’s are worth their weight in glitter!!

  4. Oh love that cup person! Very creative. Mia isn’t old enough to do those sorts of things with yet and I’m not sure if I’m looking forward to it or not. I have been known to get into craft every now and then when the whim takes me but I am terrible at follow-through and even worse at the clean-up! And don’t worry, even if you do fall into that abyss that is scrapbooking you will make it out the other end. I am a scrapbooking survivor!

    • Did you have to go to an ex scrap booking support group? How do you resist the urge to pick up the paper cutters?
      Lots of Love

      • Well I was actually forced in to detox by Moving House and in the busyness of it all it just got put away in a cupboard and I haven’t pulled it out again. In 5 years! I must admit every now and then I do have the urge to get my scrap on but the mess I would first have to clean to get to my scrapping supplies is enough to help me stay dry.

      • Ha Ha. I stumbled accross the most gorgeous paper shop today in Enmore. I’d tell you more about it but I dont want to be an enabler.

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