An Urban Oasis – Urban Nature

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216 Enmore Rd, Enmore

Ph: 02 9519 7232

Urban Nature is housed in a funky blue building at the end of Enmore Road’s shopping strip with its charismatic cafes and hip vintage clothing stores. Its an inviting sunlit space with soaring ceilings and a luscious herbal scent.

The clinic is home base to some 12 holistic practitioners covering a wide range of disciplines. There are three psychologists (all of whom are medicare providers) specializing in a cross section of child hood and adult issues. There’s an Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine expert with a strong focus on fertility problems and pre-labor help. The homeopath works extensively with children and families on  number of emotional and physical ailments.

The welcoming reception area.

Cathy Hartigan has owned and managed the clinic since 2009 on top of running her own herbal medicine and remedial massage practice. During her time at the helm Cathy has put her own unique stamp on the facility, giving it a fresh new look and attracting a wider range of practitioners. She took the important steps of establishing a business web site and joining the Marrickville Council Sustainable Business Network.

Cathy majored in psychology at university and went on to be a youth worker for a number of years before pursuing a career in naturopathy. The healing properties of plants is something that has fascinated Cathy since her student days. Once she began reading on this topic she discovered that her great grandfather had been a homeopath and had grown his own medicine garden. Her grandmother was delighted by Cathy’s new found passion and encouraged it. At the same time Cathy began to dabble with growing herbs as well as studying massage and aromatherapy. This fueled her passion even more and she began producing skin care organic skin care products from home. Finally after dipping her toes in the water Cathy dove straight in and completed a Diploma in Botanical Medicine and became a full time practitioner immediately after graduating in 1999.

Cathy is a genuinely compassionate soul with a soothing presence and a crackling sense of humor. She’s driven by a real desire to help people and a palpable enthusiasm for her craft. Her main focus is alleviating stress and anxiety. She strongly believes that this is the key to mental and physical wellbeing.  Massage and herbal medicine help relieve the physical symptoms of anxiety, helping clients to attain “clarity of mind”. This in turn helps them confront the problems in their lives head on.  Often she sees a change in her client’s outlook straight away.

She also loves to work with mothers offering pregnancy massage, an absolute godsend at that strenuous time in a woman’s life.

A cosy treatment room.

Cathy is a busy lady with a number of balls in the air. On top of running Urban Nature she has a part time job at the Bankstown Women’s Health Centre and is pursuing corporate massage work. This has meant that her interest in creating skin care products has been put into hibernation and her plans for the clinic are unfurling at steady pace.

For now she wants to create a calm space with a lovely atmosphere, “an urban oasis” for inner west locals. The team at Urban Nature have started to introduce group sessions and evening workshops to the mix. A ” Movement Meditation” workshop is coming up in October. Also she plans to use the centre as a vehicle for her other great passion, sustainability.  She walks the talk and uses environmentally friendly products and has taken steps towards making the centre more energy efficient.  Her relationship with Marrickville Sustainable Business network is very important to her as she hopes to reach out to like minded business owners and spread the message at a grass roots level.

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  1. This is a nice place to have treatment. I love the pictures given in it. Thank you for sharing.

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