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Today we had a small gathering for P2’s third birthday. After a morning of house trashing kid chaos and an afternoon’s epic clean up, I’m exhausted. I falling back on an easy topic tonight. Its something I very much enjoy writing about ie cool dudes. I like to think of myself as an aficionado of the male species and they need not look like Michael Fassbender to attract my attention (although admittedly it helps).

This evening I’m following up on a piece I did back on the 4th of September entitled “Thinking Women Crumpet” I’m dishing up another serving of TWC as it were. The gentlemen I have chosen could be described as “unconventional crushes”. They rarely have “romantic lead” status but  have  certain indefinable presence which makes them ten times more desirable than the Brad Pitts and George Clooney’s of the world (at least in my humble opinion). So without further ado I give you;

1) Alan Rickman

Truly, Madly, Deeply…

Most of the world knows him as Snape from the Harry Potter franchise but Alan Rickman came to my attention as the bad guy in Die Hard. After hearing a few notes of his luxuriously deep rich voice I was no longer barracking for Bruce Willis. (Actually I can’t freakin’ stand Bruce Willis but that’s beside the point).  He continued to woo me in the cult classic film “Truly, Madly, Deeply” – an unconventional love story if ever there was one. When he showed up as Colonel Brandon in Sense and Sensibility I wondered why Kate Winslet’s character even bothered with that scuzz bucket Mr Willoughby. The combination of that voice and the sense that there’s white hot passion stirring just underneath his stiff upper lip exterior makes him magnetic. He’s my father’s age – I dont care.

2) Kevin Kline

My preferred KK

Kevin Kline is not your usual heart throb fodder but he oozes charisma. He’s American but seems more like an old school English thespian than a Hollywood heavy weight. He’s refined, well spoken, fiercely intellectual and versatile. One minute he’d doing hard core Shakespeare, the next his holding his own along side the Monty Python team. He’s also been known to rock a mustache harder than Tom Selleck*.

3) Michael Palin

One word – lovely.

It’s as though we’re playing “six degrees of Kevin Bacon”. Kevin Kline starred alongside Michael Palin in the comedies “A Fish Called Wanda” and “Fierce Creatures”.

If you look up the word “lovely” on you’ll get a photo of Micheal Palin. Being a central part of the Monty Python team he’s behind some of the most memorable comedy sketches of all time. If you didn’t collapse in a puddle of laughter at his Pontius Pilatus in Life Of Brian, you are missing a funny bone. Yet despite his legendary status he is just so impossibly affable and unpretentious. Whilst so many show biz marriages crumble like feta cheese into a salad, Michael has been married to his wife Helen since 1966. Amazing. On top of all this he’s authored numerous books including children’s books and he’s worked with The Goodies. He’s even had the highest of celestial honors bestowed upon him. An asteroid bears the name – 9621 Michaelpalin.**

4) Dominic West

I’ll get “wired” for you McNaulty.

Dominic West as the hard arsed cop Jimmy McNaulty was the only reason I sat through The Wire.  Despite being President Obama’s favorite show ( How does he get time to watch TV?), I find it relentlessly bleak and the Baltimore ghetto accents are so thick they need subtitles.  West though not conventionally handsome, was all wild dark wavy hair, razor sharp cheekbones and piercing dark eyes. Sexy! Hawt!

I was astounded to discover that Dom is actually an upper class English gent who attended Eton no less. He does the McNaulty character so well you’d think he’d spent all his life cruising the mean streets of Baltimore.

5) Dylan Moran

I’ll happily go in your Black Book – Dylan.

This adorable Irish comedian is a poster boy for dark and disheveled types. His rock n’ roll teddy bear cuteness teamed with his aural sex Irish accent make Dylan and double thumbs up in my book. However he wouldn’t be entitled to the TWC badge if he wasn’t brilliant and funny. His bro-mance with Simon Pegg has produced some priceless cinematic moments in Shaun of the Dead and Run Fat Boy Run. Tell me who doesn’t like Black Books – one of the best TV comedies of this young century? I was seriously, seriously bummed when Dylan toured Australia a year or two back and I couldn’t go because of the kids (grrrrrrrrrrr).

In the near future I’ll be dishing up some Thinking Women’s Crumpet with vegemite – a showcase of Aussie talent. In the meantime who would you add to the list? Let’s see if we can make Mumabulous look like the baked good aisle in Coles. Alternatively feel free to tell me that I am a very strange lady indeed.



photo credit: jastrow75 via photopin cc

photo credit: nooccar via photopin cc

photo credit: bunkosquad via photopin cc

photo credit: mistersnappy via photopin cc

*Actually he did rock Tom Selleck in the film “In and Out” which wasn’t one of his better efforts.

** Its part of group of six asteroids. Strangly the others are called 9617 Grahamchapman9618 Johncleese9619 Terrygilliam9620 Ericidle  and  9622 Terryjones.

27 thoughts on “Another Serving

  1. Alan Rickman. Love, Actually. Not the movie, but mine 🙂

  2. If we’re going to talk about Aussie ‘thinking womans’ crumpet, I give full marks to Red kez or Kerry O’Brien. I’ve also got a soft spot for Greg Combet, thats probably just weird.

    • Ha ha. My Mum calls Kezza “Mr Sexy Elf”. Sorry I can’t get on board with the Greg Combat things although his glasses have hipster cred. TWC is a politician free zone.

      • ha! Mr Sexy Elf. I don’t see it, but I did just snort with laughter. Go your Mum 🙂

      • Yep – I’m so glad my Mum doesn’t read this blog. Anyhow whenever the 7.30 Report theme music piped up she’d say to the TV “Hello Mr Sexy Elf”. She also said things like “Peter O’Toole you make me drool” and “John Cusack has got it going on”.

  3. I used to have a huge thing for Kevin Kline – he was after all, Harold the Perfect Husband (Big Chill). I am glad you made that list. My own is even weirder – I would have Bruce Willis (not young Bruce Willis but old Bruce Willis – Frank Moses and Die Hard 4 Bruce Willis) and Jean Reno esp (as the weird Leon in The Professional) and lastly, and more weirdly, Will Arnett but only as GOB in Arrested Development….

  4. Admittedly, much as I love you Brenda, I’m feeling a little chilly right now on this warm sunny day. I just NEED some brawn with my crumpet, though I like to consider myself a TW. I can’t squeeze and get all aspic.
    Dom, however, may just pass this test. Mmmmm and looks like I’ve got first dibs. SOLD! I’m the highest bidder!

  5. I would choose Ewan Mcgregor or the guy Gwynth Paltrow falls in love with in the movie Sliding Doors. (Sorry, not sure of his name)
    Aussie guys-Guy Pearce in the tv show Jack Irish. Xlisa

    • I love Ewan McGregor but not sure if he qualifies as a TWC. He’s conventionally handsome, thus every woman’s crumpet! Gwynth’s love interest in Sliding Doors is John Hannah. He certainly belongs on the list.

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  7. The only one I can see any appeal in is Dominic. I have to admit, I’ve never heard of all but Kevin! x

  8. Neil Finn! Now and always!!!
    Loved your Kevin Klein pick. You’re right. He has plenty of charisma 🙂 x

  9. Ha, you know my views on unconventional crushes – they can be a contentious issue on Facebook! 🙂

    • I’ve got absolutely nothing against conventional crushes but wouldn’t the world be dull without the unconventional ones? And how could you argue that Alan Rickman, Kevin Kline, Michael Palin, Dom West and Dylan Moran aren’t cool, even if you’d prefer not to see them naked?
      Thanks for stopping by Carli.

  10. they are interesting men you have chosen. I have no idea who I would have there.


  12. How have I not SEEN this one before??? I love them ALLLL!!!

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