Hot In The City

Sydney has just come off a two day heatwave. Social media junkies should already be well aware of this. Every second post was made by someone claiming to the be melting. Anyhow with temperatures climbing beyond 30C and sauna like humidity most Sydney siders were outside their comfort zone. I’m sure our Territorian friends are laughing at our collective wussiness over another stubby. We’re all just soft arsed marshmallows south of the border – the mercury hits 30C and we’re toasting. As wimpy as we may be, most of us aren’t completely silly. The smart masses found a cool haven like an air conditioned shopping mall or a shadey spot by the pool and bunkered down. I, by contrast, took my girls to the Coogee Family Fun Day yesterday.

Dadabulous had the perfect excuse not to go. He was tinkering in his man cave (our garage) building a  spectrophotometer*.  It was up to me to single-handedly wrangle two kidlets at our beach side equivalent of a street fair. So with the temperature at an annual high and my bank balance at an all time low the three of us headed off. The conditions were a perfect storm of unpleasantness. The “Fun Day” was spread out on the shadeless grassy area adjacent to the beach. We’d copped a soaking the night before making the grounds a sodden mush. There was nowhere dry to sit thus maximizing your chance of getting a grass stained bum. P1 nagged me for food so I begrudgingly forked out for a turkish pizza that I knew wouldn’t be eaten. I juggled the plate of pizza with bags and hats on a fruitless quest to find somewhere to sit before surrendering the butt of my new shorts to damp grass. Barely a square of pizza was consumed before they were off again demanding a go on the jumping castle. The surly castle attendant could not accept cash and it was off to the ticket booth for the five rides for twenty dollars deal. At this point P2 decided she was going on the spinning tea cups,whilst P1 could not be prized away from the jumping castle. A compromise was harder to broker than peace in the middle east. Eventually they both got their way with me as the very stressed piggy in the middle trying to watch both of them.

P2's cup of tea.

P2’s cup of tea.

Fortunately we reached a consensus about this ride.

We can all agree on this.

We can all agree that this is fun.

Having met up with a couple of friends we then went in search of face painting and finally hit pay dirt with the lovely Miss Vee from Pop Up Powderroom. (http://www.popuppowderroom.com.au/). By now the sun was peaking in the sky and the beach front felt like a steam room. Miss Vee invited us to sit in the shade while she got to work  creating butterflies on the girl’s faces. That the paint didn’t melt was a small miracle.

Dehydrated and over heated we dragged ourselves home where I managed the most half arsed house clean imaginable before collapsing. I got about an hour of vegetating with a wet face cloth on my forehead but there’s no rest for the wicked. By 3.30pm the family entourage had arrived to celebrate my mother in law’s birthday. The girl’s didn’t need much persuasion to cossie up and play with the hose with their lovely cousins Miss H and Miss A. If you want to invest in summer time fun purchase one of these. Never since God created bodily emissions has something so simple brought so much enjoyment to children everywhere.

How much fun can you fit in your hand?

How much fun can you fit in your hand?

Meanwhile I got to sit on verandah with my MIL drinking tea and soaking up the sea breeze. After dining on silken scotch fillet from Victor Churchill Woollahra (http://www.victorchurchill.com/) washed down with icy rose we managed to haul our ballooning stomachs back down to the beach. Letting the surf  wash around my ankles I finally felt human.That the four girls were having the best time ever was merely a bonus.

Later that evening I watched lazily from my bedroom window as the sky put on a show. Sheets of lightening flashed over the ocean whilst a golden moon played peek a boo with the clouds. It might have been hot in the city but I really couldn’t complain. Summer – bring it on.

Not even piles of sea weed could ruin the mood.

Not even piles of sea weed could ruin the mood.

Stay cool.


photo credit: oooo oooo via photopin cc

* Just in case you didn’t know I’m married to a tech head extraordinaire who does things like that for kicks. It also gives him a unique excuse to get out of kid minding duties.