Christmas Head

Some people unleash their inner six year old as the festive season approaches. You know the type – they deck their halls like they’re competing with the Griswalds and turn up to parties bearing home made ginger bread houses and wearing baubles. My brother, who is known for his colorful turn of phrase, has a name for these festive enthusiasts – Christmas Head. Infact “head” is a convenient suffix denoting any type of enthusiast. He is a sports head, a boat head and a beer head. Dadabulous is a computer head and I’ve lost my head.

Last year I gave the best Christmas Head of my entire life. I spent weeks painstakingly putting together an array of handmade Christmas cards, each with a unique design. This led one friend to comment that I obviously had too much free time and should be put to work pronto. More importantly I hosted the main event at Chez ‘Abulous for both sides of the family. My pork roast with crackling was cracking! The roasted plums in white wine provided a novel twist on the traditional apple sauce. The champagne flowed and I nearly passed out with “exhaustion” after three glasses.

This year I have been put to work for Dadabulous’ business and I took on the small task of starting a blog. Christmas is just another thing to be squeezed into an overladen schedule. Dadabulous and I have got about as much Christmas Head between us as a flat beer. Consequently we outsourced the Christmasification of Chez Abulous to the kids

Dadabulous spent a Christmas break working in Kmart over half a life time ago but his Christmas Head was permanently scarred by the experience. Before kids this reindeer was his one and only concession to the occasion. In terms of Christmas crap, this thing is an antique. He’s had it for over 10 years and it looks like it has worms. Large patches of green plastic fir are missing. Its antlers are pathetically flaccid.

Like this reindeer, Dadabulous' Christmas head is a bit worse for wear.

Like this reindeer, Dadabulous’ Christmas head is a bit worse for wear.

After P1s arrival we decided it was time to get with the programs and purchased this basic but functional Christmas tree from Target.  We set it up in the play room and let the girls go to town. Here’s the before shot.

We've got the basics covered.


And the after.

P1s artistic interpretation.

P1’s artistic interpretation.

The girls in their infinite wisdom decreed that the toys must have their own tree and so we got this.

It's mini-me.

It’s mini-me.

The decorators are hard at work.

The decorators are hard at work.

P1 also decided that the room needed a Christmas angel. Love Alot the Care Bear was the perfect candidate from casting central. She added a pair of fairy wings with glittery tape and et Voila!

Hark the herald Care Bears sing...

Hark the herald Care Bears sing…

The girl’s request for Christmas lights provided Dadabulous with yet another excuse to go to Bunnings. For the first time in my 42 years I have an illuminated Christmas.

The toy room is Christmabulous.

Our toy room is Christmabulous.

Thanks to the cutting edge design team of P1 and P2, Chez ‘Abulous now exudes Christmas cheer instead of just unpleasant odours.  No doubt Christmas Heads worldwide will be re-pinning these pieces of decorating porn faster than you can sing “Jingle bells, Batman smells”.

Are you a Christmas Head? If not what kind of Head are you?



Obligatory close up of home made decos.

Obligatory close up of home made decos.