Who Do You Dress For?


I love the fashion bloggers. They are taking the esoteric world of Haute couture and demystifying it for everyone. You don’t have the connections of Anna Wintour, the body of  Gisele Bündchen or the budget of Gina Rinehart to join in the party. Whats more the likes of Kim-Marie (http://kimbalikes.com/), Rachel (http://www.redcliffestyle.com/) and Mama Stylista (http://www.mamastylista.com/) all have an infectious exuberance. I’ve not met any of them but they seem like they’d be a fun addition to any gal posse.  They obviously get so much enjoyment from fashion whereas my relationship to clothes has been fraught.

Being style challenged is a consummate first world problem. I’m sure that the boat people would love to have the opportunity to struggle with accessories.  Nevertheless during my younger days, from the black clad wanna-be gothic teen years, through to my office life where I tried to balance the corporate uniform with a touch of individuality,I could never quite “nail it”.  The thing I “nailed” was attracting boyfriends who were quick to point out exactly what I was doing wrong. I was not sexy enough for some or elegant enough for others. Some deemed my neither sexy nor elegant. For a young woman this kind of criticism is confidence shaking. I sheepishly admit that there were occasions where I put money and time into meeting my ex-paramours’ exacting standards. If I could borrow the keys to the TARDIS I’d go back and give these jerks the middle finger with a resounding STFU.

Still I learned from these experiences. My former flames’ respect for me did not increase with a make-over. They would quickly move on to something else to criticize. Also I noticed that the response I got from the wider world didn’t change greatly based on what I was wearing. A brief stint where I played the hawt babe with towering heels and short skirts did not transform me into a man magnet. My relationships with my male friends remained grounded in humor and shared interests. It didn’t seem to matter much to them whether I was wearing jeans and flats or a bum grazing mini. On the other hand revealing outfits provoked the occasional snide remark from females.

These days I dress for no one other than myself. I wear what I feel comfortable and happy in. Trinny & Suzannah, Gok Wan and Carson Kressley can all sod right off. I intend to ski the downhill slope to old age in a blaze of colors, patterns and quirky fabulousness.

Case in point.

I’ve just invested in a super sized hat. It’s the kind favored by middle aged matrons who have nothing to do but schmooze around resorts all day. You will observe the leopard skin scarf and the oversized turtle shell retro sunglasses.  This combination feels like I’m wearing a satellite dish and a car windscreen. Nevertheless it makes perving on young hunks undetectable.

I’m picking up Foxtel with this.

Shorts are mandatory for kid wrangling in the summer months. Here is my latest purchase. They were the longest ones I could find. The pattern is busier than Charlie Sheen’s dealer but at least it takes attention away from the cellulite just beneath the hem line. I ask you why hide a round butt when you can swathe it in fab and shake it about?

Hell yeh – my butt looks big in these.

I live in a Sydney beach side suburb that is not Bondi and I’m middle aged. All roads are leading to the kaftan! I’ve recently topped up the collection with these two.

I got the blues.

The next one hails from that mecca of hippidom – Tree of Life. It came with the dubious claim that “one size fits all”. On my vertically challenged frame it is more like a Mum tent but its a Mum tent of magnificence.  I can’t wait to be mistaken for the girls’ grandmother as I waft around the kiddy pool in this flowing cascade of chiffon.

Mumabulous Mum tent.

Would any fashion post be complete without footwear? Why is that even a question? Here are my brand spanking new Mary Janes from Shoes of Prey.  You can see I’m taking my style cues from my five and a half year old. Pink and silver all the way.

I heart you MJ.

Ladies, no matter what your personal style groove happens to be – hot n’ sexy, sleek and stylish, free-range and feral or retro and rockabilly I hope you’re rocking your look just for you.

Get your glam on.


The Surprise Beginning

30 thoughts on “Who Do You Dress For?

  1. If rocking my look just for me means continuing to wear those items of clothing my husband hates, then yeah, I’m dressing for me 🙂 But I also like it when he likes what I’m wearing – because he’s very complimentary, and that’s nice too. I’ve recently rediscovered Tree of Life too – the hippy in me refuses to die.

  2. I dress for the ‘no baby spew or dribble look’. It resulted in three ‘outfit’ changes today – and they were just mine, not Joe’s :). Yay for dressing for yourself. Your hat is great, I’m thinking it is also perfect for playground duty – so when three different pairs of eyes from different parts of the playground check to see if you’re looking before doing something slightly dubious, they’re not quite sure whether it’s them I’m looking at or not. What a great idea 🙂

    • I know the camouflage baby spit and dribble look all too well. I’m just breaking free of it now. It never occurred to me how useful oversized sunnies would be on play ground duty but I’m sure teachers all over the nation will soon be adopting them in droves.

  3. Ok, so your style, to me the queen of dag, looks just about bang on! And I too am in love with your bloggy style icons. Good job Mumabulous….. The Tree of Life rocks xx

  4. I love this stuff. And I must get back to Tree of Life – it’s been too long. You’ll look the part on that next Conde Nast holiday too!

  5. I reckon you could wear that hat and glasses with anything and look totally Riviera. I might have to try that…

  6. Rockin’ that kaftan!!
    I dress for me too, however, it is nice when I occasionally get it right and get some positive comments 🙂

  7. You look awesome in that kaftan! Ps my abs thank you for that giggle workout!

  8. I actually got my husband to organise a fashion consultant to go shopping with me as a present. I had lost some weight and really wanted to have a wardrobe that I could just pick and choose from. It was the best ever! We save up, go shopping for 3 hours (bliss for someone who hates shopping and values having it over and done with in one fell swoop) and I feel good rather than a try hard.
    I hope I can have a go at it myself for the next season. It may take longer but if I know what I’m looking for then I may have a chance.
    You look the part for an Eastern Suburbs girl 🙂
    Becc via #FYBF

  9. Love a good kaftan… and love those shorts! Bring on summer

  10. i adore that yellow kaftan and those shoes – i’m a dying for my own shoes of prey!

  11. I definitely dress for myself although my husband generally does like what I wear. It is harder as I have gotten older to make sure that my choices are right for my age group – not because I want to dress like I am nearly 50 but because I don’t want to be seen to look like I am trying to dress as if I was so 20-30 (when clearly I’m not in that age group !!!). In all honesty – I dress for comfort most of the time – if I am not comfortable in something I take it off and put something else on – comfort over fashion every day of the week !
    Have a great day !
    #FYBF visitor

  12. I LOVE those shoes!! I am with you dress for myself except my occassional saggy bum knickers which I try to replace for the sake of my husband.

  13. Blue kaftan – me likey! I dress for me all the way. That man wouldn’t know a compliment if it smacked him over the head with a cricket bat so I’ve given up there!

  14. I dress for me which lately means a summer dress, no bra, accessories include a paper fan which may or may not have been a cereal box and a prayer that nobody comes to the door!

  15. Hello, how lovely to meet you via FYBF. I for one love the hat and the shades and can just imagine me loitering around the rockpools and beaches of Sydney in that get up.

  16. Fab post! I mostly dress for me but living in a Middle East Muslim dominant country I also have to consider the cultural dress rules and where I am heading to as some areas are stricter than others.
    But I don’t have to worry about dressing for the weather – it is always hot!

  17. Unfortunately my current get up consists of whatever will fit that still gives boob access. Which usually means I’m mostly still in my maternity clothes. 😦 But I have a $2000 lure to get back down to my “proper” weight and have a wardrobe make over. Just gotta shed those extras first….

  18. I wore a massive hat like that to the races once. I almost decapitated a bloke. No joke.

  19. Fashion bloggers are a species from another planet. I stare at them in wonder…

  20. Welcome back to RRRGLM you gorgeous thing! I love my own personal style, I think I’m getting more in trend lately, but if it doesn’t fit my own personal quirk then I won’t just be one of the shepherds charges, you know? My clothing is for me, if I feel pretty and comfy than I’m happy!

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