The Mystical Art of Baby Wrapping



Sadly, I cant remember much about those first precious weeks and months when my girls were newborn. I was overjoyed to have them but those early days slipped by in a sleep deprived blur. I do distinctly remember the feeling of total incompetence both times around. Here we were with these gorgeous little bundles totally clueless about what to do with them. I’d had a reasonably successful career as a stock market analyst but when it came to baby wrangling I felt completely inept. In my own mind, I couldn’t come to grips with feeding, settling or even holding the baby. Dadabulous had to step up and take responsibility for bath time as I was terrified I was going to drown them.

Slowly we got the hang of things and our girls thrived. This however was no thanks to our skills in baby wrapping. It was the one area where Dadabulous and I both scored a big F on our parenting report card. Our failure began even before P1s arrival in pre-natal class. Despite the instructor’s best intentions these classes can’t prepare you for the onslaught that is a newborn baby. They are like instructing would be pilots on the art of paper airplane construction then expecting them to land a 747. I recall sitting in a circle on the floor with a group of hapless parents-to-be trying to insert a dolly into a worn flannel wrap. Our efforts resembled a six year old’s attempt at encasing a left over vegemite sandwich in cling film. It was not a promising start.

How do we get that into that?

Cue P1s arrival and the situation didn’t get any better. We’d follow simple step by step instructions but our girl was a hyper active wiggler. She’d break free within minutes. We asked for help from a girlfriend skilled in the ancient and mystic art of baby wrapping. With a few quick flicks of the wrist this earth mother was able to package up the bub like a perfect Egyptian mummy. We followed her blow by blow demonstration at home but  still no luck. Within minutes P1 would be floating in a billowing mass of fabric.

Short lived joy.

We were well aware of the benefits of swaddling. Newborn babies need to feel secure. Being firmly wrapped helps soothe them allowing them (and ergo you) to sleep more soundly. Also swaddling reduces the risk of SIDS by keeping babies on their backs. We found a fancy shmancy and expensive pouch like contraption with a velcro fastener. This was a marginal improvement but much like a wet paper bag our tough little blighters were soon able to fight their way out of it. Also it looked quite sad – like our babies had been straight jacketed.

If only we had known about this product.

Loving Love to Swaddle UP.

This is the original Love To Swaddle UP baby swaddle from Love To Dream. Its an Aussie innovation to rival the Hills Hoist. As cute as it is practical, the swaddle zips up at the front making the pagan art of baby wrapping redundant. Just zip it up and baby stays snug all night! The other great thing about the product is that it allows the baby to sleep with his/her hands up, helping them to self soothe and alleviating the need for you to intervene.  The fabric is a highly breathable and stretchy cotton elastane so baby wont overheat or feel too constricted. In a stroke of genius the design includes a twin zip. This means you don’t have to take the whole thing off for nappy changes. Brilliant!

If you’re looking for a gift for a new Mum, this swaddle is the way to go. She’s probably got mountains of mini designer outfits that will only get one wear before going to the charity bin. Likewise there’s only so many stuffed toys that can be squeezed into a nursery. A Love to Swaddle UP is a gift that new parents will love you for.

Here’s your change to win one with this Mumabulous give away.

Love To Swaddle UP has revolutionised the swaddle market with its unique design that helps calm the startle reflex whilst allowing babies to sleep in their natural position with their arms up.
Research shows that giving baby access to their hands so they can self soothe means they settle sooner and sleep better for longer, requiring less intervention from parents to put them back to sleep.
Love To Swaddle UP’s ergonomic design also offers an easier, safer way for babies to sleep as it reduces the risk of them wriggling out or getting tangled in loose wrapping.
The overall result is a better quality sleep for everyone… And after all, isn’t that what every new parent is craving!
Love to Swaddle UP is available in a range of styles, sizes and colours. For further information please visit

Your chance to win….
We are offering a lucky reader the chance to experience the benefits with their very own Love To Swaddle UP. All you have to do is email your name and postal address to by Friday 28th September 2012.

Winners will be drawn the old fashion way (out of a hat) and contacted by return email.



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17 thoughts on “The Mystical Art of Baby Wrapping

  1. My baby is too old for swaddling now, but looks like a great product! I know what you mean about the antinatel classes – I still gigle now at some of the random things they suggested!

  2. Mine have outgrown the swaddling stage, too, but I was always a bit of a mediocre mummifier (Mr Bite’Em was the pro 🙂

  3. This swaddle saved my life! I was talking to a friend of mine when Mia was about three weeks old, who’s baby was a few months older than hers, and she told me about this. A few days later she dropped off one that her baby had grown out of and it was amazing the difference it made to Mia’s sleep. Seriously, if it wasn’t for this swaddle I would have gone crazy! Even when it came to to transition her out of it because she was rolling and wanting to sleep on her tummy, at about 6 months, we didn’t have too much trouble as they have a transition suit where you can unzip the ‘wings’. We started with just having one arm free for the first week or so and then we freed the other arm and it became just like any other sleeping bad and it was brilliant. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these things and have told all of my mum-tp-be friends about them and suggested they invest because they are so worth it and the light one is even fine for during the day in the middle of summer, no worries about over-heating. And no I haven’t been paid for this comment, I just love the things so much!

  4. Oh, these are AMAZING! I have used them on Diva from the day we brought her home from the hospital. In fact, eight months on and we are still using them… although now we are on to the 50/50 version. She loves them that much, my little glowworm. Looks super cute on, too! X

  5. *her baby was older than MINE, not hers
    *came TIME to transition her out
    *just like any other sleeping BAG
    God I hate my work laptop keyboard!

    • I’m not going to pull anyone up for typos 😉
      Thanks very much for your glowing response. Its a fantastic product and what’s more its an Australian design. The woman behind it is a friend of a friend with a child around the same age as P1.
      Love Mumabulous

  6. I love the look of the swaddle up, I was forever swaddling my twins who always came unwrapped .

  7. What a great product! The stuff they come up now is great. When my boys were babies it was the wrap to be swaddled or nothing. (That I knew of anyway).

  8. How cute! Although, I think my 10 month old has outgrown swaddling 🙂

  9. We used the Swaddle Up when the twinlets were newborns (centuries ago, now!) They were great! Kept them nice and tucked in. No Houdini escape tricks!

  10. Such a simple, yet genius invention! Both my daughters were born with hip dysplasia and had to wear a harness 24/7 keeping their legs out at right angles. I struggled with wrapping my first child but this wrap proved invaluable! The 2 way zip meant I could have the top half zipped up and then open up the bottom to let the little legs out!

  11. I also scored a big fat F in swaddling! Love the product, it makes the cherubs look like little gingerbread people, don’t they? Very cute and practical.

  12. I could not work out the swaddle thing at all. Swaddle Ups saved my life! I bought so many of them.

  13. I discovered these swaddles in time for the Little Sister. I was good at swaddling, but these are a lifesaver in summer – much cooler than a wrap. I love seeing clever people creating new clever things! I hope whomever wins loves it as much as we did!

  14. Hahaha, it’s so true – they spend so much time teaching you about the birth, but that only lasts hours – it’s the actual parenting that is hard work!

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