Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted


Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted is a highly original work with a multi-faceted plot and delicately nuanced characterization. Just kidding! The good people At Dreamworks are milking this franchise for all its worth. The film is so laden with cliches that it even self-consciously jokes about it. Madagascar 3 is yet another shameless merchandising platform but dont let this stop you from enjoying yourself.  Its a colorful rollicking ride with a toe tapping pop sound track. There’s plenty of slap stick humor for the kids and a few one liners (mostly at the expense of French Canadians) for the benefit of the adults which is all you really need in a holiday film.

The tale begins with the familiar foursome of Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman along with the lemurs, deciding to follow the penguins to Monte Carlo. Minutes later our heroes arrive to find the ever resourceful penguins have an elaborate scam going at the casino. Of course the reunion does not go as planned and the gang find themselves the target of the psychotic Captain Chantel Dubois from Animal Control. Stranded in a new exotic landscape the troupe go undercover with a traveling circus. Far from being the easy route back to their New York home they find the circus is seriously lackluster and in desperate need of some American style razzle dazzle. Alex the consummate show-lion takes on the task of revamping the show and bringing it into the Twentyfirst century. Predictably all of the animals “dig deep” and discover talents and passions they didnt even know they had. For instance Marty the zebra finds that he loves being a living cannon ball and Melman the giraffe learns that he is not “rhythmically challenged” by dancing on a high wire. Even Vitaly the (literally) burnt out Siberian tiger gets his mojo back.

The team wow London audiences whilst simultaneously avoiding Dubois’ relentless pursuit. Finally a big time show biz promoter gives them a gig in New York and our protagonists are back on home turf. Yet home is no longer where the heart is. After their many adventures in the wild the team realize that they can no longer be contained in a zoo and that they are deep down “circus folk”.  The finale where Dubois gets her comeuppance is a joyous spectacle of neon color set to Katy Perry’s Firework. P1 could barely contain herself bopping along enthusiastically in her seat.

Mumabulous Verdict: 6.5/10

It’s not rocket surgery but it is fun, frenetically paced holiday fare with a few chuckles for the grown ups. Ideal for young primary school kids.

P1’s Verdict

That was so fun. I want the DVD.

P2’s Verdict

Da da da da da da Afro Circus, Afro Circus.

Great school holiday fun.

2 thoughts on “Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

  1. My girls can’t wait to see this. Thanks for the review. Rachelxx

  2. ha! I love your girls’ reviews. Fred is also wanting to see this … and I caught up with an 11-year-old family friend today who was about to see it for the 3rd!! time.

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