Housework – The Opportunity Cost.


As far as first world problems go, I’ve got a hum dinger. Chez ‘Abulous is huge but we’re too tight arsed to justify the outlay on a cleaner. I am solely responsible for halting its descent into a cesspool. By necessity all the scrubbing, buffing, vacuuming and sheet changing happens on what my husband thinks is my day off – the daycare day. The rush of ecstasy I experience at kindy drop off time is short lived as I haul myself off to Colesworths for the weekly restocking. Then its home sweet home to be greeted by a place that looks like Prince Harry’s Vegas Hotel suite – the morning after.

Some of my Mumrades are aghast that I have to tackle this Herculean task alone. They argue that I should hit Dadabulous up for hired help but the Eastern Suburbs Princess crown doesn’t fit me quite yet. Perhaps one day when the world recognizes my genius I’ll have minions to take care of  life’s “grunt work”. However for now it’s on with apron, rubber gloves and vacuum cleaner. I’ll probably be unhappily occupied until Kindy pick up time, pondering what I could be doing instead or as economists like to call it the “opportunity cost” of housework. Making matters worse is knowing that the kids will undo my afternoon’s hard labor within half an hour of returning home.

It’s wonderful to return home to this.

This is for you Mrs Woog.

So how could I have better spent my time on this glorious spring afternoon?

– Wandering down the street and parking my butt in one of the numerous cafes or better still one of the two pubs. There’s a well known mega pub with an infamous beer garden nearby that’s calling my name. Unfortunately on a Thursday afternoon it should be starting to fill up with under employed NRL players.

– Meandering around Paddington and Woollahra soaking up how the 1% live and recording my wry observations in a blog post of course.

– Shopping. The change of season is calling for a wardrobe update. I want gelato colours, floral prints, fancy pants – the lot. I wont let the small issue of having wasted most of my cash on the kids and coffee stop me.

– A visit to a patisserie. Despite having recently broken up with my gym, yesterday I joyfully reignited my relationship with my skinny three quarter length jeans. I need to celebrate with  tiramisu.

– Strolling along the beach, letting the lapping waves sensuously wash over my bare toes – alone. This one sounds almost too indulgent.

Why go to the effort of leaving the house at all when I could;

– Sit outside on the balcony with a bowl of tea and the iPad.

– Raid the wine rack which starting to look tellingly sparse. It is after all a Sauvignon Blanc kind of day.

– Google Michael Fassbender? Nah – I’ll save that guilty pleasure for when the weather’s bad.

My kindy day dilemma. Should I bypass this.

For this?

What’s on your list Mumrades?  Sure you may have a sparkling clean house but at what cost?

Happy Scrubbing


Sorry! – couldn’t help myself 😉

1. miss. cinders 2. Mumabulous

13 thoughts on “Housework – The Opportunity Cost.

  1. Mum-abulous, you are a crack-up. Your musings are truly brightening my day. My nursery day is exactly the same!

    • Thanks Sally.
      I was worried that I’d come across as a spoiled princess with this one. After all a little bit of house work never hurt anyone. Still its not terribly exciting whereas Michael Fassbender is!
      Hope you get to do something you enjoy on your next nursery day.
      Love Mumabulous

  2. I think all mum’s feel this way (one’s who don’t have cleaners LoL, GOD how I want a cleaner).It seems impossible to explain to husband that I need him and projeny to LEAVE the house so I can clean. Between the two of them they just constantly want something, even if it’s just my attention, and they make it impossible to get anything done.

  3. I’m voting on the bottom choices… all of them. 😉
    Who does housework anyway?? Isn’t that hubby’s job? xx

  4. We had a cleaner when we were both working but gave it up when I was home on maternity leave. However, I got a chronic illness when Boyo was about two and just physically couldn’t manage the cleaning. Some days I had trouble getting out of bed so scrubbing soap scum off a shower or vacuuming was beyond me. Now, I’m loads better, work part time and have a kid in school 5 days a week, plus a husband who cooks most nights. Still haven’t managed to part with my cleaner. Will give up a lot before I give him up! x (even if he doesn’t dust. Properly anyway).

  5. I clean my house too! Thrills! What a great post … I have a theory that as long as I have a mortgage I won’t have a cleaner (it seems a little ludicrous to pay someone to clean a house that the bank mostly owns …), but hubby does clean too and that ‘opportunity cost’ is a good one – but I’m not going to sick my baby in childcare for extra days to make up the opportunities b/c I think he is one of the opportunities at the moment 🙂 (when they’re both at school, I ‘ll think about it then :).

  6. You should see my place…it’s big, I’m over it! I don’t have time blah blah blah! I need a cleaner, won’t pay for one, though I used to! I HATE cleaning with a passion and these days I do it and turn around and a little helper has UNDONE it, so I don’t have much motivation or incentive really :/

  7. Oh it’s a bitch isn’t it! You should hire a cleaner once every two months and take that day off. It’s called compromise baby 🙂 Thanks for linking up for Flash Blog Friday.

  8. I vote the last option lol

    I wandererd around the house this morning thinking “where the hell do I start?” I threw some clothes in the dryer and went and made a cuppa.

    Life’s too short lol


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