The Devil Wears Target


Last Halloween was a fabulous extravaganza. P1 sported not 1 but 2 ornately over the top hand crafted costumes. Team Abulous was having none of these new fangled ready made junk store dress ups. She dazzled her daycare friends in a pink witches outfit consisting of a pink tulle skirt crawling with pipe cleaner spiders. It was accessorized with a hot pink cone hat dotted with seriously spooky black cats. The evening’s festivities required a change of outfit. We happen to be friends with a family who’s home is the social epi-centre of the district. They threw a rocking monster mash complete with a make shift disco and jumping castle.  In fact the entire street got into the spirit of the event. All the houses underwent an Aadams Family style make over and opened up to Trick or Treaters. P1 went along as the cutest little black and pink cat with DIY face painting. P2 accompanied us as the original Devil Woman ( make that Devil Toddler). Please note that I fashioned the pitch fork myself.

Halloween 2011 – Cool for cats.

A devil toddler with evil on her mind.

Fast forward to Halloween 2012 and my crafting mojo has abandoned me along with all the other mojos I may have had. I think they’ve joined Peter Pan* in Neverland. This year I took the wimp’s way out and headed straight for a reliable junk store in Eastgardens. The girls were quite taken with a set of glittery devil horned headband and informed me that they wanted to do Halloween as “fashion devils”.  We simply teamed the headbands with red and black sparkly tulle (again) skirts and a couple of basic red T-shirts from Target. Voila!

Staying in vogue can be hell.

I only wish that our evening’s Trick or Treating adventure had been as easy as the costumes. It was an impulse decision to take them out at 7pm on Wednesday night. I had failed to do my research and we ambled about zombies like hunting down sugar. I soon discovered that Trick or Treating in our particular part of town is like travelling in the outback. There’s a lot to see but a whole lot of nothing in between. We pounded the pavement for what seemed like hours. All the while P1 whined monotonously “Mum where’s the Halloween houses? Where’s the Halloween houses?”. P2 went one better. She peed on the pavement, leaving an inviting warm river for a large group of black clad tweens who were following  just behind us. Needless to say I hadn’t brought a change of clothes. P2 being the trouper that she is, squelched along regardless.

After 90 minutes of strenuous exertion and despite being turned away from countless houses who had “run dry”, we amassed quite a feast. P2 demonstrated a level of restraint typical for a three year old and started hoeing in straight away.  I justified two fun sized Picnic bars based on the amount of stress I’d been through.

Next year I’m planning on streamlining the entire process and exploiting natural synergies by merging with other families. That’s stockbroking speak for I’m gonna gate crash someone else’s party.

One home that went to a bit of effort.

Did you go through hell this Halloween or was it spook-tacular?



* PP and I dated about 10 years ago. It gets frustrating hanging around the boy who refuses to grow up.

38 thoughts on “The Devil Wears Target

  1. We were all about the cheap, junk shop witches’ hats this year, but we’re lucky enough to have friends who always throw a good spook-tacular. Not sure I’ve ever had to wash pee out of tulle – how’d you go with that? Your girls look gorgeous!

  2. We didn’t do Halloween here, although I was really surprised by how many people did. Perhaps I’m going to have to change my thinknig because Miss8 was shattered to hear all of ehr friends had been out TorTing and she missed out 😦

  3. The Devil Wears Target hahaha cute! Halloween is growing in popularity here in Australia. I think if you live in a neighbourhood with lots of kids it would be more of a big deal. Having not grown up with it I’m not really a big fan, but have a feeling as my son grows older and Halloween grows in popularity, we’re going to have to get involved. Sounds like an awful lot of effort but that’s what parents do to see big smiles on their kids faces, right?

  4. We totally sidestepped Halloween over here as well. It’s so great that you made the effort and got costumes and took the girls out!
    Ronnie xo

  5. Nothing halloweenie came close to our house. There were even any trick or treaters. Rachel x

  6. Gorgeous little fashion devils you have! The peeing on the pavement could be the new ‘trick’ for homes not participating!!!

  7. There are some things to be said about keeping a big girl’s dress up box and having a pro-active 13 Year Old. She hunted down the accessories and I went through the boxes and then we had Halloween scheduled at different times. She was happy in top to toe Victorian clothing – oh yeah – no mid-rift. Mr 5 was happy as Spiderman. A very low cost affair – although I think I may have permanently lost some clothing to a 13 year old bower-bird.

  8. We don’t do anything. But I think if we did in the future I would pre arrange with the neighbours!

  9. I knew I did okay with the treats when a little visitor who was leaving said “Oh yeah baby!” as she checked the loot I gave her. Looks like your kiddos did well on the loot hunt even if it was a bit of an adventure 🙂

  10. We had another year with a bowl full of chocolate but no visitors. I’m not sure why no one goes out around here – but it did leave us with a bowl of chocolate to finish!

  11. Brilliant title by the way – we have a party (as I’m a little anti trick or treating) but for the first time, I let the kids do the street prior to everyone turning up. We only knocked on the door with decorations. The next day, 2 neighbours who didn’t have kids came to complain that they’d bought candy and had no visitors…I felt terrible, as one of them, the kids had tried to go to and I’d actually stopped them!! So next year, I might do a letter and ribbon drop, for those to show they wants to have ‘trick or treaters’….live and learn!

  12. I am so totally with Housewife in Heels, peeing on the pavement is definitely a good idea for the ‘Trick’! Mia is too little to do Halloween, and considering there is only about 5 houses on the street where we live, and we are spread out and it’s a main road, I have a pretty good excuse for the future when she wants to do it. If she is really keen and desperate though I might have to do as yo say and team up with a couple of other parents we know and they can all go together.

  13. Such a fun celebration and love their outfits! We don’t really celebrate Halloween here and only some districts with expats hat TorTing. The place we stay at don’t. I think it’d be fun for my girl so might bring her there next year.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  14. We didn’t go out trick or treating, we let them come to us this year. Next year me and the girls are going to do the rounds, I’m looking forward to it, and I have all year to think about costumes!

  15. ooooo!! What great costumes!!!! My nephews came to visit us and my parents and my other sister so they got their trick or treating fun without knocking on peoples doors!

    FYBF 🙂

  16. Oh I love everything about this post – squelching on like a trooper, merging families to gatecrash next year – all of it. You’re full of the funneh!

  17. I had to make a last minute dash to Target too – although I did manage to make a (wonky) witches hat for G.

  18. I was all about the boo humbug this year, even more with the diabetes as our new little companion. I dragged a half-eaten bag of old sour worms (how appropriate) out of the cupboard at the last minute to give away. I was pretty surprised too by the kids shoving their bags in my face and running away without saying ‘thanks’ (until I made ’em – HA. Evil old witch I am). Felt bad though when little L said ‘aren’t we so lucky mum, having so many dressed up people come to visit us? Maybe we’ll be lucky and get one more?’

  19. So the illiterate infant household “scrooged” this halloween (am I mixing my season celbrations too much?). We closed the blinds and hoped no-one would knock on the door so we didn’t have to say that we didn’t have any treats ie, we didn’t even know it was halloween. I am sure next year I won’t get away with it.

    • If the powers that be can change the definition of misogyny, there is no reason why “scrooge” can’t be a generic term for wowsers across all holidays and festivities.

    • LOL – we didn’t close the blinds – we just locked the gate and then ignored the bell when the kids rang it !! We bumped into one lot and told them not to bother coming to us we don’t have any lollies – the second lot who rang the bell eventually went away !
      Have a great weekend !

  20. After being verbally harassed by a three year old for not having any sugar to give, I went in search. I found a packet of glow sticks in the pantry and made them all glow ready to hand out. Not another haunted soul knocked my door down, so I had my own little party instead.
    Halloween was huge in the estate we used to live in. Houses would sign up & a list of houses participating was given to trick or treaters. Worked great, good luck for next year.
    Prue x

  21. I love the title! and the outfits. (gosh I want a little girl!)
    We haven’t tried to whole Halloween thing yet with my son. Perhaps next year.

  22. By the time my little boy wants to do this I’m hope the going gets a little easier. These kids are “doing it tough” for the kids to come! Love the peeing on the pavement 🙂

  23. Title is gold! Matching costumes are extremely cute!

    We don’t ‘do’ Halloween, and luckily (so I dont have to explain it over and over again to the boys) we live on 23 acres so never get any trick or treaters. Because if they actually managed to walk up our 600m steep dirt road they’d deserve a medal and lollies to boot!

  24. I don’t do Halloween at all and never have, and none of my close friends or family do anything either! But I can see that it is definitely becoming more popular in the stores, and it’s all over FB. I guess at some point, we might have to join in! 🙂

  25. We don’t do Halloween. I don’t think K has ever done it (she is 20 now) actually. We told the first kids we saw that we didn’t have any lollies and the next lot we just ignored when they rang the bell at the gate – we had locked the gate earlier !
    Have the best weekend !
    #FYBF visitor

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  27. We went all out this year. We love Halloween. I dressed as a good witch, complete with purple eyebrows and red eyeliner, with Boyo as a Zombie Vampire and the Welshpire at home, handing out treats. Our neighbourhood knows how to party for Halloween. The trick is to get out on the road before 6pm, before all the sweets run out. This also gives the kids enough time to eat sweets well before 7.30 pm bedtime! Easy!

  28. The spontaneous pee on the pavement made me giggle! And nothing like your own 2 Picnic bars for your hard work! Well done, Mumabulous! 🙂 x

  29. Oh, the cute! We bought some kids high heels and ‘jewels’ as my girls wanted to be princesses. My boy wore a Vodafone race suit and heels. So, didn’t spend much here.

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