2012 – An Annus ‘Abulous

Grace of With Some Grace is celebrating the final Flog Your Blog Friday of the year by asking us to give a month by month break down of 2012. Mumabulous is going to bend the rules as I am nothing if not a rebel without a clue.  More to the point, as I creep deeper into my 40s my memory isn’t what it used to be. The years events (such that they were) have  merged into a blur. Instead of  a chronological list of the year’s highlights and lowlights, I’m providing an annual summary for each of the members of Team Abulous.


Mumabulous continued to perform her duties as common domestic serf to the two royal princesses P1 & P2 as well as His Majesty King Dadabulous. In between stints of domestic drudgery she multi-tasked as CFO of the grocery budget, house hold executive assistant and event co-ordinator. Despite regularly demonstrating an advanced level of awesomeness she was sidelined from the paid work force. Ironically she declined a paid writing job with a personal finance website as the hourly rate was appalling but ended up publishing for sweet f&%k all on the interwebs. This is a decision that still attracts ridicule from Dadabulous.

Her obsession with blogging led to her quitting the gym, eating more chocolate, drinking more coffee and imbibing more wine. This in turn led to a three kilo weight gain. In the course of the year she has gone from fab to flab.


Dadabulous turned in a solid business performance in 2012 despite the relentless headwinds of a stratospheric Aussie dollar and a global recession. (Oops I momentarily slipped into stockbroking mode). Diversification was the key to success with Dadabulous sticking his fingers up some new niches.

On the home front he got creative in the bedroom. His erections were stellar as you can see from the following photos.

P1's butterfly bed.

P1’s butterfly bed.

P2's castle bed.

P2’s castle bed.

Mum and Dadabulous' very normal bed.

Mum and Dadabulous’ very normal bed.

Well what were you expecting, you smutty people?  Dadabulous built these three beds from scratch in the man cave/garage throughout the course of the year. The work has earned him the admiration of kids and the resentment of Dad’s throughout the local area. By contrast here is my feeble attempt at castle construction.

Cake fail.

Cake fail.

Dadabulous didn’t have much leisure time between software development and carpentry but he did manage to watch the TV series Misfits, Archer and Danger 5.  He also racked up quite a debt in leave passes with his boy’s gaming days.


P1 started the year a little kid not quite ready for school. Now she’s quite the young lady and school better be ready for her. She’s got an appetite for learning and is sure to kick school’s butt. Lord knows the school concert won’t be the same after she gets her mits on it.

With yours truly as activities co-ordinator, P1 has been a mini socialite attending movies, theater, ballet lessons, art workshops, play dates and birthday parties. She’s still a diva and fashionista but she’s showing signs of becoming a reasonable person. Perhaps our awesomeness as parents is rubbing off.

P1 puts on a show.

P1 puts on a show.


Dadabulous often asks the rhetorical question – “who’s in charge here?”. It goes without saying that its P2. She’s outgrown toddlerhood and is on the fast track towards becoming a fully fledged kid. She started daycare at the beginning of the year and has really pulled the wool over the teachers’ eyes. They tell me she’s lovely and they would love to have 10 just like her.  It seems that she’s saving all her cheekiness for me.

She’s blasting through her milestones, picking up language etc. This only makes her more talented at being cheeky. I’m not Mummy anymore, I’m “Piggy pants”. The word “poo” is frequently worked into in popular songs (and its her not me doing it). “Baa baa black sheep have you done a poo?” is a favorite. If ever there is any mischief in the house it is always “Mr No-one”s” fault. If I ask, for example, “who scribbled on the wall?”, I will be reliably informed that “Mr No-one did it”.  I thought they didn’t develop the ability to bull shit until age four! She’s a very advanced child, bullshitting at a school age level. A career in marketing or politics awaits.

P2 is cheekiness personified.

P2 is cheekiness personified.

It’s been a year of small things but how much excitement do you need? We loved life in Chez ‘Abulous in 2012. 2013 – we’re ready for you.

Thanks to everyone who has tolerated my ramblings on Mumabulous this year.

Wishing a joyful and relaxing Christmas to all of you.