The Delectable Pear


I’ll come right out and say it – I’m noticeably pear shaped and this has been the bane of my existence for close to thirty years. Likewise my mother before me is pear shaped. Hey Mum – you could have given me a little less of the hips and a bit more of the brains when you were doling out the genes – I’m just saying.  I’ve been waging a war of wills against my hips for most of my adult life. Ever since I noticed them pop out of my denim capri pants at age 14, I’ve tried to bring them under forcible control through harsh diet and exercise. I know this makes about as much sense as a donkey trying to stretch its neck to look like a giraffe.  Nevertheless the battle continues.

Reading through all the wonderful posts for the “I heart my body” campaign got me wondering what’s wrong with pears anyway. Why is being pear shaped something that you have to hide or reduce. Unlike the unfortunate custard apple they are not ugly fruit. Their sleek curves are elegant. Their flesh is juicy and sweet. Mmmmmmm.

Mmmmm tasty!

What if the current standard of beauty shifted and carrying a little extra junk around the trunk became the gold standard of sexiness? Would we start seeing memes like these circulating on Facebook?


It looks like society is just starting to catch on. There are some encouraging signs from the world of pop culture. Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian have achieved goddess status. ( For JLo this is partially due to being a multi-talented performer, for KK not so much) Beyonce has immortalized her celebrated shape with the catchy tune “Bootylicious”.  We succulent pears  should be pumping up the volume and shakin’ my money maker right? So why aren’t we?

Its baby steps for me. Here I am rocking an outfit that is completely wrong for my body type according to conventional wisdom. Trinny and Susannah would no doubt scold me for squeezing my large butt and short legs into denim three quarter lengths. However as I slide into middle age I have an increasing awareness that time is fleeting. I’ve wasted too much of it trying to change the unchangeable. I’m feed up with being the donkey trying to stretch its neck to be a giraffe. Its time the delectable pear took pride of place in the fruit bowl!

Back in my denim capris.



31 thoughts on “The Delectable Pear

  1. Lovely post. Thank you for sharing and linking up. Nothing wrong with pears 😉

  2. I’ve been loving all these posts today. Good on you for embracing the pear (not that I think you look overly pear shaped at all, but I also know it’s what goes on in your own head that matters most of the time). And Colin is welcome to my jelly aaaaanytime 🙂

  3. I love this post hon! Love the way you’ve made it funny whilst still making some really good points. I think you rock those jeans georgous lady xx

  4. Oh my gosh, all shapes are beautiful in their own way. I’m an apple which if it makes you feel better is the shape that most puts your health at risk! Besides, I think you have a lovely shape and you look healthy. Own it 🙂

  5. Love the capris, your shape is beautiful.. pretty sure being a bit more bootilcious would be a very attractive thing for most women, you wear your shape perfectly. bugger Trinny and Sussanah!

  6. I’m a pear with little legs too. I wear capris, skinnies, skinny capris and I like the look. Trinny and Susannah would be having heart attacks right about now, but I tire of trying to fit the mould.

    You look pretty great from where I’m sitting. On my big bum.

  7. Pears totally rock! You have a body I would kill for hun and you wear what ever the hell makes you feel fabulous, because that is all that matters. Take your place in the big old fruit bowl – right at the top and own it – you are beautiful! xx

  8. Thanks for sharing! I wouldn’t actually think “pear” if I saw you walking past. But I know we all see ourselves a little bit differently. Good on you for embracing your natural curves!

  9. You look lovely! I am an hourglass and I too know the perils of finding pants that fit one’s thighs AND waist simultaneously. The answer appears to be less chocolate… But where’s the fun in that?


  10. You look fantastic 🙂 Jeans always gape on me… I am a bit bottom heavy! hehe. It’s great that posts like these can help us embrace our different shapes and sizes.

  11. I think its a great look for you.. I don’t see anything wrong with it!! But then again.. Im definitely on the fashion police radar alot!!

  12. Great post – funny and wise. You look fab in your capris. Go the pears!

  13. pears are voluptuous – i can’t think of anything more womanly than that … i remember when i had just had my baby and i was wearing a cheong sam – a friend came over and said ‘darling i think it’s the first time i’ve ever seen you looking voluptuous’. For someone who had been told if she were a dog she’d be a greyhound I felt so proud. Now i’m more like a kelpie.

  14. Pears are the new black of the fruit bowl!

    You look fab!

  15. I think men love pears – very womanly. Not that it’s all about what men love, but women are their own worst critics.

  16. Well, I HAD the hourglass and after two babies it’s a wide middle as well so what is that now? Sausage-shaped? But I have short legs and have always not ‘done’ the three-quarter length pants but you’ve totally inspired me to go there, because I like them and life is too short. And yes you look great, and I’m with Lara on Colin Firth :). What a great post. I like your points and your memes are hilarious 😉

  17. I think you totally ROCK in those denim capris! And yeah, I could get my jelly ready for Colin Firth. Bring it 🙂 x

  18. No way – the Fass is MINE. I saw him last. You rock those capris lady. Stuff the rules. Stuff Trinny and Susannah. I never liked all those leggings with skirts anyway. I’m personally one of those fairly up and down beans ‘columns’? (Mmmm Colin’s) jealous of your curves. When I start thickening (now) I just turn into a broad bean. Unsexy.

  19. It’s impossible to look unattractive in denim capris in my opinion!

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  21. healthy, lovely and gorgeous! pears are delicious!
    plus, you look great in that outfit
    funny post, thanks for sharing

  22. Argh! Some days I’d wonder if I’d be happier as a pear than an apple. Things don’t fit my waist to hip ratio either but just in a different way. And forget me ever getting into the current fashion trend of waisted dresses!I reckon it’s all fashion’s and the media’s fault for promoting to us/indoctrinating us with a “standard” that does not exist for most. Rant over!

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