Sex & The Housework


I’ve recently discovered the work of  Reservoir Dad (  I’m slow on the uptake as he has been around for a while. Anyhow this A-list Dadster blogger is popular for a reason – he’s very, very cheeky in the most entertaining way. The thing you really have to love about RD however, is that he is a poster boy for “Mentally Sexy” dudes everywhere. Again the “Mentally Sexy” mantra is not new but I’ve only just become aware of it.  The main thrust (snigger) of the argument is that men who do their share of the housework get more action in the sack. Amen to that!

Mumrades, its in our interests to keep this message alive. Letting men think they will be rewarded with sex for doing household chores could be the best thing that happened to feminism since pantyhose were replaced by the trouser suit. An idealist could argue that guys should have purer motives for scrubbing the shower recess.  A clean bathroom should provide satisfaction in itself.  Doesn’t that sound lovely in theory? It conjures up pleasing montages of all my friend’s husbands mopping and vacuuming to the strains of John Lennon’s “Imagine”. “Imagine all the husbands, sweeping up the flo0rs…”.  You may say I’m a dreamer and you’d be right. This is a capitalist economy and our corporate warriors need incentive in the form of performance based bonuses – as it were.  At the risk of sounding politically incorrect, the economics of this falls firmly ( snigger again) in our favor.  Maintaining Chez ‘Abulous to a livable standard demands hours of toil per week. I’m sure its the same in your household. On the other hand, I’m guessing keeping your hubby happy is significantly less time consuming. A couple of hours of housework for ten minutes contemplating England is a very sound transaction for the ladies.

I’m loving this new meme.

Last Saturday evening I returned exhausted from an afternoon at the beach with the girls. (I don’t know why sitting on one’s butt on the sand watching kids is so tiring). I then dutifully prepared a pork roast with superb crackling and all the trimmings. After finishing the heavy meal washed down with two glasses of Pinot Gris, the idea of lifting a finger was too much to bear. As I surveyed the surrounding mess I thought of Reservoir Dad and wondered if he’d be interested in coming over.  Unfortunately Reservoir Mum wouldn’t be too happy with that plan. I’m sure she wouldn’t want to share all that sweet, sweet cleaning with another woman. Doing some quick mental calculations of the options in front of me, I quickly surmised that doing my wifely duty in exchange for Dadabulous cleaning the kitchen was a very good deal. Quite a bargain in fact. Guess what didn’t happen blog fans.

I think we can all agree that the Mentally Sexy theory is a winner. Its just a question of putting it in to practice. How do we communicate the idea effectively to our husbands? We could suggest that they read RD because he’s really funny and hope they get the hint. However in my experience the male of the species favor the direct approach. They are poorly adapted to picking up hints and nuances. The next time you are completely over the domestic Goddess gig I’d suggest sitting back and announcing ” I’d shag any dude who cleaned the kitchen right now”. Just watch how quickly your husband springs into action.

But I’m loving this new meme even more. Woo Hoo!

Are you on board with the Mentally Sexy concept?



PS: If you happen to be RD rest assured my tongue is planted firmly in my cheek. If you happen to be Michael Fassbender – call me baby!

photo credit: kallidobbin via photopin cc

22 thoughts on “Sex & The Housework

  1. Haha I’m lusting for a dusting! Hell to the YES I’m on board. Though I think I can turn it back to work my way too. There may just be a little man living inside me (just to be a bit sexist for a moment) after too many years in the capitalist world, and I wouldn’t mind a little bit of a ‘thank you’ if I perform such spectacular works as mowing the lawn. And by ‘thank you’, I don’t mean words.

  2. Hubby is slowly cluing in that doing the housework makes Wifey happpy….

  3. bah ha ha ha ha love it! i might give this a go… !


  4. Thanks for the laugh! And being a long time reader of Reservoir dad I have actually been known to read snippets of his posts out to my husband!

  5. LOL – we have always shared the housework because we both work full time – so no extras for that !! But cook a meal or shave the stubble and you are definitely in a with a chance !!
    Have a great day !
    #IBOT visitor

  6. Why haven’t I thought of using that! haha. I am so trying that “I’d shag any dude that cleaned the kitchen” I am certain it will work. Genius!

  7. Oh I am loving the lusting for a dusting one. I don’t clean. Like at all (well mostly). When hubby and I got together we made a deal – I cook, he cleans and for the most part that’s exactly what happens. I do the bathrooms because I’m a nutcase and enjoy it and I do some clothes washing but for the most part hubby does the household cleaning… hell even when I was a SAHM he would come home from work and clean. It helps that he’s slightly germaphobic and totally anal retentive – he likes things done just so and always figures it’s easier to do it himself than re-do someone else’s work. Can’t cook to save his life though so it works for us.

  8. OMG I use this all the time. It makes the family happy…. Making jokes about vacumming being foreplay helps too!

  9. The reason my housework isn’t getting done is because I’m too tired. It’s lose-lose for me, and CrashHubby!

  10. I totally told my hubby last week that him doing the vacuuming is more of a turn on than most other forms of foreplay. Think I just got rid of one of my chores.

  11. Fassbender FTW! 🙂

  12. Love the Fass! I’m pretty good at this artform and being a modern woman, the text message is a winner for me. Disappear from the lounge, send a text from bedroom announcing your intentions if the dishes etc. are done and tell him what you will be wearing when he arrives in bedroom with dishwasher hands. Whilst he is working, put something silly on, a dab of perfume, lie back and wait. Just don’t fall asleep 😉

  13. Hell no I am not onboard. Mine has been a SAHD for the past two years and now a very well trained house man. I can’t afford to cough up for all his time spent around the house he he!

    Although I suspect if my husband read this he would be on board in role reversal.

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