Shite Dadabulous Says

This should be a shortish post as Dadabulous is man of actions rather than words. Whilst lesser mortals in management positions scream at their minions to “make it happen”, Dadabulous will disappear into his man cave to make it happen. He’s currently building a spectrophotometer from scratch McGyver style as well as a black velvet house for it. In between the building and the software developing he occasionally graces me with pearls of wisdom. All this enlightenment is sometimes too much for one woman, so in the spirit of Christmas I will share.

In the man cave where the magic happens.

In the man cave where the magic happens.

  • If you are wearing Speedos on an American beach people will assume that you are European. This prediction was vindicated when we were stateside on a tax write off business trip. Dadabulous strode into the not so pristine waters of Malibu smuggling the proverbial budgie. A loud mouthed American attired in similarly loud board shorts was heard to loudly exclaim “Must be European! Arnie* wears those things”.
  • Dadabulous might share Arnie’s choice of swimwear but not his outlook on human/cyborg relations. On the same trip while attempting to pay for parking in Whistler Dadabulous muttered in disgust “Arnie was wrong! Computers aren’t going to take over the world. I can’t even get this f^*king machine to give me a f*&king parking ticket”.  Similar sentiment is expressed every time the mechanical world refuses to yield to his wishes or he encounters an appallingly designed website. This happens several times a week. Anyone concerned about an imminent AI uprising can relax and get back to fretting about climate change.
  • Global warming is real, sea levels will rise and the powers that be have bugger all political will to do anything about it. Anyone with water front property is screwed. He has a plan to buy up large tracts of land in the Tasmanian highlands as it will be a temperate paradise in about 50 years time.
  • Don’t get Foxtel. It’s a conspiracy to destroy free to air television. We’ll all end up paying for the privilege of being advertised to. Meanwhile the quality of programming will not improve. Resist.
  • Kevin Rudd was wrong. People smugglers aren’t the lowest scum of the earth. Spammers are. Spamming should be punishable by death.
  • Western society is being “dumbed down” and its all Dick Smith’s fault. This was said in response to Dadabulous not being able to purchase a certain electronic component from the iconic retail chain. Whilst this occurred several years ago Dick Smith has done nothing to reverse this trend and “smarten up” Australia.
  • It is high time that film makers world wide let the character of Superman go. Nothing can be added to our cultural legacy by making another Superman film. On the other hand a Dr Who movie is a good idea.

And finally..

  • In the groom’s speech at our wedding he described how prior to meeting me, he had gone on a date with a woman who was involved in the Society For Creative Anachronism – the people who dress up as medieval warriors and stage mock battles. His assessment of me after our first date was ” what she lacked in medieval weaponry, she made up for in good looks”. Best compliment ever. Imagine how impressed he would have been if I had brought out my cross bow.
These characters are well endowed with weaponry.

These characters are well endowed with weaponry.

Dadabulous has promised me that as he ages he will become more cantankerous. After retirement  ( like that is ever going to happen) he intends to vent is spleen about the world at large by writing angry letters to low level bureaucrats. I really can’t wait.

What kind of shite does your husband say?

Got your listen ears on?


*Arnold Schwarzenegger, then Governator of California.

More toolies in the man cave. Is your husband jealous yet?

More toolies in the man cave. Is your husband jealous yet?