A Gifted Man


Do you find it near impossible to find the perfect gift for your man? My choices for Dadabulous frequently veer to the lame side of the street.  It is my personal belief that a male can’t have too many novelty T-shirts. Just about any occasion warrants one as a present. In fact last Christmas he received this gem. If you are interested in the entire collection see https://mum-abulous.com/2012/08/27/affair-proof-your-marriage/.

The classic Coke and Mentos trick.

The classic Coke and Mentos trick.

At least the quirky T-shirts get worn to the office whereas the gifts that I class as “cool”,  like this boogie board, lie neglected in the spare room.

The kids use it to surf down the hallway.

The kids use it to surf down the hallway.

The one gift that does see regular action is this humble rashie. Dadabulous a gorgeous ranga and that porcelain skin must be protected. Nevertheless as a present, it lacks the Wow factor.

Filed under dull but practical.

Filed under dull but practical.

The problem is that Dadabulous inhabits an esoteric, technical world of which I am not a part. I wouldn’t dare buy him anything electronic. He would most likely dismiss it as redundant and purchase something from the “bleeding edge” through the business instead. Computer games are one of his great joys but as for me purchasing one – forget about it. I’m told it’s passe to go to a gaming store and buy a game on CD nowadays.

If we wanted to get “far out”, there are any number of science fiction/fantasy items that would no doubt satisfy him. The Tardis, The Stargate, The Millennium Falcon, Jedi Powers, a TV room resembling the deck of the Starship Enterprize and “one ring to rule them all” come immediately to mind. On a more earthly level, I’m sure he would like a well equipped garden shed. This one would probably suffice.

The ultimate man cave.

The ultimate man cave.

Alternatively he may appreciate a can of Lynx that really could attract droves of scantily clad ladies as the ads suggest. Doubtless this would be a whole lot of fun for a few hours but the novelty would wear off as soon as he wanted to get down to some serious gaming. It takes super human concentration to beat off hordes of bikini babes with one hand and wipe out entire  alien races on  Galactic Civilizations* with the other.  I’m not saying that Dadabulous isn’t a man of considerable talent but seriously even Batman would have trouble with that level of multi-tasking.

Its all well and good until you want to do something cool like gaming.

Its all well and good until you want to do something cool like gaming.

He has expressed envy at the owners of Ferraris and Lamborghinis. However those babies are so low to the ground we wouldn’t be able to get one into our garage let alone negotiate all the speed humps in the local area. I’m guessing he won’t find one of these parked under our Christmas tree.

Is there room for two child seats?

Is there room for two child seats in the back?

He revealed his true Christmas wish unintentionally during a recent conversation. Ironically he quizzed me about what I wanted. I answered  “A hunk to clean the house”.

“I thought we agreed we were getting an eighteen year old girl”.

“Babe if the house gets clean I don’t care if she does it naked and you invite your friends over to watch”.

“Nah she wouldn’t be naked. She’d have different costumes for each day of the week. One day she’d be a German beer wench, then she’d be a French maid. We’d have a swimsuit day as well”.

“I can see you’ve been thinking about this far too much”

The sheepish expression and blushing cheeks confirmed that he had indeed been thinking about this a little too much.

It appears that neither of us will receive the gift of an aesthetically pleasing house keeper this year. In the end I went down the boring but practical route yet again. He’ll be unwrapping a new man bag on the 25th. Its cool, sleek and modern – perfect for a tech entrepreneur. The best thing of all is that it’s not yet another novelty T-shirt. I had my eye on this one – Epic Beards from The Hobbit by ThinkGeek.


Is your husband difficult to buy for?



* A popular if now outmoded computer game.

10 thoughts on “A Gifted Man

  1. He’s impoSsible, at best. The technology has to be cutting-edge, and expensive, so like you I’ve stopped bothering. Maybe I should just ask our erstwhile nanny to come back? She moonlights as a pole-dancer (the class/instrtuctor kind) not the club kind. Lucky him? Not really. She was amazing. Lucky me.

  2. Omg, I love that beard t-shirt sick. M is quite easy to buy for because he likes stuff. He covets nice kitchen stuff, noice clothes etc. But we aren’t doing pressies for each other this year. I know, boooring. But he has a penchant for fancy marmalade so he usually gets one for most festive occasions, I’ve bought him one that’ll be from the kids. Excitement plus.

  3. The gorgeous M lives to surf and works in a surf shop – I can’t buy him anything he can’t get cheaper and better. Mumabulous – you’ve chosen to ignore what he’d really like… You can buy costumes (french maid, naughty nurse etc.) online and not expensive and he won’t want you doing housework in them. Once you both stop laughing there’ll be some bodice ripping action 😉

  4. Husband is getting socks after chucking last year’s gifts from me – Kindle, framed photo of the kids, Moulin Rouge – in a bag and totally forgetting them until I nagged him for the 500th time last week and he finally dug them out.

  5. Yes, oh dear, mine is so, so difficult to buy for. Every year the boring “don’t get me anything for christmas” when I know he will pout if I don’t. Quirky Tshirts work, chocolates except I find them when I’m on a crave! oops!
    He’d easily go the rich sport car, world trip, or probably just a whole week alone on a desert island with his computer! I don’t mean social networks either he’s a true I.T nerd!

    He will get a great cooked breakfast and a headache to go with the coffee and 8 excited and noisy kids! coz that’s life. 🙂

  6. Yep, it’s a bugger alright, shopping for Him Indoors. We’ve been down the novelty T shirts/DVDs/books/CDs/smelly things road so many times. I still haven’t bought him anything and time is running out. I am thinking I will book him a massage, I have a friend who is an excellent masseuse, of the cripple you at the time but you feel heaps better for it afterwards variety. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, a Festivus for the Rest of us and all that happy holiday stuff 🙂

  7. Lol thanks for the flashbacks of your t-shirt post! Loved it! And I agree, I’d settle for a naked (or costumed) 18yr old if it meant the house was clean!
    MY hubby isn’t so difficult but he does have expensive taste. I mean, he did choose me, after all 😉

  8. Eeeer, not so difficult to buy for, a pair of shorty pj’s and a cap for his hair follicle challenged head! A dr who t shirt probably wouldn’t have gone astray too! Merry christmas Mumabulous!

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