Culture Vultures


Team Abulous had a small taste of culture this evening. No I am not talking about Dairy Farmers Greek Style yoghurt. (BTW – yoghurt is by far the best thing to have  come out of Greece. Democracy and botty sex are over rated). We actually did some bona fide art appreciation and joined the local cognescenti at Sculpture By The Sea.  P1 was the driving force behind this brief rendezvous with Post Modernism (or are we post Post Modern nowadays). The weekend’s encounter with the Lego Forrest on Coogee headland whetted her appetite for the sculptural medium. That is to say she was excited by the idea of more oversized plastic stuff to clamber on.

The Lego Forrest

We ventured to Tamarama, the stretch of sand otherwise known as “Glamour -rama” to find it denuded of its usual crowd of scantily clad gay mafia and off duty models. Instead the beach was adorned with a different kind of fabulousness. P1 was enchanted by this colourful igloo. It was made out of much more clothing than you would normally find on the entire beach and park on a mid summer’s day.

Welcome To The Pleasure Dome.

P2 made a beeline for the first thing that resembled a climbing frame.  Signs forbidding the public from touching the artworks were gleefully ignored. Seriously you can’t put this kind of stuff on the beach and expect kids to not climb on it. Its against the laws of nature.

P2 and the art of climbing.

P2 had tremendous fun swinging from the colorful monkey bars but it was this fellow who really impressed her. Its a solar powered, bike riding, punk rocking frog. Come to think of it, he sounds like a composite of some of the dude’s I dated during my 20s. Yup I kissed many a frog.

Like a frog needs a bicycle.

The robotic frog wasn’t the most surprising thing on the Tamarama sands. Twiggy made a guest appearance* and I recovered an over sized pair of retro sunglasses that had been missing for some time.

A guest appearance from Twiggy – tish boom!

So that’s where my sunglasses got to!

Things got surreal in a Salvador Dali sort of way with this. Its a melting dump truck. Sometimes I feel this deflated when I am taking a dump. (Apologies for the unpleasant imagery).

Your dumped!

Winding our way up the coastal walk towards Bondi, things got beastly. I’ll refrain from making any corny one-liners about metallic cocks and let the photo do the talking.

Playing chicken.

Where’s Dr Who when you need him? The eastern beaches are about to be over run by a bizarre alien race of gun toting sheep men!!

Dr Who’s latest nemesis.

Similarly this has me disconcerted. Is it the result of a cloning experiment gone horribly wrong? On the positive, while the dude has a face like a dog, he’s got some righteous abs. The bunny could be in Playboy (wokka, wokka, wokka). Meanwhile I’m wondering what the donkey’s making of all this. Its certainly got the bum end of the deal.

A mixed race relationship?

We would have loved to have seen more but with a three year old who has recently dropped her day sleep it was impossible to continue.  The event brings out the fun and playful side to art. There was no need to reverentially deconstruct of the deeper nuances underlying each interactive piece blah, blah blah. Although there was nothing to stop you analyzing the exhibits to your hearts content if you are so inclined. The rest of us got our share of smiles and giggles from the spectacle and you could not have asked for a better gallery space.

What a lovely trade mark.



* Why should Dad’s have all the fun with the lame jokes.


17 thoughts on “Culture Vultures

  1. I love it!! I would have loved to see it all. I love the view sign but a little concerned about the penis hanging around. It would get a little burnt and windblown. Rachel xx

  2. That would have been so cool to see! Thanks for the pics, I had to cackle at some of them. That penis man would have freaked me out!

    Those lego structures even made their way to Broken Hill in July, just after we had been there for our holiday.. of course!

  3. I loved the lego forest. We were there Saturday and saw 6 whales and a pod of dolphins, which eclipsed the art for most of us…

  4. They all look so cool. My sister in law went and posted a few photos but by the looks of yours she left out all the good bits!
    Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses #teamIBOT

  5. Fred would LOVE those lego structures. LUcky girls 🙂

  6. So cool. I haven’t got to the sculptures this year. Would love to see the lego forest. Do you know if it still there?

  7. wow this looks awesome – we haven’t ever been, which sounds ridiculous as we are so close by. doh!

  8. Every year I missed this in Sydney and I think I want to get back there to go for the long walk along the harbour and check it all out. Such an awesome idea x

  9. Those are cool!!! We’ve been at the beach when there are sand sculpture competitions going on but some of these are super creative. 🙂 Thanks for sharing pics!

  10. Marvellous post! I really need to be in town for this one day. Love that cool dude of a frog.

  11. I so want to go and have a look but unfortunately this year it just ain’t gonna happen. With two weddings, a baptism and Mia’s first birthday coming up in the next 4 weeks (can you say fuck me dead!) there just won’t be time so I am so glad you have posted these pics! And I love a good dad joke, they are the best kind in my opinion (which may not be that great considering I love dad jokes. *sigh*)

  12. I hadn’t realised it was that time of the year again. Hoping I haven’t missed it! That lego forest looks brilliant.

  13. There’s a Lego forest!? Bugger the kids, I want to play in it! Thanks for the tour – the sunnies were my fave. Very planet of the apes meets the Smurfs (assuming you had all turned blue…)

  14. Love it! What is with that rabbit, donkey and dog thing??! We went to Tamara for Sculptures by the Sea last year and yes, there was a penis theme going on there too. There was a 10 foot statue of a red Chinese man sitting with knees up and showing off all his glory. Got some great shots of my 2 year old twins walking by with a red wagon.
    Thanks for sharing the photos and stories. It’s inspired me to get my butt out there and see it this year 🙂

  15. Wow that looks awesome, thanks for linking up to The Tuesday Tea Party 🙂

  16. I totally appreciate the struggle to fully enjoy the Sculptures visit when you have little ones. We still go with little misses 1 and 3 but its no where near the aesthetic and enlightening experience it used to be. And to boot, I just can’t get into the groove of inspired photo taking. But I’d rather go than not. They were both good sports this year.

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