Thinking Women’s Crumpet


This is not a recipe post!

Mumabulous has nothing against brawn. Its easy on the eye and comes in very handy for household chores like putting out the garbage and moving the lawn. However if I had to chose I’d come down on the side of brains.  I go weak at the knees for a man who can win an argument with a witty turn of phrase whilst solving a complex engineering problem. By this I do not mean he can convince you to watch the footy whist operating the TV remote (although this is a talent). Luckily for me Dadabulous is cerebrally well endowed.  Whilst my husband’s intellect is large enough to satisfy me, this doesn’t stop me from admiring men with well toned smarts. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite pieces of thinking women’s crumpet. These are the guys who make my pulse race by making my neurons connect.

1) James May

Captain Slow was the reason I sat through several seasons of Top Gear but there’s  much more to this guy than being TGs lovable dag. He’s an accomplished musician who can play the flute, saxaphone and piano like a pro. He writes beautifully and he’s a qualified pilot. Sigh. He’s been involved in some amazing shenanigans as part of the TG team but its his solo stuff that really makes my heart skip a beat. The Toy Stories series was awesomeness.  The plasticine garden and the life sized lego house stole my heart.

James you are a hot mess. I love the strands of grey in your unkempt hair, your stripey jumpers and fit inducing patterned shirts. I love that you have a menagerie of motorbikes and that you once tried to launch a Reliant Robin into space. If there are infinite parallel universes, I’d marry Dadabulous in all of them except for one where I would marry you!*

My favorite motor head

2) Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

If you want to know how many achievements a person can cram onto their CV, just Google this guy. Dr Karl is a true polymath. He has a list of degrees as long as your arm including astrophysics, computer science, bio medical engineering and medicine and surgery. Phew!  He’s a radio broadcaster, TV presenter and author of 30 books. Somewhere in his hectic schedule he manages to do  really cool things like checking out CERN, doing live commentary of the last space shuttle launch and doing both the north and south pole in the space of a month. That’s merely the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The most appealing thing about Karl is that he is just so damn nice. He can go from high brow to low brow with a click of the fingers. Once minute he’s describing the universe milliseconds after the big bang the next he’s talking about getting funky at the Lady Ga Ga concert.

Dr Karl would be an ideal BBQ guest. I’d love to sit back sipping a chardonnay and listening to Dr Karl and James May trying to outdo one another. I think Karl might just win.

Dr Karl – polymath and wearer of loud shirts.

3) Richard Fidler

I cant credit this man for saving my sanity as that has clearly left the building.  However his wonderful “Conversations” radio program has slowed my mental decline. The nicest former member of the Doug Anthony Allstars (DAAS)* has a voice as rich a caramel and a manner that brings out the best in his interviewees. I fear Richard is an endangered species on the current media landscape. The qualities he displays are increasingly rare. His research is impeccable and he has mastered the art of disagreeing respectfully. Try that Kyle Sandilands!

4) Stephen Colbert

This satirical stud-muffin is the perfect antidote to the Murdoch press. Back in the days when I actually watched TV,  The Colbert Report was the hi-light of my day and not only for the incredible eyebrow gymnastics.  Mr Colbert shone a bright light on all that’s ridiculous about the Western World – that’s a very bright light indeed. Stephen – with Mitt Romney looking like  he might take over the White House we NEED you more than ever.


5) Alain de Botton

How can one man speak with such a gorgeous soul stirring voice and make perfect sense at the same time? If ever there was a reason to read it would be this rock star of philosophy. For those of us who vaguely remember grown up books from our dim and distant past the author of Status Anxiety and Religion for Atheists is frequently on TV and radio.

Alain de Botton – no Status Anxiety here.

Over to you Mumrades. Do you have your own favorite slices of “thinking women’s crumpet” to add to the list? Or have I just proven to the blogosphere that I am a very strange person with malformed taste buds?

Happy Thinking


* I’ll have a rip roaring affair with Michael Fassbender in several of these universes.

* I’m carbon dating myself with this one. For all you Gen Ys, The Doug Anthony Allstars (DAAS) were a popular musical comedy act in the late 1980s and early 1990s, featuring Paul McDermott, Tim Ferguson and Richard Fidler. They like totally rocked!


22 thoughts on “Thinking Women’s Crumpet

  1. Yep, Richard Fidler all the way! He was always lovable as the unlovable one of DAAS, but Conversations is one of the best things on radio at the moment.

    • Thanks Lara
      I’m glad there’s someone who doesn’t think I’m totally crazy with this one. I love going to be with Richard Fidler – on my iPod. Doing research for Conversations would be my dream gig.

  2. Julian Assange. Not sure if it’s the white hair, the quick mind or his incredible sense of justice. Maybe its just the perfect combination of all three…

  3. For me it has to be Prof Brian Cox… I love the way he gets SO excited about science and he explains things in a way that even I understand!
    Great post hun! x

    • I completely agree and wanted to give him an honorable mention. Prof Brian is a rockstar physicist literally. He was in a band in the 1990s but had to fall back on particle physics. Love his dress sense too. Dadabulous thinks Prof Brian is gay but he is just jealous.
      Love Mumabulous

  4. Oh I can’t think of any at the moment but gosh I love Dr Karl. Fascinating man. I could just imagine him whipping out all these amazing experiments from underneath his lab coat (that he would wear to the BBQ of course) hehe

  5. I am totally with you on Dr. Karl, he’s awesome. Try to listen to him every Thursday morning on the JJJ’s although some of the idiots that call up and ask questions make it hard going sometimes! Met him last year when he was signing books at the bookshop and he was lovely!

  6. I only knew of the first three, and then I got completely lost! I’m not sure who I would add… it’s probably easier to list those I wouldn’t!

  7. I rarely listen to a “Conversations” without crying. I LURVE Richard Fidler and yes, he has a voice as rich as caramel.
    He always leaves me feeling so inspired and so much more love for the world.

  8. Jon Stewart and Shaun Micallef. Nerdy enough for you? They’re certainly hot enough.

    • Oh hell yeh! This is my groove. Jon Stewart is responsible for Stephen Colbert so thank you sir. As for Shaun Micallef – what a smokin hot silver fox! Newstopia should be renamed Studtopia!
      Love Mumabulous

  9. I’ll share Stephen Colbert with you 🙂

  10. Two votes for me Prof. Rob Morrison and Dr. Deane Hutton – cohosts of The Curiosity Show!
    I once met Rob Morrison at a conference – I was totally star-struck! I’m such a nerd!

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