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If you read as many blogs as I do you will have noticed that the interwebs has heralded spring with cascades of floral magnificence. Cyberspace is awash with enough gardening porn to make the late Alan Seale (Squeal) fist pump in his grave.  I’m sure Peter Cundall goes all a quiver at the merest thought of logging on these days. Every second page I look at is plastered with glorious blooms and manicured lawns to make astro turf greener with envy. If the blogging world is any reflection of reality, Australians certainly know how to handle a hoe. We’re masters of manure and wield our garden hoses with Ninja like skill. As a result many of us are cocooned in the kind of splendor that is usually reserved for the Chelsea Flower Show.

If you are thinking I’ve got a dose of garden envy, you’d be right. As magnificent as Chez ‘Abulous is, it’s not  The Palace of Versailles. Venturing out of our sliding glass doors my immediate thoughts are, the yard (just like my face ) could use some work. I even asked Dadabulous if I could have a boy to do the gardening, hoping to take advantage of the hordes of backpackers in our neighborhood. He acquiesced on condition that he could get a busty Swedish blonde to wash the car in her bikini.  We remain locked in a stalemate. In the meantime the sprawling grounds of Chez ‘Abulous are in need of some Jamie Durie type magic. (No not Magic Mike magic – actual fair dinkum landscaping).

This is what greets us in the drive. The dandelion in full bloom is a cheery site. The kids love nothing more than to collect drooping bunches of them. They are hardy little blighters too – springing up from cracks in the concrete.

Dandelions – bloom de jour.

This luxurious foliage resides next to the garbage bin and camouflages the water meter.  I dont know what they are but they’ve had a Lazarus style resurrection this Spring with out any input from me.

The stunning pinkus flowerus shrubus.

Lovely as all this is, its only a tantalizing entree to the real action out the back. However first we have the pleasant detour through the side passage. Why are side passages so rarely featured in those glossy home making magazines?

The pink flowers contrast superbly with the green bin.

Our side passage features its very own herb patch. The chamomile (I think its chamomile) sprang up of its own accord.

A spontaneous herb patch.

The side corridor opens out to  sweeping views of the clothes line and sumptuous outdoor dining area.

Panoramic Hills Hoist views.

The outdoor dining area.

You’ll notice the detailing in the paving. It took a lot of time, effort and expense to get the weeds to come up through the cracks just so.

This is what happens when you neglect your cracks.

We couldn’t show you where Chez ‘Abulous entertains without high lighting Dadabulous’ pride and joy.

Dadabulous’ rig.

Doesn’t every spacious patio have a feature plant in a statement pot?  This is ours. If you look closely you’ll notice that the cactus is nuturing a weed.

Dual occupancy.

Things really get wild and adventurous in the lower terrace. This seat is on the  periphery of the wilderness that I  call the “corridor of death” due to its high concentration of spiders. I hate going in there to fetch errant balls. Dadabulous thinks I’m a wimp.

On the edge of the corridor of death.

Being the environmentally sensitive drippy hippy people that we are we’ve dabbled in self sufficiency. We planted a crop of carrots but just like Team ‘Abulous they are vertically challenged.

Short arsed carrots for a short arsed family.

We even produced a luscious crop of strawberries but the fruit was eaten by lizards – at least that is P2’s explanation.

Can you spot a strawberry? I can’t.

Nevertheless if our attempt at organic produce fails we can always fall back on potpourri. We have lavender and we not afraid to stink like your grandmother’s smalls.

Like a bathroom deodoriser.

Finally if you are wondering how we manage to keep our gardens its charmingly unkempt state,  I’ll let you in on a secret. We have the two best landscapers in town.

The best landscapers in town.

Is your yard space magazine worthy? Or are you ready to be featured in Blander Homes and Gardens.

Really I am thankful to have a yard space at all in this part of Sydney even if it is a little unkempt.

Happy shoveling.



16 thoughts on “Blander Homes and Gardens

  1. That last photo is funny as. The chamomile is called erigeron, or seaside daisy. I can’t grow carrots to save myself, yours actually look better than mine ever have.

  2. I green with envy over the greenness of your little world. The weeds through the concrete are quite picturesque and certainly when you look at them all they invoke a feeling of determination, perseverance and resilience. As for the cactus … It’s in a league of its own.

  3. I love the detailed paving and vertically challenged carrots!! We currently have gorgeous lilies flowering , tomato plants (not yet fruiting) and a whole bunch of herbs but we aren’t going into gorgeous gardens until our house is built – February cannot come sooner!

  4. You are the female Jamie Durie! Oprah is about to come calling x

  5. That last photo is priceless! Those cracks – inspired. Letting nature overcome nurture takes VISION I tells ya. Burkes’ Backyard once filmed here, in my grandpa’s day, but if he dared do a ‘where are those azaleas now?’ he would die. Like the one outside my window. I can’t be held responsible for unpredictable rainfall. Survival of the fittest! Go Darwin!

  6. Your sumptuous outdoor dining area looks very similar to ours – except we’ve added a few carefully selected bikes/scooters/balls to ours for effect. They tend to be strategically positioned just outside the sliding door for maximum health and safety risk. Great post 🙂

  7. I wrote a post a few weeks back thankful that some of my plants hadn’t actually died over winter – plants have to be completely self-sufficient in my neck of the woods to have any chance of survival! I like the relaxed feel of your garden, I’m not comfortable in the perfectly manicured ones!

  8. My backyard is a tribute to the toy aisle most days lol. I have a massive tree in the backyard which has stopped all the grass growing so it’s a dust bowl out there.

  9. Lavender to stink like your grandmothers smalls – LOVE IT!

    You are welcome at my place any time. I’ll see you greenery everywhere and – not raise, but equal – you a back patio of whitery. Sand pit sand everywhere. Cracks full of it. Outdoor setting full of it. Trampoline that has so much of it on there it looks like I’m dusting a massive cake underneath with icing powder if anyone jumps.

    I agree, you do need to take care of your cracks. For now I’m ignorantly blissful, claiming our brick paving has white grout. It doesn’t.

  10. Lol, great post! Come visit our house, we don’t even have real lawn out the front, we have fake lawn!

  11. I still reckon it’s a good looking back yard. Embrace the weeds!!

    Top shot to end it, too. x

  12. Haha, this is my favourite spring post! I kinda get bored of photos of flowers, and I’m not a keen gardener at all. This made me laugh. Your garden still looks like lots of fun for kids and that’s more important than anything else. AND you have a Hills Hoist. I LOVE mine, can’t imagine any other way.
    I do secretly hope to become a gardener one day, and have plans to make a veggie garden… so perhaps my blog will be filled with lush gardening photos yet 🙂

    • I’m actually secretly envious of those people who do have a magazine standard backyard. I’m even more envious of those people who can afford a hunky gardener.
      Thanks so much for stopping by.

  13. You are definitely a gardener after my own heart x

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