The Times Are A Changin’


Like the nappies in Chez ‘Abulous, the times they are a changin’.  Despite numerous tweets and Facebook status updates, I’m barely able to keep tabs on what “the times” they are a  doin’. I fear that I may be stuck in some kind of 1980s time warp actually doing “The Time Warp” and wondering when Gangnam became a style. There are certain things that those Generation Y whipper snappers get up to that do my middle aged head in. For instance;

Beach Etiquette

Back in my day Sonny Jim, we covered our butts when leaving the beach. Slipping into a sarong or a pair of shorts was mandatory for a post beach stroll up the street. Since when did it become acceptable to nip into McDonalds in your bikini? I recently spotted two teenage girls in the Scottish restaurant chomping happily away happily on their Big Macs, their firm flesh barely concealed by their bathers. I’ve even seen Gen Yers in the local Woolworths clad only in swimsuits. Trust me – its difficult to focus on your shopping list when there is a nearly naked young hunk in your aisle.


I remember when checked shirts and ugg boots were the mark of the bogan or the “westie” as we Shire folk would call them. Today it seems these items are the wardrobe staples for hipsters. How did that happen? It makes me wonder what’s next.  Will cashed up young professionals soon be flocking to “Victoria Bitter” themed bars where the beer soaked carpet squelshes under foot? Will scantily clad, peroxided cigarette girls be doling out “Winnie Blues” at such cutting edge establishments?

I missed the memo about these becoming cutting edge couture.


This hipinisation* of all things bogan leads me to another puzzling trend – tattoos going mainstream. Back in ye olden days (the 1980s) tattoos were reserved for the hardcore – sailors, rockers and criminals. They were truly the mark of the anti establishment.  In these post modern times you cant go to the beach or pool without being confronted by wall to wall body art – like some gigantic seaside mural. Even grandmothers are getting them and I am told that small subtle ones like the tiny butterflies adorning you ankle are becoming passe. It seems to me  that unadorned skin is the “new” radical.

Is unadorned flesh the new radical?

Panel Vans
Given this trend I predict that the panel van is about to make a resurgence. They’ve been notably absent for a couple of decades and I kind of miss them. Particularly the ones resplendent with airbrushed murals of sword weilding medieval warriors and impossibly proportioned wenches. Nothing screamed male potency louder. You can bet that behind those curtained back windows lies a palace of pleasure replete with shag pile carpeting and a “fully sick” sound system.  I am at a loss to explain the dearth of shaggin’ wagons on our roadways. Perhaps modern parenting has rendered them unnecessary. Do adolescents now have sex in the family home as Mums and Dads take the attitude  if they are going to “do it” anyway, I’d rather they do it under our roof than in a seedy carpark?

Horny heaven

I don’t mean to sound like a prude with way too much time on her hands (even though this is probably an apt description). There are much greater threats to the fabric of society than the lack of fabric covering young people’s backsides.  I’m not going to lose any sleep over checked shirt wearing hipsters who drink VB and smoke Winnie Blue ironically but dont drive panel vans.  I just feel that I’m wedged in a paradigm that is now a couple of decades old and that is truly disturbing. Its a slippery slope from here.  If I keep going at this rate I predict I will have morphed into my parents by around March 2013.

Do you also have trouble with the times a changin’?



*hipinisation – I made up this word just now. When it makes it into the Oxford dictionary remember that you saw it here at Mumabulous first.

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The Surprise Beginning

12 thoughts on “The Times Are A Changin’

  1. Agree put a bloody sarong on!! And budgie smugglers should be outlawed!! Anyone who wants full sleeve tats should be transported 20 years in time to see if they really want them!!

  2. Hahaha, Mumabulous, thanks for the Friday guffaw. I’m afraid my inner nanna came out of the closet some time ago, and decided to stay. My hairdresser gave me a haircut today … asymmetrical style! What? I’m an English teacher who ENJOYS staying at home on the weekends with NEAT HAIR. Gah. And I mourn the use of ‘fully sick’ AND ‘loving myself sick’. Those phrases said it all 🙂

  3. Love it. I realised just how out of touch I am a few weeks ago when my husband and a good friend felt the need to educate me on Gangnam style after several drinks and a game of barefoot bowls. It was a turning point, knowing that everyone in the world knew about this except for me…
    Have to say, I’m also a bit disappointed to hear the small tatt is now considered passe. Had been wondering whether this might be the case. It has taken me about 20 years to build up the courage to get one, and now that I might actually consider it they are no longer cool. Bugger!

  4. You describe my generation perfectly, you weren’t raised in the shire were you? I don’t miss any of it. I love this new generation and can’t wait to get my feet in some of those uggies (uglies?). As for changing into our parent, it’s inevitable, sadly, but does that mean I have to start sporting a beehive given my mum was an adult in the early 60s? I think not, but I do still love Jackie Os legacy.

    • Guilty as charged. Dadabulous and I are both Shire escapees. Neither of us gelled with the pervading culture at the time. I was a try hard gothic and he was into Dungeons and Dragons and writing is own computer games.

  5. I miss everything. I remember reading about a load of girls collapsing at a Bieber concernt… I’d never even heard of him! Now the same thing is happening with a boyband called One Direction – apparently these guys are putting out a toothpaste they’re so big and I couldn’t tell you a single song of theirs!
    I can remember in the 90s being on the cutting edge man! I knew ALL the new songs, the moment they went public! I was all over it… now not so much…

  6. I live in Cairns so there are half naked backpackers everywhere a lot of the time – personally I just wish my body was killer enough to get away with it! hehehe – panel vans! Great stuff fabulous Mumabulous!

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