Mumabulous Blahnik


Men. They’ve had a bad rap lately with all the misogynistic goings on in Parliament.  Bettina Arndt came out swinging in defense of the male persuasion in the Murdoch rag yesterday, again blaming ladies for the great sex drought of 2012. This will no doubt provoke an another bucket load of anti male backlash. Luckily for all of those with a Y chromosome, Dadabulous has donned his superman undies on the outside and redeemed the species. Just look what he gave me for my recent birthday. How can men be all bad? Some of them know what we really want!  Shoes!

The gift of shoes.

Mind you these are not just any old shoes. They are bespoke footwear from an up and coming designer, yours truly. Shoes of Prey ( is an ingenious website which allows you to design your very own unique pair of shoes.  Its designed for the technically impaired and is very user friendly. It even does its best to assist the fashion challenged (I include myself here) by suggesting color schemes as you go along.

The first step ( haha – a shoe pun) after logging in is to chose from a dozen basic design types – only two of which are flat.  Once you’ve selected a basic model its time to go to town with a cornucopia of fabrics and colors.  The extensive list of options includes faded soft leather, soft leather, patent leather, suade, animal print, silk, snakeskin, fish skin, glitter, cotton blend and lace overlay.  The website’s graphics allow you to click on your color selection and watch your creation take shape.  If you were so inclined you could spend hours just tinkering around with the colors. Its like  being a kid let lose in a lolly shop except that shoes dont go straight to your hips the way sugar does. I was tempted to unleash my inner drag queen, follow the yellow brick road and order a pair of Mary Janes encrusted in red glitter. However that was just too naff even for me. In the end I went for silver and light pink ballet slippers with a Mary Jane strap.

Once the basic design in complete, the real fun begins. Its time to bling things up with a range of decorations. Once again you get to choose from a range of embellishments such as rosettes and bows.  There’s even a double rosette option for those who dont have room for a garden in their abode and thus have to wear one.  Here’s how my design ended up.

My shoe ‘abulous design.

The final step is to provide your shoe size then the good people at Shoes of Prey handcraft your masterpiece. The finished product is delivered by courier to your home within four days. If they dont fit or are faulty in any way you can send them back and Shoes of Prey will remake them free of charge. I finalized my order last night and in the words of Dr Frank ‘n Furter, I’m “trembling with antiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicipppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaation”.

In order to keep my excitement levels on a high plateau I pinched some shoe-purb images from the Shoes of Prey Facebook page.

Flower power.

Shiny, shiny bad times behind me. Shiny Shiny na na na na.

Diamontes are your toes best friend.

Welcome to the jungle. Rioooow!

Such fun! Really I couldn’t have had more fun even if Michael Fassbender was in the room serving champagne cocktails. Which only goes to prove that I need to get out more.

Thanks Dadabulous. Your awesomeness remains unsurpassed. Now if you could do the washing up and fold the laundry……..



NB: This is not a sponsored post. I dearly wish it was but alas.. If anyone at Shoes of Prey is reading how about a freebie eh?

The Surprise Beginning

22 thoughts on “Mumabulous Blahnik

  1. I am half way through a custom made pair of shoes – thanks for sharing this information.

  2. Well, my favourite pair of ‘shoes’ are roller-skates … and I can’t really wear heels any more, but I do love your Mary Janes 🙂

  3. What a great concept! I love the Flower Power ones, except the heels would kill me. Nice work Dadabulous 🙂

  4. WOW!!! What a great idea! I love the pink ones!

  5. What a brilliant idea! Did Dadabulous think of it himself? If so, he is a genius.

    Your Mary Janes are super cute. You’ll have to take a photo of yourself wearing them when they arrive.

  6. Love this. I think I need to tell my husband about Dadabulous’s gift giving skills 🙂

  7. ZOMMMMG! these are incredible. im scared to go to the website… so scared… must. stay.away.

  8. STOP it! This is the second time in two days I’ve read about these fabulous DIY (D for design – obviously) shoes on a fabulous blog. I WILL NOT go to their website. WILL NOT. Will ..

  9. I just read about these yesterday – love the concept!!!!!!! Will be a good Chrisdy present for my mum me thinks!!!!!!

  10. My birthday is in less than 3 months, I am going to get my hubby to do this for me!!! How awesome!

  11. Love the leopard print flats. I’m totally going to drop massive hints to hubby for my next birthday. Or just send him the link to your post 😉

  12. What a great idea!! Hmm. I have no idea what Deep Fried shoes would look like. Perhaps just like my fruity headwear … but for my feet …

  13. oh my, this could be a very dangerous thing!!

  14. Okay. Lemme get this straight. Someone will make you a pair of CUSTOM shoes in 4 days! Holy high heels batman! That is amazing! Off to their site now.

  15. Love the shoes, so cute!

  16. Thanks for sharing! What a great idea, I kind of wish I didn’t know about it though. I am a complete shoeaholic and this could be the end of me.

  17. What a truly awesome idea! It would be a fab idea for people to contribute to for a combined birthday present.

  18. I saw Kare says stuff had made a custom pair of shoes the other day too! I’m so keen to do it myself!

  19. Ooooo! Great job on the shoes. I would absolutely wear them.

  20. Oh you lucky girl, I should dearly like to have some shoes too please sponsors in the sky!

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