Harden Up Princess..


The whole day was a little bit FFS.

Dear Baby G

Yesterday was one of those days were I was a seething mass of irritation for no good reason. I felt distinctly premenstrual when I am in fact post menstrual. My agitation persisted despite the fact that on paper my day looked pretty darn good – idyllic infact.

The weather was glorious. I whiled away the morning at a local park with a large skinny cappuccino in hand. The early afternoon was spent at the beach watching P2 splash around in the crystal clear waters (Weee Waaa Weee Waaa Cliche Alert!). Nevertheless by dinner time I was in a classically adolescent moody funk. Then my husband came home and made a comment about how I hadn’t packed P1’s drink bottle and fruit for kindy. Lets just add that misdemeanor to my ever growing list of parental stuff ups. It took a Herculean effort to suck that one up but I did and that’s why you are hearing about it.

A culmination of little things almost pushed me over the edge. I’ve been unwell since the weekend and its threatening to develop into a full blown case of man flu. I just want to drape myself over a chaise lounge whilst some poor lackey mops my fevered brow and serves up chicken noodle soup.

Being physically indisposed has lowered my already lax house keeping standards. I’ve been watching in despair as detritus builds up on the floor. The mess seems almost like a living organism.  I compare it to blue green algae. When the house work gets too much the best solution is to simply leave the house. Yet with flu induced brain fog I could barely organize the proverbial piss-up in a brewery. With P2’s nose dripping like a tap, I took her to the park without wipes. Wearing the hip combination of silky Pooh Bear boxer shorts with Thomas the Tank rain boots and a face encrusted with snot she looked like a street urchin. I didn’t fare much better as I sniffled away.

Forget something?

The real doozey happened in the afternoon.  I took P2 to the beach without a towel or a change of clothes. What was I thinking? Obviously I wasn’t thinking anything   otherwise I would not have signed up for this adventure. Of course her dress got soaked. Of course she was cold on the trek back home. Naturally I stopped at a local boutique and wasted money on a “Rock Your Baby” T-shirt for her so that she could survive the remaining five minute hike without succumbing to hypothermia.

Forget something else?

To add to the pile of minor inconveniences, my phone mysteriously stopped working and I had neglected to recharge the iPad. My blogging stats are down signalling that the interweb community is still failing to recognize my genius. The very worst thing was that I could not even find solace in chocolate. There is none in the house due to the small issue of me having recently gained 5kgs. Aaaaaaaargh.

I sought distraction and (hopefully) stimulation from the radio and the blogs only to be confronted by a wall of sound about Julie Gillard kicking back against the terrible sexism displayed by parliament in general and one very unattractive wing nut in particular. I can’t decide whether our esteemed politicians are a bunch of  mysoginists or merely arseholes. Meanwhile how is any of this going to stop the boats, curb soaring electricity costs or keep a lid on unemployment?

Tony. Sexist? Probably. Arsehole? Definitely.

Elsewhere on the blogosphere, those who didn’t have 2 c to add to the sexism furore had more pressing issues to contend with. So many people are dealing with really difficult challenges like family break ups, depression, special needs children and financial pressures. Yet here was I feeling like a  pork chop about a bit of snot and a bit of tidying up. (Ok a lot of tidying up).

Its time to harden up Princess. My life is privileged and blessed beyond measure and a little bit of house work never hurt anyone.

This princess has hardened up literally.

Do you ever feel completely overwhelmed by trivial stuff?



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25 thoughts on “Harden Up Princess..

  1. Ha could be me everyday!! Hope tomorrow is better for you!!

  2. I’m beyond coping at the moment and have to say housework mounting up is the thing of despair in my world.

    I can live with a certain level of mess, but when there are no clean underpants…. well things get seriously troubled.

  3. I recognise your genius! Hahaha. I loved this post, you had me hooked from go to whoa. Very funny. I’m sorry you had such a terrible day, I hate those! I think you and I would make better politicians than the wing nut and the ranga.

  4. Hope there’s less snot in your house tomorrow. I’m thinking I need to harden up too and I’m not even feeling under the weather.

  5. Ehh I just take it as it is. I spend stupid amount of time online and my house does suffer from it. I have also done the no towel thing and no change of clothes thing at the beach. It’s cause we live down the street from it that I just never think about bringing the stuff. hope your day is better today

  6. it’s the trivial stuff that always gets me. If it is something major I can put it out of my mind and decide to worry about it at a particular time but it is the little things that just creep up that always has me pulling my hair out. But today is a new day and the sun is finally shining x

  7. It’s the little things, they add up don’t they, becoming so overwhelming.

    When sometimes only some chocolate will do.

  8. You’re completely allowed to whine.
    Yes, all politicians are mysoginistic asshats.
    I like to think of the living organisms on my own poorly maintained floor as ‘dessert’.
    God speed, get well, and may the tissues be almost as plentiful as the medicinal wine xxx

  9. I’ve been home from holidays for 3 days and my house already looks like a bomb hit it. I ‘should’ do something about it but laying on the couch reading twitter seems so much more interesting.

  10. ‘Harden Up Princess’ is a phrase often used in our house. I use it, so too does Mr Nomad. It’s not gender specific, just a general harden up! I went out the other day without the kids shoes, it created a steam roll effect. Everything around me just started to crumble. So I drove home and sat on the couch with a block of chocolate. Bliss.
    Prue x

  11. I prefer to leave the ever mounting housework until my husband is home, and we have 1 hour until guests arrive, so then we BOTH do it (no slacking off possible) and it gets done quickly. I’ve even invited people for dinner specifically for so we can be bothered to clean the house. I hope we don’t ever stop caring about what those people think or we’ll slide into slumsville.

  12. We’re all allowed a little moan and wallow every now and then!

  13. It’s OK to get all snotty occasionally (literally and metaphorically). We all do it. It’s how long you stay snotty that’s the key …
    Hope there’s less snot tomorrow!

  14. Loving your dose of perspective by the end of this post! I was nodding along throughout it thinking “Yeah… yeah, that’d piss me off too” to everything. Little by little, doesn’t it just creep up on you? And if you want to hear misdemeanour, mine for the week would have to be noticing the sauce blotch on my daughter’s forehead this afternoon when I collected her from school…. still there from tea time last night. Hmmm. Talk about street urchin *oops*

  15. I’ve learned my lesson. I can sense the quality of Mrs illiterate infant’s day within 15 seconds of being at home. That way I keep my foot out of my mouth and avoid a chilly atmosphere (nothing to do with Sydney’s rubbish weather)

  16. Oh, so many time I wake up and I’m just in such a bad mood… No reasons… I just hate these days, but I realised they are part of me, part of my personality. And it’s aright to have them. These moments are part of my journey such as good moments are also part of the journey.

  17. I missed out on my boxing gym class this evening because the twinlets would not budge from daycare. Just wanted to sit there and play. I am always taken over by the trivial stuff. It is in my DNA, I’m sure of it!

  18. I always blame it on hormones no matter the time of the month!

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