Our Bedazzled Life


That darn Brynne Edelsten! She’s stolen my thunder. I had planned to make a pitch to Network 7 about a fly on the wall look at life at Chez ‘Abulous entitled “Our Bedazzled Life”.  I’ll have to do some brainstorming (if its possible to do that solo) to come up with a catchy new name. In the meantime Brynne’s ratings are sagging in away that her pneumatic figure wont. Looks like there will soon be a gap  in the televisual market and my Princesses have the attitude to fill it.

The similarities between our life and Brynne’s are striking. Just swap out the super cars and private jets for Mazda’s 2 & 3 and watching My Bedazzled Life is just like looking in a mirror. Brynne  begins her day by trawling through disorganized walk in wardrobes in order to find the perfect set of outfits. I nod knowingly. She laments that she has mountains of dresses that have never been worn.  Uh Huh – we feel your pain. Brynne confesses that rather than rifling through the jungle that is her closet she finds it easier to head straight to the shops. Guilty as charged your Honor! She recounts one occasion where she dropped $250K on emergency outfits in Las Vegas and dreaded her husband’s reaction. Girlfriend I can so relate. I too have feared Dadabulous’ wrath after dropping $50 at Target – but those Dora print dresses were essential damn it!  I mean, its often a choice between Dora or nudity for P2.

Like Brynne, my girls are always attending gala events. The kindy birthday party circuit can be so demanding but my princesses know how to work the room and pose for the parental paparazzi. The girls of Chez ‘Abulous have even been known to wear co-ordinated outfits ( if being a blur of pink can be considered co-ordinated) much like Brynne and the good Doctor.  However the strongest connection we have with Brynne is our shared passion for tu-tus. We live by the philosophy that an event’s not worth attending if you cant wear tulle.

Brynne at the 2012 Logies.

P2 & P1 last week. Who rocked the frock better?

Whilst Brynne’s favorite fashion label is House of Nurielle (which she part owns), ours is Pink Poppy. The fishtale look is white hot on Hollywood red carpets right now. Here’s how P2 rocks it Pink Poppy style. Talk about taking the concept literally.

P2 rocks the Pink Poppy mermaid dress.

Pink Poppy is so much more than just a fashion label – its all about bedazzling your lifestyle. Here’s a spot of afternoon tea, Pink Popped! I wonder if Brynne could match this finery for an afternoon soiree?

A spot of tea with the Pink Poppy tea set.

P2 – our hostess with the mostest.

Even a friendly game of cards is made achingly stylish with Pink Poppy. Sure Brynne has a epic selection of jewelled purses but are any of them as cute as this card carry case?

Thanks for the memories.

Pink Poppy even has educational texts to help train up and coming fashionistas about the art of outfit co-ordination. I’m sure Brynne would relish an afternoon with this sticker book. P1 is certainly enjoying it and it helped save our sanity on our most recent family holiday.

Fun Fairy Activity.

Teaching young divas the art of outfit co-ordination.

With just a little help from Pink Poppy my princesses can match Brynne for razzle dazzle and then some. In fact I’m having a brain wave – we’ll call our reality show Chez ‘Abulous – Our Pinkified Life.

Do you live a bedazzled life with little girls? What would your reality show be called?

Go on add some bling..

Keep sparkling.


NB: Mumabulous received a packet of Pink Poppy products to trial.

The Surprise Beginning


10 thoughts on “Our Bedazzled Life

  1. Oh, I miss the dress-up years. They were hilarious. Now it’s all goth-like and moody, and she’s only 8.

  2. Very funny! I think you are onto something with the sticker book. U should contact brynne and suggest it to her, in fact art direct it for her. You might be able to take a cut, and I don’t think she wld even notice it by the sounds of it. Yr girls are v. Sweet.

  3. We are big fans of Pink Poppy. My Miss 4 would wear fairy wings 24/7 if I’d let her. And I must admit my standards for the list of places I won’t let her wear them are slipping. Her school uniform is going to come as a big shock next year! I love that tea set – haven’t seen that one before. Great post 🙂

  4. From my point of few, it would probably be called ‘my befrazzled life’! haven’t seen Pink Poppy before, I will check it out considering I have two little divas. Sticker books are always a hit, most of them end up on Summer though! Gorgeous photos, I seriously think I need to get Izzy some frilly dress ups!

  5. Thanks for the giggles this morning – brilliantly written.

  6. My two youngest girls 3 & 2 pretty much live in dress up’s 24/7. We love rocking Pink Poppy as well.

  7. Love this! I think I like your ‘Bedazzled life’ version better than the original. I feel a little sorry for Brynne- she seems sweet, but a little lonely (I actually don’t know much about her… but did watch a snippet of the show).

  8. Oh aren’t they gorgeous! i wish I had a mermaid outfit!

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