The Director’s Cut


Last Friday I was fortunate enough to be the featured Flogger on Flog Your Blog Friday at With Some Grace.  Grace requested that I contain my brilliance within 350 words. It seems I have to much to give. Grace was forced to do some slashing and burning. Here is the original version.

Its its short life my blog Mumabulous has been quite an adventure. For me the blogging experience is a bit like backpacking (unfortunately without the drunken shenanigans) in that its been undertaken purely for the joy of the journey rather than to reach any set destination. Here are some postcards from the trip.

At the time of writing my best buddy the Word Press stat counter is telling me that I’m sitting on 19,858 page views exactly. No doubt by the end of the week I will have blasted through the 20,000 mark like the Blues Brothers through a police barricade. I realize that the mega bloggers get more hits than that during their mid morning coffee run but for a minnow like me its not too shabby.  It was a good job that I published a particularly riveting post titled “Home Page/Archives”. Its amazing how much interest this piece of wit and wisdom continues to attract on a daily basis.

The London Olympics provided my stats with another much needed boost.  In celebration of the event I put together a mish mash of medal worthy Olympic humor. I mentioned that I was “childishly amused” by a Kenyan long distance runner with a funny name – Mr Mahboob. If only my own boob could attract so much attention. With the London cauldron long since extinguished I’m still picking up searches for “Mahboob” nearly every day.  Mahboob and I even caused a bit of a stir on Twitter. Some bright young thing tweeted the following enticing invitation “Click here to see a picture of Mah Boob”. You can imagine the punters’ disappointment when they were taken Mumabulous and treated to this.


The raunchy phenomena that is 50 Shades of Grey has also done much to arouse (snigger) interest in Mumabulous. I have no qualms about  jumping on a bandwagon. Despite not having read that book I blogged about my own interpretation with a post titled “Fifty Shades of Earl Grey”.  It basically described my steamiest fantasy involving of course Micheal Fassbender  (that goes without saying. I’m completely Fass-incated).  Foreplay would be a strenuous session in Chez ‘Abulous bathroom with Fass scrubbing all the mold from the tile grout. The  scouring would slowly build to a climax where Fass would serve up multiple cups of tea.  It seems that a lot of people are on board with this concept. I’m still getting several searches per week for “Fifty Shades of Earl Grey” not to mention the odd Fass related inquiry. Whoever googled “Michael Fassbender, well endowed” is certainly on my wavelength.

My three year old tries to pry me away from the blog.

Getting your name on as many blog rolls as possible is key to blogging success. So far Mumabulous has made the cut on a grand total of two. Nevertheless if I had to pick any two This Charming Mum (http://thischarmingmum.com/) and Woogsworld would be the one’s I’d go for. That loud clank you just heard was the sound of me dropping a big, heavy name. Back in August I wrote about how I was fast becoming another statistic in digital age epidemic of blog addiction. I bemoaned the fact that I had spammed Mrs Woog on countless occasions without a response. Sadly it seemed Mumabulous was not even a beep on her radar (Woogdar). I was discombobulated in the nicest possible way when this showed up on my comments.

Oh honey, you are SO ON MY RADAR! And taking photos of the laundry is what I do instead of tending to it. Take a photo, shut the door, pretend I am in Thailand xx

OMG! I toyed with the idea of offering a gushing apology but Mrs Woog doesn’t seem the type to appreciate brown nosing. Instead I ramped up the cheekiness and told her that I would go away if she put me on her blogroll. Success! Thanks Mrs Woog – you are a good sport as well as a good sort. I’ve recently attempted the same trick with Reservoir Dad but unfortunately no cigar. The moral is blog fans – be very careful what you write because you just never know who will be reading.  I’m holding my breath waiting for a commenting from Fass!

With much gratitude to Grace for giving me the wonderful opportunity to be a Featured Flogger.